Sunday, September 30, 2012

Max and Tilly

I have to post this. It is what I just wrote in my diary about my day today (and last night).

Let me give you the update from the overnight. Max was not the concern - he slept all night. Tilly was another problem entirely. She could not get comfortable with the sleeping arrangements last night. I had to go out onto the sectional and sleep with her. Then she could sleep. She needed someone to be with her. Carol finally got up about 4AM and sat up with him so I could go into the bed. What a silly goose.

I took Max to church this morning. He really seemed to like it and the people loved seeing him. He really enjoyed the singing and the music. He even went up to the front for the children's message and proudly returned with his cookie. Quentin made a place for Max beside him and Max sat through the whole thing taking his lead from Quentin. Max had a hard time with the sermon and even managed, much to my chagrin, to make it up front to be with Carol. Everyone laughed when she told them he was her grandson and that was probably why he was so comfortable up front. I went up and got him and returned to our seats. A couple of crackers bribed him to stay put for awhile. We made it through the rest of the service until almost to the end when he had enough. He looked at me - turned his palms up and said "All done". The he hopped down off the chair and headed for the door. What a stitch.

I had to go to work after the service but he and Carol stayed for the potluck. Then she handed Max off to his other grandmother. We still have Tilly here and Carol is sleeping with him tonight.

What more is there to say. Max was with us from Friday night while his parents took a trip to Denver to see the Broncos clobber Oakland. Nana and I are worn out. Carol fell asleep about 7PM and I'm headed there now. In other words - it was a great weekend.