Saturday, September 29, 2007

BobyBarFights takes his First

BobyBarFights was a newcomer to our little group but he showed tonight that he is equal to the task. He brought his “A” game tonight and took home a Holdem Affair victory the first time out of the gate. He was strong the whole night. Leading after the first hour and in second when we went to the final table. He was way behind when it got HEADS UP but that didn’t last long. Sorry4urloss is a formidable opponent but tonight it was BobyBarFights who took home the gold.
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Here is my play-by-play.

It’s time for another Saturday night Holdem Affair. It’s been a busy week for me and I am ready to settle down with friends.

Forty-two this week. Another good sized field. This will be fun. I hope I can last awhile, my game has really been bad lately.

Wow – thirty minutes in and we are down to 30 already.

Hey, I made it to the first hour break. We have 26 left at the tables. I’m in 21st place. The cards just aren’t falling for me tonight.

Here is your leaderboard:
BobyBarFights = 5505
Sorry4urloss = 4805
VictorDave = 4205
Tater Ho = 4050
Verdoy = 3735
DrippinDodger = 3600
Marti = 3250
DaveTthatsMe = 3120
Burldog44 = 3060
Smurfette = 2810

We are down to 18 already. I had to leave the table for awhile so I don’t know how Verdoy got such a big stack but he is definitely a force to contend with now.

Okay, I’m done in 16th place. I saw a cheap flop holding J6o from the big blind and it flopped J69. Check, bet, bet and I pushed. Verdoy called with QJs and rivered a queen to send me to the rail. That is how my tournament life has been going this month.

Well, we are down to 14 – let’s count it down to the final table. Verdoy is our leader with 12430 and sorry4urloss is in second right now with 7160.

There goes drippinDodger – I missed it typing.

There goes michele1024. Verdoy took her out also.

Slim shady was very short and now he is gone as well. Down to 11 and dealing hand by hand.

They are definitely dancing the ”Tighten up” right now.

Sajules just bit the dust when she pushed KK and was called by VictorDave with Ax. The evil ace on the flop sent her packing. We have our final table.

Here is how the table sets up:
Verdoy = 12205
BobyBarFights = 10260
Sorry4urloss = 8960
Smurfette = 8045
VictorDave = 6360
ThePokerWolf = 4085
Burldog44 = 4015
Agro = 3415
Pointdume = 3255
Annieboom = 2500

Verdoy is our leader but BobyBarFights has closed the gap.

Hand 4 and annieboom pushed to steal the blinds.
Hand 7 and sorry4urloss opens and is called by agro. Flop comes Q75 and Agro called the push by sorry4urloos. Agro had QJ but sorry4urloss has AQ. Agro is gone in 10th place.

Hand 12 – annieboom pushed – no takers.
Hand 13 – ThePokerWolf opened and took the blinds.
Hand 14 – Pointdume opened UTG – Verdoy called. Flop 259. Pointdume held pocket tens and took it down.

Hand 16 and VictorDave makes his presence known – no takers.
Hand 17 – Smurfette tried to steal from the button and Verdoy made the call. 993 is the flop and Verdoy check raised Smurfette off the pot.

Hand 20 and Smurfette gets two callers from the blinds. 263r flop and Smurfette doubles up with pocket kings. Sorry4urloss is the victim.

Time for the second hour break. When we come back the antes will be 50 and the blinds 200/400.

Verdoy is still in the lead but now Smurfette is in second.

Hand 30 – annieboom pushed and stole the blinds again.
Hand 31 – ThePokerWolf opened and Verdoy called. Flop 7KQr and wolf pushed – Verdoy laid it down.
Hand 35 – VictorDave with big slick and sorry4urloss with QQ. VictorDave just couldn’t get any help this time and he is gone in 9th place.

Let’s see now – who do we have that is short – it looks like ThePokerWolf is our only short stack with 3485 and the blinds 200/400. Annieboom and Pointdume are close though with 4300 each.

Hand 40 and annieboom lays down the hand to BobyBarFights in a blind battle.

Hand 42 – Verdoy limps and Pointdume raised from the big blind. Pointdume just took down a 4200 chip pot and is getting healthy.
Hand 44 and annieboom opens to steal.
Hand 45 – blind battle between Burldog and Verdoy – Verdoy took it down.
Hand 46 – ThePokerWolf stole the blinds – he needed that.
Hand 49 – BBF raised from the button and Smurfette called. Flop TQ3r. Smurfette bet 1500 and BBF raised to 4500. - - - Smurfette folded. BBF showed AA.

Hand 52 – BobyBarFights limped to see flop of 239 – he took it down with a bet on the flop.
BobyBarFights is our new chip leader with sorry4urloss right behind.

Hand 56 and annieboom just pushed into two limpers and stole the pot.
Hand 58 and we have 4 limpers see the flop – QQK – checked to see the 7 - - check, check, check to BobyBarFights who bets 800 – fold, fold and Verdoy check raised him off the pot.

ThePokerWolf is down to 2485 and getting very short. He has to do something soon..
Hand 62 and there goes ThePokerWolf. KJo called by sorry with AT. LOL – ThePokerWolf hit a king and a jack to take it down.

Blinds are now 400/800.
Hand 65 and Pointdume opened UTG to steal. He showed QQ.
Hand 66 – Burldog limped with KQ and annieboom pushed with AJ. The table ended up KKQQx. Annieboom is gone in 8th place.

Hand 70 and we have action. Verdoy tried to steal from the small blinds and sorry4urloss and BobyBarFights both called. Board 478T8. Verdoy was all in with AA and sorry4urloss turned over 87. Verdoy made it to 7th place in his first Holdem Affair. Verdoy, I hope you know what an accomplishment that was.

It’s bubble time. Shall we dance? (I’m picturing Yule Brenner right now).

Sorry4urloss is our dominant stack now with 26680. BobyBarFights is in second with 15510. The others are officially short.

Steal - - steal - - steal - - I think I know this dance.

Hand 83 – Smurfette pushed JJ and BobyBarFights called with 44. He turned a four and Smurfette is our bubble girl.
Hand 88 and ThePokerWolf pushed 88 and called by BobyBarFights with 42s. That four/deuce turned into a straight and ThePokerWolf is done.
Hand 90 and BobyBarFights just took out burldog44.
Hand 92 – Pointdume pushed 77 into sorry4urloss with AQ. He flopped an ace and a queen to seal the deal. We are heads up.

Sorry4urloss has a 42000 – 12500 chip advantage.

Hand 95 and BobyBarFights flopped quad queens – that helps.
Hand 100 and we are getting closer – 36850 – 23500.
Hand 107 and we have even stacks.
Hand 110 – BobyBarFights flopped top pair and sorry4urloss a flush draw. Both all-in and the flush didn’t come. BobyBarFights is way in command.

Hand 111 – and we are done.

This was a great night, even if you guys kept check/raising my bluffs and folding to my monsters. Could you see my hole cards or something?

Great game BobyBarFights. This is not an easy field. You do well to just make the final table – to win your first time out is an accomplishment. Verdoy was another new face that did very well.

Another great night. See you all next week.

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