Sunday, August 26, 2007

Papoorboy Pressures to Win

At the top of this article is a picture of the bracelet from the first Holdem Affair birthday bash from 2005. Marti will again be awarding bracelets to the winners of this year’s third anniversary bash. We are the oldest and original private tournament on UB and it is time to celebrate three years of good poker and even better friendship. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

Come join the rest of the Holdem Affair family Saturday night, September 15. Marti has prizes and some other fun planned. We may also be having some special guests. KrazyKanuck has joined us in the past and has accepted our invitation for another year. We may see some other names as well. You won’t know until you sit down – so be there for the action.

Now – on to this week's game.

* * * * *
Hey, it’s Holdem Affair time. I’m sliding in just a few minutes before start time. Let’s see what we have here.

Well, 3 minutes to go and we have 44 players ready to go. The fields have been getting bigger each week. Jewelcard just said hello. Good to see him back. Marti is at my table and so is Tai pan. I’m ready for a pleasant evening of poker. It’s been a wild week. OK, it’s tournament time and the official head count will be 45.

Here we go.

30 minutes in and Jewelcard is our leader. My table is breaking up. And just guess what table I’m on – yep. Hello Jewelcard.

It’s the first hour break and I’m in fifth place. We are down to 31. That’s a little strange, I haven’t been doing well for the past few weeks. Here are your leaders:
Agro = 6575
Big lar8 = 4125
Rshocker = 3935
Idblondee = 3075
Sunbob = 3020
ThePokerWolf = 2950
Doorie = 2925
Papoorboy = 2900
Jewelcard = 2605
SusieQue = 2385

SusieQue just busted Jewelcard with her AK against his AQ. That has to hurt.

OMG, DriveULoonie just clobbered SusieQue when her pocket queens spiked a set against pocket aces.

1 hour and 30 minutes into the Holdem Affair and we are down to 20. Two full tables now and I’m in 16th place – yech.

Dang – blinds are 100/200 and I have 1670. I have to chip up here soon.

DriveULoonie just called deadmanshand all-in with pocket fives and hit his set. Loonie is in first place now and Deadman is done for the night. His AK just wasn’t good enough.

I have to do something again. T9o – nope. . . . 69s – nope. . . I have 1670 that’s enough to get some respect but the blinds are coming around. T3o – ugly.
BB next – 65o. SusieQue pushed – no way will I call.
K7 and a raise in front of me. . . KQo – time to go? SusieQue raise and I pushed into her AK. Dumb. Oh well, 16th place it is.

Getting close to the second hour break and we are down to 13. Will we seat our final table before the break? Any side bets folks?

Rexx68 finished in 13th place. It’s bubble time. Idblondee is gone in 12th. Dealing hand by hand now. Papoorboy is pressuring table 2. Table 4 it’s Rshocker. The two big stacks are putting on the pressure.

Wow, SusieQue just talked ThePokerWolf out of a pot. Wolf is all-in now and stole the blinds.

- Three handed on table 3 and Jillymae took a nice pot.
- Oh my, ThePokerWolf just got all-in with his jacks against annieboom with 99 and she caught a nine on the river. We have our final table – and before the break. Well, actually we are breaking as we seat the table.

Here is your leaderboard:
Papoorboy = 13455
Rshocker = 11875
SusieQue = 7445
Doorie = 6655
Agro = 5555
Jillymae = 5430
Annieboom = 5415
Sajules = 4600
BlakAdder = 3620
WhoHasMyLytr = 3450

When we come back the blinds will be 200/400 with 50 antes.

Here we go.
Hand 10 and sajules is our short stack with 1200. SusieQue raise and BlakAdder pushed with AQo. SusieQue called with pocket eights and the 88 held up. Our birthday boy was the first to fall from the final table.

Hand 14 and sajules is down to 900 and folds that as well as 15.l. Here comes the blind in the next hand. 150 after posting the 600 blind. Wow, Papoorboy called and caught a straight to knock her out.

LOL – hand 20 and Papoorboy is all-in against WhoHasMyLytr. Both turned over pocket kings and split the pot.

Blinds are now 400/800.
Jillymae is about ready to blind out. All-in with her last 805 with 99. Rshocker called and paired his queen to bust her out in 8th place.

The blinds are so high now that Papoorboy, SusieQue and rshocker are the only ones that are not short stacked. It’s survival mode for the other four.

Hand 31 and agro doubled up off SusieQue – we have a fourth horse in the race now.

Hand 33 and SusieQue is all-in against Papoorboy and he laid it down.
Hand 39 and annieboom pushed big slick into SusieQue with pocket threes. It looked like the threes would hold but Annie rivered a king to stay alive.

Blinds are 600/1200 now. Poker is getting to be very expensive just to sit at the table.
Papoorboy is starting to get some distance from SusieQue in second place.
Hand 53 – Doorie pushed AJo and SusieQue called with Q4o. Susie caught a straight to her four and knocked Doorie into the cheap seats. We are down to 6.

Hand 56 and SusieQue just knocked out WhoHasMyLytr and annieboom in the same hand with two pair queens over deuces. SusieQue is now our chip leader and we are paying the field.

Hand 67 and Papoorboy turned over pocket nines to K9 for rshocker. No king came to play and rshocker had to settle for 4th place money.

SusieQue has about 60% of the chips and agro is just trying to pick his spot to double up. Papoorboy is pushing hard every chance he gets to gain back some of the chips that SusieQue has cached away and he is making some progress.

Hand 77 and they are at it again. Papoorboy talked her out of this one also.
Hand 79 and there goes agro. 33 VS. Q9o. The threes held up and agro doubled up.
Hand 82 and agro pushed K2s into SusieQue with 88. agro rivered a king to double through again. We have a three horse race now.

Folks, this is amazing poker. I wish I could type fast enough to give you all of the action. Papoorboy and agro have gone after SusieQue and have reeled her back to the pack. In fact, right now, Papoorboy has a slight chip lead at hand 91. but not when the hand was over. SusieQue has wrestled it back from Papoorboy as we go to the third hour break.

We are back with the blinds 1000/2000. It can’t last long now.
Hand 96 and agro is in the BB. SusieQue raised and agro folded showing 53o.
Hand 99 and agro had KhQh and SusieQue had JTo. The board hit trip jacks and agro was done. We are heads up between Papoorboy and SusieQue. SusieQue has a slight lead.
They are sparing the first few hands. Neither wanting to expose too much.

Hand 111 and pa is pressuring a little. He has stolen the lead and is gaining traction.
Hand 116 and pa stole that pot.
Hand 121 and both are all-in with AJo. Split pot.
Hand 123 and we have a winner. Papoorboy pushed and SusieQue called with J4s. Papoorboy turned over pocket sevens. The flop paired a four but the turn revealed a seven. That was it. Papoorboy has won in a very exciting final table. The action was particularly fun to watch when we got to the money table. The last four are all masterful players and the level of the game went up a notch or two. This may be a friendly game but the action can get to be very gifted.

Thank you all for a wonderful night.

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