Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hungry Guppy Feasted

Can you believe we have been sitting down on Saturday night to play in the Holdem Affair for 3 years now? I hope everyone has cleared their calendars for September 15 to play in the Birthday Bash. Did you get Marti’s email telling us about the special guests? SusieQue has been sending out the invites and we have several pros that are going to join us. Well, let Marti tell you:

Who are the "pros", Marti? Well, I'm glad you asked, lol. We have Jim "KrazyKanuck" Worth, Mark "p0ker H0" Kroon, Gary "Debo34" Debernardi, and finally, Shawn "WestTexasMan" Rice. Of course, there are also the "regular" pros who play with us....SusieQue, Hazy Cat, Papoorboy, Jennifear, and Holland13, just to name a few of them. Since y'all play with us all the time, y'all are part of the family, but you are still pros to us, even if we forget to mention it.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Well my table just opened and it’s almost time to play. Thirty-nine already and there is still 10 minutes to go. Looks like another great field.

Two minutes to go and we are up to 46 tonight. Wow, and it’s a holiday weekend. Must be a bunch of people that have no more of a life than I have. LOL

Time to start and a couple of late arrivals are rushing in to take their seats. We officially have 48 at the start.

Let’s get it on.

Thirty minutes in and mdg2003 is our chip leader.

What a nice little rush. I won 5 hands in that orbit. And now they have sent us all to new tables. I wonder if my luck will follow.

Hey, I’m in the lead. The poker gods must be setting me up. (45 minutes in).

It’s break time and here is your leader board:
Burldog44 = 7380
Hungry Guppy = 4255
Sunbob = 4155
Jewelcard = 3970
Mdg2003 = 3800
Nik Domi = 3795
Msrinny02 = 3415
Sorry4urloss = 3305
BlakAdder = 3285
Slimshady24 = 2930

I’ve been concentrating on the tables and not writing. Half way through the second hour, Hungry Guppy is our chip leader.

Guppy just took out Jewelcard.

Dang – it’s final table time and I didn’t realize it.

Here you go:
Hungry Guppy = 19700
Fatscotsman = 12625
Blakadder = 8220
Papoorboy = 7680
Susieque = 6475
Joewindy = 5555
Sunbob = 4720
Mdg2003 = 39500
Msrinny02 = 1615
Nutty = 1460

I’m in 7th place but at least I have enough chips to play some. Antes 25 and blinds 150/300.

15 hands in and we are at the break. All ten are still alive. I have Hungry Guppy on my right and Papoorboy on my left. This is a tough table.

Blinds are 200/400 now and this table is tight. No one seems to want to battle.
Hand 21 and a fight broke out. AK v AT. BlakAdder had AK and Papoorboy had AT. Pa won when he paired the ten.

Hand 26 - I’m gone in tenth place. I called mdg2003 on a short stack all-in with pocket tens to his AQo and he flopped an ace. The next Hand I pushed my small stack from the button with KTs and Papoorboy called me with ATo. I missed the king and was done for the night in tenth place. Bummer.

Hungry Guppy is still the dominant chip stack.
Hand – 41 and Joewindy just pushed his JJ into SusieQue with AQ. The jacks held up and SQ is in deep trouble.
Hand 43 and BlakAdder is out. A8 v AQ and they both paired their kickers. Msrinny took it down.

Blinds are 300/600 now.
Hand 54 and mdg2003 pushed AK into fatscotsman holding KK. The case king fell on the flop and mdg is history. We are down to seven now.

Hand 56 and hungry guppy just caught a flush to knock out SusieQue.

Bubble time. We are paying five again tonight.

Blinds re now 400/800. All but Guppy and fatscotsman are short stacked.

Hand 71 and we are still dancing.
Hand 77 – nutty raised and Papoorboy pushed with pocket nines. Nutty made the easy call and turned over his rockets. The ace on the river was over kill. Papoorboy is out and we have our money table. That hand gave nutty a healthy stack and second place.

Hand 87 – Joewindy just doubled up off guppy to stay alive.

Blinds are now 600/1200. Poker is getting expensive. The blinds are going to force the action soon.

By hand 110, Joewindy is back in the race. And as I was typing – msrinny just pushed her AJs into guppy with KK. Msrinny02 is gone in fifth place.

Hand 121 and nutty is down to 3815 with the blinds 600/1200. He has to do something soon.
Hand 125 and the BB takes nutty all and fatscotsman send him to the lounge. Three left and hungry guppy full control of the table.

Blinds 800/1600. Guppy has about 60% of the chips.
More dancing. They are just sparing – like two heavyweight that have run out of gas. Who will wake this table up?
Hand 159 – Joewindy pushed JT into fatscotsman with 88. The ten on the flop decided. Fatscotsman is on life support. Hand 164 - All-in from the big blinds and both call. Fatscotsman had AK and Joewindy had deuces. The set came on the turn and fatscotsman is done.

And we have a horse race because guppy was in that hand to the end also. Joewindy is actually ahead.

We made it to the break. When we come back the antes will be 200 and the blinds 1000/2000. Joewindy has 36460 and hungry guppy has 35540. Virtually a dead heat.

Okay, we can see that hungry guppy likes to push if he is going to play the hand. That’s an effective strategy but it can be fatal. So far it is working and guppy is pulling ahead.

Joe has adjusted nicely and is back in the lead by hand 185.
Now guppy is just limping. He has changed his attack.
Hand 200 and Joe is back in the lead.
Hand 204 and we have our war. Joewindy with Ad 9d and Hungry Guppy with Kh Qc. The stacks are almost equal but Guppy has the edge. Guppy pushed pre-flop and you could see that Joewindy was waiting for this opportunity because he immediately called. It was decision time. The flop came 3h Th Ks. Guppy had hit his pair. No miracle ace on the turn or river for Joewindy and we had our winner. Hungry Guppy, the man who had owned the final table earlier, now owned the Holdem Affair for this week. After feisting on all of those sharks, I hope he was full.

Excellent game folks.

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