Monday, January 14, 2013

Are we headed for a hot dry summer in Iowa?

When I read about the drought and brush fires in Australia I have to wonder if this is a foreshadowing of our coming summer. Not my idea of fun in the sun.

As Australia bushfires rage, warning of more heatwaves (via AFP)

Firefighters were battling scores of wildfires raging in Australia on Saturday, as a government commission warned that climate change had raised the risk of scorching heatwaves becoming more frequent. In the eastern state of New South Wales, some 1,000 firefighters were attempting to douse about 94…

Thursday, January 10, 2013

US National Cathedral opens doors to same-sex weddings

US National Cathedral opens doors to same-sex weddings (via AFP)

The Washington National Cathedral, a focal point of Christian worship in the United States, said Wednesday that, effective immediately, it will officiate same-sex weddings. In a statement, its dean, Gary Hall, said the cathedral -- one of the biggest in the nation -- would marry gay and lesbian couples…