Sunday, May 06, 2012

Apple Pickers 1913

 I have been going through some photos that my mother-in-law passed on to us.  These have been in her family albums.  They are amazing so I just had to pass on a few.
The first has written on the back -
"Apple Pickers - Carmichael Orchard, Barnard, MO - 1913"
 The second one is from World War I, when my wife's grandfather was in training at Camp Funston, KS dated October 1917.  That is a Colt machine gun in the foreground according to the notation on the back.

Can't you just see these guys getting ready to go off to fight the Kaiser in the "War to end all wars"?

Here is another from Camp Funston showing the trucks they were equipped with.  This was taken at the same time, October 1917.  Notice the wooden wheels and the open cab with the retractable canvas roof.

But we must not forget the women.  The notation on the back says - "Red Cross Meeting, 1918-Baker Homemaker Club".  I'm guessing those Red Cross meetings were very important back then.

There are literally hundreds of these in the albums.  Life may have been tough for these farmers but apparently there was time to pose for the camera.