Sunday, February 26, 2006

DebiMac Comes Through

DebiMac broke through and posted her very first Holdem Affair victory. It was a great money table. Deb battled from late position to dominate the table and record the win. Newcomer Dubie was second and Hemi Henry, msrinny02 and inxsdude rounded out the top five.

Thirty-four players entered the Holdem Affair this week. Msrinny was definitely the cream of my table the first hour. Twice I took her on with the best hand pre-flop only to have her hit trips and slap me down. Twice I battled back and then she took me out in the second hour. We were down to 21 when the first hour break let everyone head for the relief stations. Here are your leaders:
  1. Dubie = 8890

  2. msrinny02 = 3935

  3. whrlingdrvish = 3320

  4. Stevob19 = 3250

  5. aktim = 3205

  6. coachstove = 2905

  7. DebiMac = 2815

  8. Jennifear = 2810

  9. Jewelcard = 2280

  10. ThreesRWild = 2085

Like I said I was knocked out in the second hour but just to show you how frustrating this game can be – let me show you a hand that ended up being very decisive for me. Hand 99, and I have battled back to 2785 in chips from being down to 275. I’m actually in the middle of the pack and doing fairly well when I am dealt Tc Td in the big blind. Aktim raised to 300 and I called to see the flop come 7c Th 8c. Bingo – I hit my set. I checked and aktim potted it. I check/raised all-in and aktim was quick to call. He held pocket aces. Alright – double up here and I am the chip leader at my table. But the poker gods had another thought – Jh on the turn and the 9c on the river. The table showed a straight and we split the pot. The very next hand msrinny flops trip queens to relieve me of half my stack and ten hands later I’m all-in against her with pocket fours against her Ah Ts. She catches trip tens this time and I am gone. Don’t you just want to scream sometimes?

Msrinny was clearly the dominant force in the second hour. She totally crushed all attempts to take her on. We seated the final table 1 hour and 44 minutes into the Holdem Affair.
  1. msrinny02 = 21575

  2. Dubie = 5910

  3. Hemi Henry = 5100

  4. DebiMac = 4090

  5. whrlingdrvish = 4000

  6. coachstove = 3215

  7. inxsdude = 3130

  8. Jennifear = 1635

  9. Laeshalady = 1565

  10. annieboom = 760

This is where the story really starts. Hang in there with me because this is going to be a rough ride. I’m going to try to figure out just what happened.

Annieboom went out on the first hand. Pocket queens against coachstove holding big slick. Coach flopped an ace and it was over for Annie.

Hand 14 and msrinny puts it to Laeshalady – pocket Queens versus pocket sevens. Msrinny is up to 27610 chips.

Hand 20 and Jennifear is in the small blind and getting short. She was holding Tc 5s and when the flop came Kh Th 5h, she had two pair. All-in against whrlingdrvish and his 9h 8c. He calls with the flush draw and backdoor straight draw. He caught the 3h on the turn and Jennifear was gone. At this point Msrinny has 27535 and DebiMac has 2215 in chips. DebiMac went on a rush and won the next three hands to put her in fourth place.

Hand 30 and the flop comes 6s 6c 9s. Whrlingdrvish holds 9d 8d and pushes all into the middle. Hemi Henry is happy to call – he holds 9h 9c. Whrlingdrvish is gone from his first Holdem Affair in 7th place. Henry is now back in second place but way behind msrinny.

Hand 38 and coachstove is the shortest stack with only 2225 posting the small blind of 150. Only Dubie limps to him and Coachstove pushed on the steal holding Kh 7h. Dubie made the call holding Ad Tc. The board missed them both and the ace held for Dubie. We are down to five – the money table and DebiMac is short with 3440 and the blinds 200/400.

Hand 47 and it is time for DebiMac to make a move. Pocket tens look good for a push and msrinny is the only caller holding Ad Qd. The board missed them both and the tens held to double up DebiMac to 7430.

Hand 52 is a heartbreaker for inxsdude. He raised pre-flop and got it all in against Dubie holding big slick against Dubie’s pocket eights. The flop brought an ace but it also brought an eight. The turn ace gave inxsdude trips but it gave Dubie the boat. Inxsdude was gone in fifth place. The hand was huge for Dubie for he ended up with 18730 in a virtual tie with rinny at 18835.

Dubie took the lead on the next hand when his flopped pair of queens turned into trips on the turn running off Hemi Henry. For the next 40 plus hands they battled with DebiMac and Hemi Henry slowly draining the big stacks.

Hand 100 was a big one. Dubie flopped two pair and milked Msrinny for almost 4000 chips. That put Dubie firmly in the lead and knocked msrinny down to 13385 but still almost equal to DebiMac and Hemi Henry combined.

By now the antes were 100 and the blinds 400/800. 1600 chips just to see one - four hand orbit. Dubie hit msrinny again on hand 111. Dubie now had nearly 60% of the chips at the table.

Hand 115 and Hemi Henry took a nice pot from Dubie to climb into second place. But it didn’t last long. Just two hands later Msrinny raised to 1600 UTG and DebiMac pushed all 7030 into the middle in response. Msrinny rose to the challenge with her Kc Qh only to see DebiMac turn over Ah Kd. The flop came 9s Ac 2s and msrinny was dealt the crippling blow. DebiMac doubled up to 15260 and msrinny was down to her last 1455.

Rinny doubled up off Dubie on hand 121 and on the next hand was all-in with the flush draw to Dubie with pocket jacks. The fifth diamond didn’t show up for our lady and msrinny had to settle for 3rd place money. As I look back on the 120 hands, it was just a series of second best hands, played as well as anyone could, that did Msrinny in. This is a frustrating game.

We were down to three with Dubie leading with 31130, DebiMac second with 13560 and Hemi8 Henry third with 6310. They pushed the chips around, trading small pots for the next 20 hands. Then on hand 143, all three saw the cheap flop come 4h Jc Kc. Deb bet 3975, Henry bailed out and Dubie made the call. The turn brought the Td. DebiMac pushed in her last 7675 and Dubie made the call. Wow – big pot time. DebiMac turned over Jd Kh and had flopped two pair. Dubie showed Ac 8c and was hoping for the flush. The Ah was not enough for Dubie and DebiMac had doubled up. Folks – we now have a new chip leader.

Henry battled with Dubie for the next 14 hands. On hand 157 Hemi Henry took over second place. But then Dubie took it back just two hands later. DebiMac was carefully picking her spots and letting Dubie and Henry pound on each other. By now the antes were 150 and the blinds 800/1600. Hand 178, Dubie doubled up through DebiMac but the very next hand Hemi Henry doubled up through Dubie. Hand 181 and DebiMac failed again to knock out Dubie and this time doubled up Dubie into the lead – only to have DebiMac take many of those chips (and the lead) back just three hands later.

Hemi Henry lasted until hand 193. With only 2060 after posting his ante he pushed it all-in holding Ad Qd. DebiMac called holding Td 7h. That’s what you can do when you have 3 times more chips than the other two combined. The flop hit Debi very hard coming Jc Js Th. The final Jd on the river was totally unnecessary. Hemi Henry was gone and we were heads up.

The heads up match was only 15 hands. Deb had a 4:1 chip lead going into the battle but Dubie was determined to give her a fight. Dubie tried to push Deb but she pushed right back. The final hand was a great example of this. Dubie raised pre-flop to 4000 and Deb reraised to 6000. Dubie called to see the flop - 3h 3d As. DebiMac immediately pushed 12400 into the middle covering Dubie. Dubie held Ac 9c and had flopped top pair – of course he made the call. DebiMac turned over Jh 3c for flopped trips and it was all over.

DebiMac had won her first Holdem Affair. What an amazing final table. DebiMac was the short stack when we got down to five and won it all.

Folks, this one was a blast. They all are fun but this one was down right wild to watch and to play in.

See you all next week. Peace.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Guran was Back

My good friend Guran64 was back this week for the Holdem Affair and I almost wish he wasn’t. He took me in the heads up match to add yet another Holdem Affair victory to his total. The Swede played well the whole tournament, just as we have come to expect from him and took me down just when I thought I had him. Good game Guran and what a treat to play with you again. I took second place and rounding out the money table was Beeeee, Msrinny02, and Mellow Yellow.

Thirty-four sharks sat down this week and it was a hard fought Holdem Affair. The first hour was marked by the good play that has become a trademark of this affair. There just aren’t any fish in the Holdem Affair anymore. By the first hour break we still had 24 at the tables. Your first hour leaders were:
  1. Beeeee = 4310

  2. msrinny02 = 4115

  3. Jennifear = 4010

  4. AirMJ91 = 3490

  5. Papoorboy = 3415

  6. bugman22j = 3355

  7. guran64 = 3115

  8. gjones = 2555

  9. coachstove = 2245

  10. Plug Nickel = 2175

I went into the first hour break in 15th place – just about my normal placing for the event. I was doing fine and waiting for my chance to move up. Just a few hands into the second hour I thought I saw that chance when I was dealt KK. I raised preflop and Violentjugga went all in next to me. I made the call of course and was feeling good when jugga showed pocket sevens. But the flop brought a 7c and the turn the 7h. Quad sevens were just too much for my royalty and I was hurting now. Jugga – you bum – nice hand. I managed to battle back and 1 hour 50 minutes into the event we seated our final table.
  1. Beeeee = 11820

  2. msrinny02 = 8445

  3. Txmom22 = 8310

  4. Sunbob = 6410

  5. guran64 = 5235

  6. Papoorboy = 4610

  7. spideytwo = 2735

  8. Mellow Yellow = 1355

  9. winforlife = 1165

  10. Jennifear = 915

Spidey was the first to fall and it happened on just the second hand. Spidey had big slick and it looked good for him when he got all-in before the flop against Guran’s As Qs. Butit was the Qh that made her appearance on the flop and that was all it took to send Spideytwo to the rail in 10th place.

Hand 6 saw winforlife push all his 1165 to the middle and I made the call with Kc Kd. My kings held up and winforlife was gone in 9th place.

Hand 13 and Papoorboy raised UTG to 100 and Guran was the only one to look him up. The flop came Qd 8d Td, Papoorboy checked and Guran bet 2650. Papoorboy check raised all-in and Guran took the bait. Papoorboy turned over As Ks but Guran held Jd Js. Now just who is trapping who on this hand? The turn was the 6d giving Guran the flush. The Kh showed up on the river but it wasn’t enough to save Papoorboy. The big guy was out in 8th place.

We battled for seven more hands now with the antes 25 and the blinds 150/30. Hand 20 and Jennifear pushed all 1605 to the middle. Beeeee made the call holding Jh Jd. Jennifear held Ad 6c and caught a six on the flop. But nothing else came along to help Jennifear – she was gone in 7th place. Two of the most feared final table regulars were gone.

By hand 24 I looked up and realized that Guran64 had quietly climbed into the chip lead. Hmmmmm. We have a match now and we are on the bubble. We were paying five this night.

Hand 39 was an interesting hand and turned out to be a deciding hand this evening. Beeeee, Sunbob and Guran were the top three with only 650 chips separating first to third. Txmom was doing ok and so was msrinny. Mellow Yellow was desperate with only 1085 chips and posting the 200 small blind. Beeeee called pre-flop, Mellow Yellow pushed in his last 835 and Guran called along with Beeeee. Since we were on the bubble and the next one out set the money table, conventional wisdom says for the callers to check it down to optimize the chance that the short stack will be eliminated and all the others will get paid. Especially in this case where there was no side pot. The flop and turn went check/check and it looked like this was going to be a conventional check down. But Beeeee bet 1600 on the river and Guran folded after expressing his bewilderment. That emotion turned to out right anger when Beeeee turned over Kc 9d. Beeeee had bluffed Guran off the pot and thereby allowed Mellow Yellow to double up. I haven’t seen this strategy used very often but I am familiar with it. The idea, in a nut shell, is to extend the bubble play when players tend to tighten up, in the hopes that you can attack the middle stacks and build your lead. This can be a very dangerous tactic though, and in this case it came back to haunt Beeeee, for not only had he given a very dangerous player new life, but he had also pissed off the Swede. Any Holdem Affair regular could have told Beeeee that neither is a good thing to do. By hand 55, Guran had taken the chip lead and by hand 62 Mellow Yellow had climbed into fourth place and was a serious force to contend with.

Beeeee had one last shot at the lead but came up short when he knocked out Txmom22 on hand 64. Beeeee had pocket tens that held up.

Hand 69 and the antes are 75, the blinds 300/600. Mellow Yellow has climbed into a solid 4th place and raised pre-flop with his 7s 7c. I re-raised him all-in holding As Ks. Two aces on the flop were more than enough but the second four on the turn gave me the boat and Mellow Yellow was out in 5th place. That put me solidly in second place behind Guran.

Two hands later I held Ac Js and when msrinny pushed pre-flop I made the call. Rinny had As 5s. The table ended up 5c Tc 2h 3d Jc and msrinny02 had to settle for 4th place.

We were down to three. I took over the chip lead on hand 74 when I caught two pair and hit Guran pretty hard. On hand 78 Beeeee hit Guran hard and Guran looked to be on his way out. But don’t count out the Swede – Guran doubled up through Beeeee just two hands later. Then hit him again on the very next hand. Finally on hand 89, Guran took out Beeeee when he caught a queen on the turn to pair.

The heads up match lasted just 13 hands. Guran pulled even with me on hand 102 and on hand 103 we were evenly stacked and all-in before the flop. I held JJ and Guran showed QJ. My daughter was watching me play and I turned to her and said “I’ve got him”, when the flop came low. The turn was a blank and my daughter gave out a cheer. The river brought a QUEEN and we both groaned. Apparently we were pretty loud because my wife, who was trying to sleep across the hall, came in and told us both to hold it down. Wel, it was all over and Guran64 had posted his second win for 2006.

It was another great Saturday night of poker and good fellowship. I look forward to playing with all of you next week.



Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mac Attack

I played in my first Mac Attack tonight and had a great time. This is DebiMac's invite tournament. She was such a sweetheart to invite me.

I had fun because I played totally different from what I would usually do. The tournament started at 8 pm CST and I knew that I had to pick up my daughter at 10 pm. I wasn't particularly concerned about it because I rarely last long into the second hour in these events. But this time I was getting some cards. I was in 19th place at the first hour break - normal for my style of play. When we got to the second hour I started playing very aggressively, not caring - maybe even hoping to bust out so I could go get Katie. But it didn't work that way. I started winning those hands. At one point at about 20 after, I was in the lead.

At 9:45 pm when I had to leave I think I was in 3rd place with a very good stack. Well, I had to go, so I made my apologies and took off. I got back about 40 minutes later to find myself in 12th place out of 12 and looking at QQ. Well, all-in was the play and I doubled up. I ended up making the final table and finishing 7th. Not bad for this old man.

Thanks Deb, I'm sorry I had to sit out for awhile but I had a great time.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sengar Won the Pillow Fight

It took a marathon final table but Sengar posted his third Holdem Affair victory tonight.  The final showdown between Sengar, Corn Grinder, and LazerRic was truly a pleasure to watch.  No one could really land a solid blow.  As Corn Grinder pointed out “It was like three guys beating on each other with pillows”.  But slowly Sengar took control and came out on top.

It was a fun night full of some interesting hands and very good plays.  Unfortunately I didn’t contribute to the good play and busted out in 20th place.   There was one sequence of hands in the second hour that I thought was very interesting and so telling of how this game that we play can just drive you nuts.  We were down to 16 and the blinds were 150/300.  Coachstove was seated at one table with seven others when this sequence occurred.  

Hand 140 – Coach had 1390 chips.  UTG he woke up with pocket kings.  With only about 4 big blinds left in his stack all-in is the play.  All fold to Sengar in the small blind who goes all-in for his last 1285 because he has pocket Aces.  The flop nails Sengar with an ace and he doubles up and puts Coachstove in the intensive care unit.

Hand 141 and Coach is posting the big blind with his last 105 chips holding 3s 5h. Iteach1st called to see the flop holding Ac 8h.  The board ends up Tc 2d As 4h Ts giving coach the straight and he is doubled up.

Hand 142 – Coach is in the small blind.  He is all-in with his full stack of  315 chips.   Xtjbird13x and MagikCowboy call the extra 5 chips.  Coachstove held Jh Qh and the board ended up  Kh 7s Th As Jc.  That’s a straight for Coachstove and now he has tripled up to 945 chips.  He is out of ICU and can breath on his own now.

Hand 143 – Coach has Ac Th and is on a rush.  Five folds to him and he pushes only to have xtjbird13x  call him down holding pocket aces.  The flop missed them both and Coachstove was gone in 16th place.  Can you imagine running into the pocket rockets twice in a four hand sequence.  That has got to be a painful way to go out.  Bummer coach.

We seated the final table two hours and six minutes into the Holdem Affair.  Here are your players:
  1. Papoorboy =  11885

  2. Sengar = 8110 ( only 25 hands after being down to 2 BB)

  3. xtjbird13x = 6330

  4. Iteach1st = 6125

  5. gjones = 5020

  6. Corn Grinder = 4985

  7. LazerRic = 3825

  8. Jewelcard = 3425

  9. bugman22j = 3145

  10. winforlife = 2650

Hand 6 and Jewelcard was the first to fall.  With the antes 50 and the blinds 200/400, he was down to 1975 holding 6s 5s.  The flop came 4h 3s Ts giving the flush draw and the straight draw heads up against Corn Grinder.  All-in was the play and CG made the call holding As Kd.  Jewel, you made the right play.  You were actually 64% - 36% when the money went into the middle.  But this is poker and the Qc 9h completed the board to miss them both.  

Hand 25 was a huge hand.  Antes now 75 and blinds 300/600,  Corn Grinder raised to 1200, iteach1st pushed her last 600 into the pot, and then gjones pushed for 1820.  Corn Grinder calmly made the call.  CG had KK, gjones had 77 and iteach1st held 8c 2c.  The flop hit teach but the turn landed on Corn Grinder for the set and we were down to seven in one fell swoop.

Hand 32 and now winforlife was desperate going all-in with just Kc 7h.  But LazerRic had looked him up holding just 3d Jh.  The flop decided the hand, though, showing 3h 8s Qc.  Winforlife was gone in 7th place.

Just two hands later and we had ourselves a battle.  Xtjbird13x pushed all 5400 into the middle holding pocket fives.  Sengar made the call holding Ad Qh.  The flop missed them both but the turn was the Qd and tjbird was gone.  We had our money table.

At hand 39 bugman22j started a rush.  Holding pocket fives held rivered his boat to double up.  Hand 41 he got pocket aces and won another 2100.  He had climbed out of the bottom and was getting healthy.  Hand 42 found him completing from the small blind holding Kc 6h, hoping to catch a flop.  When the flop came 4d 6c Ah he check-raised Corn Grinder who came back over the top and bugman made the call.  Oops, Corn Grinder turned over 4s 4c to show his set.  That’s all it took to end bugman’s rush and send him packing with 5th place money.

The four sparred until hand 58 when Papoorboy found himself the short stack with only 8635 and needing to post the big blind of 1200 to start the next hand.  All-in was the right play with his pocket fours but LazerRic took the challenge and threw down As Qc to contest the pot.  The flop hit Ric with the Ad and that was all she wrote for Papoorboy.

This is really where the marathon started and where Sengar showed his skill.  After Papoorboy was eliminated, Corn Grinder was in the lead with 23820. LazerRic had 21035 and Sengar 10645.  Hand 60 Corn Grinder won a huge pot (16375) from LazerRic and it looked good for the grinder.  But all three were alive and crafty.

Sengar got aggressive and took over the lead by stealing hands whenever he could.  Then LazerRic landed a couple of big hands and took the lead back.  Sengar battled back only to have Corn Grinder blast back to the front.  At hand 100 Corn Grinder had the lead with double Sengar in third.  Hand 101 LazerRic took the lead and the next hand he was clobbered by Sengar to give him the lead.  They were pounding away with knock out blows but getting nowhere for their efforts.

Finally on hand 121, that’s 63 hands after Papoorboy went to bed, Sengar had worked a big enough lead that LazerRic was desperate posting the 2000 big blind with only 3060 left in the poke.  Sengar held Jh Tc and Ric 9c 4c.  The flop paired up Sengar and LazerRic was done for the night in 3rd place.

Corn Grinder battled hard but Sengar was too far ahead at that point.  It was 14 hands later that Sengar put an end to the battle when he flopped a monster holding 4h 2s to a 2c 2d 5c flop.

What a night.  Great game to Sengar, Corn Grinder and LazerRic.  That was excellent short handed poker.



Sunday, February 05, 2006

Burldog44 Came Out on Top

It’s fun to see new people coming into the Holdem Affair and tonight was the night for the new faces.  Burldog44 joined the fray tonight and showed that he had what it took to play in this event.  It was an excellent heads up match against ImaRdNkWoman.  Voilentjugga filled out the money table with Woody13 coming in fourth and Rocknfish, two more familiar names, completing the top five.  

Thirty people sat down tonight in a new, early time and we attracted some new faces this week.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this week.  The time just didn’t work for me.  I was able to get home for the final table though and it was a good one.  Again it was just before the second hour break when we sat down for the final table.  Here are your leaders:
  1. Violentjugga = 12115

  2. burldog44 = 8970

  3. Hemi Henry = 5720

  4. Rocknfish = 4310 (you are becoming a regular)

  5. ImaRdNkWoman = 3720

  6. keltic12 = 2765

  7. Mellow Yellow = 2540

  8. Marti = 2130

  9. woody13 = 1755

  10. bugman22j = 975

Bugman was the short stack and the first to fall.  The very first hand.  I’m sorry bugman but I didn’t catch your demise.

Marti, our beautiful hostess, only made it to the fourth hand.  She had been hit hard in the third hand and was all in with the ante on the fourth holding just  9s 5s.  The flop gave her a gut shot straight draw but it didn’t materialize and she was gone in ninth place.

It was hand 18 when Mellow Yellow pushed holding 7d 5c and the flop showing 7c 2d 8h.  But burldog held 8c 7s and had flopped two pair.  That was the night for Mellow Yellow.

Early on Keltic12 had doubled up on Hemi Henry but Henry doesn’t take well to such behavior and on hand 23 answered back when Keltic pushed it all to the middle from UTG.  Keltic held Qd T, a decent hand to push with but Henry turned over Kc Qc and had him dominated.  A Kh on the flop just sealed the deal for our dragster and Keltic was sent to the lounge to contemplate entering next week.

Three hands later Henry went up against Violentjugga with tragic results.  Hand twenty-seven found him with only 420 chips and the antes 50 and blinds 200/400.  He was dealt Jd Th and decided that was good enough to make his stand.  Unfortunately Woody decided that was a good time to bring his pocket ladies to the dance and Hemi Henry had to settle for sixth place this week.

Hand 41 and Rocknfish raised to 2050 from second position.  ImaRdNkWoman was the only caller.  The flop came 6s 9h Tc.  ImaRdNkWoman pushed in her last 1950 taking Rocknfish all-in.  Rocknfish showed 4s 4c but Ima held Ac 6c and had flopped a higher pair.  The sixes held up and Rocknfish was out of the pond.

We were down to four.  Has anybody noticed that Woody is still in the action?  When we seated the final table he was in ninth place and very short stacked with barely more than his initial allocation.  By hand 52 he was in fourth place but solidly in the running.  By picking his spots and controlling his aggression, he had climbed to the bubble.  This hand he looked down and saw Jh Jc, time to climb the ladder again. When burldog raised to 2100 he was happy to push all 7300 chips to the middle.  Just taking it down there would have put him in second place.  But somehow burldog made the call holding just Qs 9d.  The flop hit the dog hard showing Ad 9c 9s.  That was all it took to send Woody home and leap frog burldog into second place at the money table.

For the next 25 hands they battled hard, and the fortunes turned.  Burldog took the lead and ImaRdNkWoman was close behind.  Violentjugga was losing ground.  Hand 82 and Ima took over the lead.  By hand 98 Ima was dominating and Violentjugga was down to only 6625 with 100 antes and blinds of 400/800.  Burldog raised to 1600 and jugga called to see the flop come 9s 8d 3d.  Burldog laid out his continuation bet of 3500 and Violentjugga said “I like that flop” and pushed all 4925 into the middle.  Jugga was holding Td 9c and had flopped top pair.  But Burldog held pocket Queens.  That was it for Violentjugga.  

We were heads up between Burldog44 and ImaRdNkWoman and they held almost equal stacks.  For three hands they just swapped the blinds.  Then on hand 103 ImaRdNkWoman raised to 2800.  Burldog re-raised to 8600 and Ima pushed it all to the middle.  ImaRdNkWoman showed Jh Tc and Burldog turned over Ad 6d.  The final board spread 4d 3c 3h 6s 2h giving ImaRdNkWoman a pair of threes and Burldog two pair, sixes and threes.  Burldog had survived his first Holdem Affair and had come out in the end with top prize.  Way to go Burldog44.

See you all next week. We will be having a later start this time so I will be able to compete.  Don’t be too concerned though, my tournament game really sucks at the moment.  Who knows, maybe next Saturday night it will turn around.