Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jennifear Celebrates the 3rd Birthday Bash

Jennifear got off to a good start the first hour and was in the action the rest of the night. Just a glance at the leader boards might give you the impression that she cruised to the win tonight but that would be so wrong. The final table was a war. We had some new faces but also some of the old masters of this event. Sengar, sorry4urloss, SuperrSam, and Glenso have all posted multiple Holdem Affair wins. And the new faces like DaveTthatsMe and Native Spirit made a name for themselves. They will be feared at future final tables. It was a great night and I’m sure Jennifear can be proud of this victory. I know that Dave and Native Spirit can be proud of their performances even though they didn’t take home the big prize. Those bracelets will still be nice to show their friends.
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Here is the action as I saw it at the tables.

It’s the night of the Big, Third Annual Holdem Affair Birthday Bash.

Fifteen minutes before start time and we have 100, yes ONE HUNDRED, entrants so far. This is going to be the largest field ever.

We have 112 as the official starting field. The first year we had 102 and Shootist was the victor that first year. Tiburon won the 2nd Annual Bash last year in a field of 86.

It’s time to go. Jennifear is at my table , it’s always a pleasure to play with her.
30 minutes in and Jennifear is our leader. She felted Xgames KK vs. AA.

I’ve been sent to a new table.

We made it to the first hour break. We started deep stacked tonight with 2500 chips so we still have 84 in the field. Unfortunately, I’m in 79th place.

Here is your leaderboard:
Jennifear = 13175
Winforlife = 7855
Sengar = 6810
Blackriders = 6375
Germanbabe = 6290
Hungry Guppy = 6175
Holland13 = 6140
Skippy2 = 5690
KennyJ37 = 5625
Daggit13 = 5540

One and a half hours in and Jennifear is still ruling the roost. I’ve been card dead most of the night and when I do get a hand I get no action. I did double up once with a BB special. That is the only thing keeping me going.

Well, I’m out in 52nd place. Just short of the second hour break. I pushed AKo from the small blind to a couple of limpers and Laeshalady called with 88. No help for me and I am gone.

We are down to 34 at the second hour break. We thinned the field pretty good that last hour. Here is your leaderboard:
SuperrSam = 20845
Takechances = 20250
Holland13 = 15335
Native Spirit = 13420
Laeshalady = 13340
Thunder3 = 11765
Germanbabe = 11750
Jennifear = 11565
DaveTthatsMe = 11465
Nationwidepkr = 11035

It’s looking like a good field going into the next hour. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400. I’m out now so I’ll be able to follow more of the action.

Jewelcard just pushed his AJ and ran into Daggit13 with the Hilton sisters. Jewelcard is out in 30th place.

We are down to 27 now and dropping fast as I write.

Wow, Maronie47 just pushed her 88 but ran into Nutty with KK. Gone in 25th place.

Blackriders is out in 23rd place. Laeshalady took him out also.

2 hours 45 minutes and we are down to two tables.

Jennifear has climbed back into the lead. Oops – she lost it. DaveTthatsMe took it away. With the blinds 400/800 the tables are getting very volatile.

Blinds are now 600/1200. That means 7 of the remaining 18 are short stacked. Time to move or die.

Red Barchetta is dead. 18th place.
Winforlife pushed his QQ into Takechances with AJ. Take flopped two aces to send Win packing in 17th place.
KennyJ37 just went out in 15th place – 44 vs. JJ.
HurQueRock just ran into Jennifear showing AA. 14th for the rock.
Laeshalady just pushed JT and was called by Avata with 24o. Avata paired both cards to send Laeshalady to the rail. That is just sick. We have 12 now.

The final table gets the good prizes tonight. We will see if this creates a bubble action situation.

Blinds 800/1600 now. Takechances just got moved to Jennifear’s table. We have both chip leaders on the same table now.
QQ vs. JJ and Avata is gone. DaveTthatsMe is our new leader.
Takechances took it right back on the very next hand.
No fear on this bubble. Vicious play all around.
Dealing hand by hand now.
Oh my, Germanbabe pushed her pocket threes into Jennifear who spiked her ace on the river. We have our final table.

Here is your table:
Takechances = 60080
DaveTthatsMe = 55355
Sengar = 32895
Jennifear = 27885
Native Spirit = 23035
Nutty = 21515
Sorry4urloss = 19125
Glenso = 16855
SuperrSam = 14240
Skippy2 = 9015

Blinds are 1000/2000.
Skippy2 went in very short stacked and was our first casualty,
Hand 8 and sorry4urloss bites the dust.
Hand 14 and it was Sengar with TT and DaveTthatsMe with AA. Sengar has to settle for 8th place.
Hand 16 and SuperrSam pushed 22 into AQ and survived to double up.
Hand 27 – Takechances is done.
Hand 29 and nutty was too short to do much but push. That’s it for the night.

We have five now and the blinds re 1200/2400. DaveTthatsMe is a big leader.
Okay, we have settled down to some serious action now. Native Spirit is climbing and in second now. Jennifear is holding her own and Dave is trying to push around the table but getting resistance. This is good action.
Hand 46 and Glenso pushed into Jennifear and got nailed. Good game Glenso.
Hand 47 and SuperrSam is gone and I missed it writing. Bummer. Native spirit took him out.

Three solid stacks and room to play. This could get good.
Hand 51 and Jennifear just took out Native Spirit when she hit a four card flush. We have a HEADS UP battle with pretty even stacks. Dave has the slight advantage.
Jenn is pushing and gaining ground.
Dave just caught a straight on hand 58. Big pot.
Jenn has to be a little more careful now.
Blinds 1500/300.
Hand 72 and Jenn caught a straight. She is climbing back but still has a fight.
Hand 75 and the tide has turned. Jenn flopped trips and doubled up to take the lead.
Hand 85 sand Jenn took down a good pot. She is pulling away.

Hand 87 and Jennifear has won the 3rd Annual Holdem Affair Birthday Bash.
Jennifear raised to 9600 and DaveTthatsMe pushed. Jennifear made the call. Dave turned over pocket deuces but Jennifear showed him a pair of nines. No miracles this hand. The nines held up.

What a great night.

Thanks to Marti and all of you who showed up to make this party a great.

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