Friday, February 20, 2009

What a Sad Story

I just ran across this story about Verne Gagne. What a sad story.

I knew Verne when I was a little boy. I played baseball with his son and Verne knew my uncle and my parents. I remember him as this gentle giant that always had a gentle handshake for all of us boys. He would come to the games and cheer us on. Of course, all of us knew who he was and watched him on TV whenever we could. He made us feel important that he would come see us play.

It sounds like the powers that be understand that neither of the people involved fully knew what they were doing so it is unlikely that any charges will be filed. That seems like the right thing. This story is truly a tragedy - but turning it into a criminal incident would denigrate both of these great men and serve no purpose for society.

As wonderful as life can be - it can also, at times, be very cruel. But there is a difference between cruel acts by cruel people and cruel incidents. I hope that all of you are able to avoid the unfortunate incidents of life today and as always -

I wish you peace.