Saturday, October 27, 2007

DriveULoonie from start to Finish

DriveULoonie came out on top of a small but very competitive field this week. The final table showed some masterful play and it was only solid and timely aggression that took the honors tonight.

Here is the tale as told by this fool.

I don’t like to be late to most things. Promptness is one of those attributes that I value. Well, I’m here to tell you that showing up 5 minutes late for the Holdem Affair really bums me out. Here I am on the rail and all I get to do is watch. Oh well, let’s see what happens tonight.

It’s a small field this week, only 27 entries. But it looks like a good field for a hotly contested night of tournament poker.

It looks like Sengar and DriveULoonie are going to battle for the early lead. Each has control of their respective tables.

Fifty-six minutes into the Holdem Affair and we are down to two tables. DriveULoonie is our leader.

Hand 61 – over on table #2, Mellow Yellow worked Medic Chicky perfectly to get all his chips into the middle and showed his QQ to her JJ. But as happens in this vicious and brutal game, the turn was a jack and our good friend Mellow Yellow is done for the night.

That little hand was good enough to catapult Medic Chicky into the lead as we take the first hour break. Here is your leader board:
Medic chicky = 4650
DriveULoonie = 3655
Xgames4me = 2885
Hungry Guppy = 2880
Marti = 2540
Avata = 2405
Kryptic = 2160
Daggit13 = 2125
Sengar = 2075
Tai pan = 1910

Another sick suck out on table #2, hand 65 and Agro is all-n with AA against kickin Lisa with A2 of spades. Lisa hit the flush to double up.

Hand 105 on table #3 and there goes bugman22j. His pocket fives ran into Papoorboy with AQ. A queen on the flop did him in.

Table #3, hand 114 – Avata tried a BB steal when Marti was the only limper. He pushed with just 72o but Marti wasn’t going anywhere holding big slick. Avata is done for the night. Gutsy play but the timing was off. That puts Marti in the lead.

Table #2, hand 78 and Tai pan caught the nut flush to oust Agro.

Hungry guppy knocked out kickin Lisa and now is our leader.

Down to 13 with the blinds 75/150. Still plenty of room to play post flop for most of the field.

Table #3, hand 127 – Azale held A8 and ran into DriveULoonie with AQ. Loonie is now our leader and Azale is on the rail.

Blinds are now 100/200 and Sengar is over on table #2 with only 600 chips. Let’s see if he can climb back into the fray.
Hand 101 and there he goes with JJ and Xgames called with TT. Sengar doubled up.

Over on table 3 Papoorboy pushed his A7 but ran into daggit13 with AJ. Down to 150 chips and very short now.
Hand 140 - Papoorboy is all-in posting the BB. Showing T9o – he is done for the night in 12th place.

Dealing hand by hand now.

Blinds just went up to 150/300.

We have our final table. Daggit13 was our bubble victim tonight.

DriveULoonie is our leader as we go to the final table. Here is your leaderboard:
DriveULoonie = 8940
Hungry Guppy = 6785
Sorry4urloss = 4950
Medic Chicky = 3550
Sengar = 3400
Xgames4me = 3335
Marti = 3170
Tai pan = 3070
Big Lar8 = 1930
Sukinout = 1370

Update on Sengar, hand 5 of the final table and he has succeeded in climbing back into third place.

Hand 6 and sukinout is done. Tai pan flopped sixes and fours to do the damage.

Antes have kicked in and DriveULoonie is still our chip leader.

Hand 10 – Marti held TT but Xgames had flopped a pair of queens. Marti is on life support now.
Hand 12 and Marti is all-in with KQo and she doubled up. She will have to do that again though to get healthy.

Hand 14 – there she goes – AJs and she doubled up off Sengar this time.
Can she do it again? – She has a big hill to climb.
Hand 15 – Tai pan pushed but no takers.
Hand 16 and there goes Marti again. – she flopped the nut straight and doubled off Tai pan this time.

As we go to the second hour break, Marti has climbed back from 65 chips to now hold 2185. She is still the shortest stack at the table but at least now when she pushes people will have too think about the call. On our other story line Sengar has 4035 and is sitting fifth in this 9 player field. DriveULoonie is still our chip leader with 9960. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400 and the antes 50.

Hand 24 – flop is 777, Marti and medic chicky split the pot.
Hand 26 and Marti is back down to calling for the medics. (810)
Hand 29 – Xgames saw a cheap flop holding the Brunson (T2) and flopped TTT. Sorry4urloss held 55 and doubled him up. Xgames is our leader now.

Hand 32 – sorry4urloss just pushed his 22 and they held up.
Hand 36 – Marti is all-in posting the BB. 1 caller and she shows A8 – it held up and she doubled up.
Hand 37 – guppy is all-in with AK, along with Big Lar8 but DriveULoonie showed 99 and flopped a set. Hungry Guppy is gone – 8th place. Wait big lar8 was in that hand and busted in 9th place. What was I looking at?

Hand 39 and Marti pushes again – 2 callers and she held AK. Medic chicky was in on that as well but sorry4urloss paired the 8 and knocked them both out.
Hand 41 and Sengar is done.

Paying only three tonight with the short field. It’s bubble time.
Hand 44 – not for long. Tai pan took out sorry4urloss and we have our cash table.

DriveULoonie is our leader with 17715, tai pan and then Xgames.

Hand 50 – DriveULoonie just sent off Xgames when x hit the straight but loonie rivered a full house.

Heads up action.
Hand 53 and we have our winner. DriveULoonie has done it again.

Another fun night of poker. I wish I had been 5 minutes sooner and I could have played. But hey, I liked telling the story.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ezekiel25 with a Vengeance

Ezekiel25_17 joined us tonight and we had a grand time. He almost made it look easy as he led from wire to wire. The chip leader at the first hour break – he was back in the lead when we seated the final table. And at the end he had all the chips. He made us all look like Philistines tonight. Marti was our second place finisher and yes dear reader – I finished third.

Well, here is my story written as we dealt the cards.

Hey, we are off and running. Forty-two players tonight, another large field. That is great. Let’s see how things go this week.

I see a couple of new faces at my table. Welcome to Dawncitygirl and Steelzmgnolia.

Five hands and my table has already moved. I haven’t even seen a flop yet. Oh well, new people to say hello to.

Thirty minutes in and Native Spirit is our early leader. I got lucky and hit a set of sixes a while back so I’m in third place. We are down to 36.

We made it to the first hour break and we are down to 30. Ezekiel25­_17 is our leader. Here is your leader board:
Ezekiel25­_17 = 4525
Pointdume = 4250
Thekindbud = 4035
Unionthug = 3530
Jakeylove = 3210
Sunbob = 2765
Smartin = 2480
Chip Leigh = 2420
Big lar8 = 2375

So vengeance is your game Zeke? Or are you just a Pulp Fiction fan? Good to have you with us.

I have to post this while I can. Down to 20 and I’m leading for now.

We are down to 16 and I’m back in the lead for now. It is bouncing around.
Blinds 150/300 now.
Unionthug is out in 15th place.
The antes just kicked in.
Steveob19 just went out in 14th. I’ve dropped back to fifth.
SokolBlosser just got sucked out on to finish in 13th place.
Rshocker went out right behind him. We are dealing hand by hand.
I just knocked out Kryptic AQ vs. 99 to go the final table. I spiked a queen on the flop.

Here is the line up for the final table:
Ezekiel25_17 = 13740
Marti = 10275
Sunbob = 9755
Thekindbud = 9005
DaleT = 8000
Bugman22j = 3255
Mellow Yellow = 3240
Pointdume = 2995
Annieboom = 1435
Smartin = 1300

Look at that Zeke – he is just rolling over these tables.

Hand 2 - Pointdume was our first casualty.
Hand 5 – Smartin fell to DaleT.

Second hour break and we have 8 left and paying 5 again tonight. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400. Three people will have less than 9 BB to play with.

Hand 11 – and Zeke just took out bugman22j.
Hand 22 – DaleT was 3rd in chips and pushed KQs on the button right into Zeke who had limped from UTG with pocket Aces. We are down to 6. Ezekiel now has a huge chip lead.

Hand 25 and there goes Mellow Yellow to Zeke.
We have our money table.

Hand 30 – ouch I just went up against Marti and took a big hit.
Hand 37 – I doubled up from the BB when I turned the straight.
Hand 38 – Thekindbud is gone.
Hand 39 – annieboom is gone.
Hand 51 – and Marti doubled up off Zeke.
Hand 65 and Marti and I have pulled Zeke back to the pack. He still has the lead but it is not so big anymore.
Hand 67 and we have a fight – nope Marti showed her AA. Marti is now in the lead.
For one hand in here I even had the lead.
Hand 75 – I pushed my AK on a QTx flop and Zeke had QT – oops. I’m out.

Hand 86 – Marti pushed KQs but Ezekiel had TT. It didn’t matter that it turned into a flush. Ezekiel25_17 is our winner.

What a great night and not just because I cashed. It was fun to see some new faces and to see them do well. Welcome to our little party Ezekiel, I hope you come back. I’m sure there are some people that would like another shot.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sorry4urloss - on a golf night?

Sorry4urloss did it again this week. This is starting to be a trend. He established himself early and built his stack along the way. That’s how we all like to do it but don’t often succeed. It seems that Sorry is showing that he can do it often. The chat got very fun at our table when Marti got us talking about golf. At least that is what it looked like – but somehow I don’t think the descriptions of putters and a smooth, trimmed fairway was just about the country club. Oh well, I guess it was one of those “you had to be there” things.

Any way, here is my story – written in the heat of battle.

- - - -

Hey, it’s Saturday night and time for another Holdem Affair. I apologize to everyone for missing last week. My wife and I went to the theater to see “The Sting”. It was a very nice night but mainly because of the company. I must admit that I don’t get to go out with Carol very often, so when I get the chance – I take it. The play was amateurish at best – not my usual experience at our community theater. They had several rookies in this production, though, and it showed in the first act. After intermission they settled down and did a very nice job.

Let’s see how many we have tonight. Wow – we have 50 tonight. What a great field. Let’s have some fun.

Thirty minutes in and Thunder3 is our chip leader. Wouldn’t you know he is sitting directly across from me. Oh well, he could be to my left.

Thirty-nine minutes in and we are down to 40 players. We are seeing a bit of action on these tables tonight.

We made it to the break. Looks like Agro is our leader now. Here is your leader board:
Agro = 8265
Thunder3 = 5515
Jennifear = 4420
Jillymae = 3460
Sunbob = 3200
Bunnaboy1 = 3095
Sorry4urloss = 3045
Daggit13 = 2915
RayNCallie = 2915
Avata = 2730

One hour and twenty – we are down to 30.

1:52 and we have 20. The chat is getting randy. Marti has the whole table fluffed. We are having a great discussion. Must be a lot of golfers at this table. I realize I haven’t written anything this past hour. The chat at this table has me in stitches.

It’s time for the second hour break. Jillymae is our leader.
Jillymae = 9195
Avata = 8455
Xgames4me = 6825
MisterSGB = 6360
Agro = 5900
Sorry4urloss = 5770
Coachstove = 5280
Slick63 = 5160
DaleT = 5035
Big lar8 = 4770

We are down to 14 and getting ready to seat the final table. I’m in 11th place. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400 and I have 3600. Time to move or go home.

DaleT is gone in 13th.
Big lar8 just went out when Jillymae spiked an ace on the river to crack his kings.
Down to 11 and hand by hand now. Who will be bubble boy? Hope it isn’t me.

Oh my, it almost was me. I saw a cheap flop from the BB with K9 and it flopped 9 high. I pushed and Jillymae turned over AA. I rivered a K to beat her and doubled up.

Holy cow – here we go, and we only have nine at the final table – paying five.
Sorry4urloss = 15275
Avata = 14160
MisterSGB = 13400
Jillymae = 10435
Sunbob = 9450
Agro = 6025
Slick63 = 4070
Hemi Henry = 1175
KOR = 1010

Hand 1- KOR isn’t going easy – caught a nine to beat Sorry4urloss and double up.
Hand 4 – Hemi Henry is gone.
Hand 14 – Jillymae with TT ran into Sorry4urloss with KK.
Hand 16 and slick63 is gone – done in by MisterSGB when his 55 hit the set. Now we are down to 6.
KOR has climbed into third place.
Blinds 400/800 now.

This is getting tense. No one wants to go out.

Hand 39 – wow did I get lucky. I pushed from the button with JTo and Agro called in the big blind with AQo. I flopped JT and knocked him out to make the money table. That is brutal. This can be such a cruel game. You play for over two hours to be on the bubble of cashing – get your money in as a 63/37 favorite – and the luck box knocks you out.

Hand 45 – MisterSGB is done – 33 vs. TT

Blinds 600/1200
Hand 81 and I’m out in 4th place. I got blinded down to nothing and had to push from the BB with 46s. No match for KOR – who turned a four card flush but the high cards would have been enough.

Hand 89 – Sorry4urloss just clobbered Avata when they each held a 7 with two on the board. Sorry4urloss had paired his second card for the full house to all but knock him out.

Hand 92 and Avata is gone.


Sorry4urloss is the big time leader – better than 4 to 1 in chips. KOR has climbed from the desperate stack when we sat the FT and now is HEADS UP.

Hand 98 and KOR just hi a boat when 99 set with a pair on the board. It might be a horse race after all.

Hand 99 – well, maybe not – Sorry4urloss just took many of those chips back.
Hand 105 and that’s it.

Congratulations to sorry4urloss in posting another win but I think he would agree that the final table performance award goes to KOR for that tremendous climb from the cellar into second place.

Thank you all for a wonderful and entertaining evening.