Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mellow Yellow Won the Affair

Mellow Yellow Posted the Win in Last Saturday’s Holdem Affair


In a tremendously hard fought event twenty-six players battled in this Holdem Affair.  We lost only five players in the first hour.  Just to give you an idea of how this tournament was shaping up, I have to tell you about its me its me.  He had to have had some of the worst luck that I have seen in a poker tournament.  He was cruising along through the first hour and we were just getting ready for the first hour break when these two hands came up.  Hand 67 and its me its me has 1275 chips.  Not a great stack but certainly not in trouble yet.  He looks down and sees pocket Aces – whoopee – time to pick up some chips.  Let’s just hope I can get some action, he must have been thinking.  Two folds to Skippy and he raises to 210.  Alright, its me its me re-raised to 625.  Skippy responded by going all-in for his 900 chips.  Wow, this couldn’t be better for its me.  Of course he called and had to be thrilled when Skippy showed pocket kings.  Well that explains things.  The flop came 9c 5h Qs and its looking good.  The Th on the turn doesn’t look threatening either.  But the Jd on the river was a heart breaker, giving Skippy the straight and the pot.

Two hands later and its me its me holds pocket tens.  With only 375 chips left it is all-in or nothing and all-in is the play.  Papoorboy made the call with his As 6c.  The flop was almost as good as it gets  8s 9h Td.  A rainbow flop giving its me his set.  Time to double up and get a little breathing room.  The Qc on the turn is no danger but then the river brought the 7s.  Can you believe it?  Another straight to the bad guy.  Poor its me its me was on the rail in 22nd place.  Man that really sux.

The first hour break saw 21 players still in action.  Here are the leaders:
  1. Str8playa = 4105

  2. Rankdizzle = 2790

  3. Krimpp = 2640

  4. Holdem2it = 2635

  5. fstbk65 = 2620

  6. ThreesRWild = 2475

  7. Mellow Yellow = 2350

  8. magey2802 = 2255

  9. navalbronco = 1930

  10. msrinny02 = 1900

I just missed the top ten in eleventh place.  The second hour is when the real action happens in this tournament but this week was just a war.  Krimpp made his move and climbed to the top of the list.  Fstbk65 was right behind him.  I hit a couple of good hands and climbed into the fray as well.  One hour and fifty-nine minutes into the Affair the final table was seated.  This is one of the latest tables that we have experienced.

  1. Krimpp = 9390

  2. fstbk65 = 5855

  3. Str8playa = 4140

  4. Papoorboy = 3740

  5. Sunbob = 3390

  6. ThreesRWild = 2960

  7. Winforlife = 2935

  8. Jewelcard = 2935 (tied)

  9. Mellow Yellow = 2350

  10. robnotdave = 1305

With good stacks for everyone the action was solid in the early hands.  It wasn’t until hand 19 that we saw some damage inflicted.  With antes 50 and the blinds 200/400, all folded to Krimpp in the small blind who completed.  ThreesRWild held Ad Jc and raised to 1700.  Krimpp thought for awhile and made the call holding Qs Js.  The flop came 6s Qd Jh.  Oh oh, it hit both.  Krimpp went all-in and can you blame ThreesRWild for making the call with the second pair?  To make matters worse the Qh fell on the turn and Krimpp won with his boat.  That left poor TRW with only 120 chips and posting the small blind on the next hand.  He had Js 6h but I was dealt pocket kings.  No miracle straights for TRW and he was out in 10th place.

Papoorboy was hit hard on the 22nd hand when he pushed his pocket tens but ran into fstbk65 holding pocket kings.  That left him crippled and easy pickings for Str8playa the next hand.  Out in 9th place.

Hand 30 and the action got wild.  I was down to 3260 chips after posting the ante and felt I needed to make a move.  Kd Jh looked good enough for a blind steal so all-in was the play.  Dang, Krimpp called me – then Jewelcard called me.  Looks like I’m in trouble.  Jewelcard showed Ac Kh and Krimpp held pocket tens.  The flop came 4h Ts Js, giving me top pair but Krimpp his set.  That was all it took to send both Jewelcard and me to the rail.  I had 800 more chips when the hand began so officially Jewelcard was out in 8th place and I went out in 7th.

Hand 41 and robnotdave opens with an all-in for 1635 holding Ks Qh.  Mellow Yellow held pocket tens and made the call.  The flop gave Mellow Yellow his set and that was it for robnotdave.

Just two hands later winforlife is in the big blind and that post took half his stack.  All-in with anything is the play and Kc 3c will have to do.  At least it is soooted.  Str8playa makes the call with Kh Ts.  The flop brought 6c 4c 5s and winforlife looked like he might pull of the miracle, but the 8s and Th were no help.  Winforlife was gone in 5th place.

Stra8playa was now the short stack and he lasted until hand 49.  With 1040 chips after posting the ante Str8playa was all-in with his 9d 5s.  Mellow Yellow had 11550 chips and Qc Tc.  Making the call was just a hiccup in his play.  The board missed them both and Str8playa was gone in 4th place.

At the beginning of hand 50 Krimpp held the chip lead with 18700, Mellow Yellow had 12890 and fstbk65 had 7410.  By hand 75 fstbk65 held the chip lead with 20895 and Mellow Yellow held 17290.  Krimpp was down to 815 and posting 600 in the small blind.  Just completing took him all-in and that was the play with 9d 3h.  fstbk65 was in the big blind and did nothing to make the call.  He held 2d Qh and the board missed them both until the needless deuce fell on the river.  Krimpp had to settle for third place.

The heads up match lasted 39 hands.  The final hand looked very familiar to tournament players.  Fstbk65 held big slick Ah Ks and opened all-in.  Mellow Yellow  was quick to call for he held the pocket rockets Ad Ac.  A Kc on the flop gave fstbk65 hope but it was only a tease as the aces held up.  Mellow Yellow had climbed from ninth place when we seated the final table to the victory.

That is the kind of hard fought, competitive action we like to see on Saturday Nights.  That is what makes the Holdem Affair great.  Well. . . . that and the boobies.



Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mellow Yellow Wins

Mellow Yellow Finally Finds the Winner’s Circle.

In a hard fought, well played final table Mellow Yellow finally prevailed in this week’s Holdem Affair.  It came down to Mellow Yellow, Fstbk65, and Krimpp.  The final hand was a classic.  Fstbk65 held big slick and Mellow Yellow held the pocket rockets.  The aces held up this time.

I’ll get the full story up soon – but not tonight, Sorry.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

No 22 Iowa St 28 Army 21

No. 22 Iowa St. 28, Army 21

Wow, it was ugly, but my Iowa State Cyclones pulled off the victory.  I had to work until 9 pm tonight so I only got to see the second half.  Sounds like that was okay though because Army was kicking our butts the first half.  But the Clones won it in the fourth quarter just like a Big 12 team should.  Wear them down and roll late in the game.

We are 3 – 0 so far this year and this old Clone is starting to get excited.  I hope they don’t fold like so many times in the past.  Next week will be the big test.  We go to Lincoln to play the Cornhuskers.  There is a very good possibility that will be the game that decides the Big 12 North Division title.  Go Clones.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fisherfries Came from Behind to Win

Fisherfries Came from Behind to Win

It was an amazing final table. Fisherfries was in second place when we seated the final table then fell back to 5th. But at the end it was Fisherfries taking home the title.

Twenty-four people sat down this Saturday night to go at it in the Holdem Affair. We have put the afternoon event on hiatus at least for now. The first hour was marked by the excellent play that has become the trademark of this event. We were down to 17 when the first hour break came around.
  1. Bushes = 5010

  2. Holdem2it = 3600

  3. marti = 3220

  4. Sengar = 2985

  5. Mellow Yellow = 2705

  6. Krimpp = 2620

  7. DebiMac = 2325

  8. fisherfries = 2315

  9. ThreesRWild = 2160

  10. winforlife = 1575

The second hour is usually when the real action occurs in our little gatherings and this week was no different. Holdem2it was looking good at the first break but ran into some tough hands and was gone in 16th. I was totally card dead the whole event and busted out in 13th place again this week. I’ll have to work on my tournament game and get back to that final table next week. We seated the final table 1 hour and 46 minutes into the night.
  1. Sengar = 6145

  2. fisherfries = 5740

  3. Papoorboy = 5550

  4. Bushes = 5475

  5. Krimpp = 5385

  6. robnotdave = 2410

  7. marti = 2045

  8. ThreesRWild = 1630

  9. Tai pan = 895

  10. DebiMac = 725

The very first hand of the final table DebiMac was all-in with her very short stack holding Kh Jc. Two kings fell on the flop and the fourth came on the turn giving DebiMac quads and a 2175 pot. She was a lot healthier now. The second hand saw Tai_pan limp and then call papoorboy’s raise to take him all-in. Tai held Ac 2c and Papoorboy showed a pair of red sevens. The board landed 5d 9c 9s 4s Ks. No ace for Tai and he was the first one gone from the final table.

Hand 10 and ThreesRWild is the short stack with 1180 and all-in is his open holding Qh Jc. I suspect he would have been happy with the steal but Sengar made the call with his pocket fives. The table totally missed them both showing Ah 4s 4c 2h Tc, and ThreesRWild was out in 9th place.

That put Sengar in 2nd place with a sound chip stack. That set up hand 22. With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300 – Sengar opened for 1400 and Krimpp, with the chip lead, smooth called. The flop came 6c Ts Jd, Sengar made it 3300 to go and Krimpp made the call. The 9h on the turn brought Sengar’s final 125 chips into the middle and Krimpp called easily at this point. Sengar showed pocket fives but Krimpp held Ah Th and the higher pair. The river 7h was no help for either and Sengar was on the rail in 8th place. Krimpp was now the commanding chip leader.

The very next hand saw Papoorboy go all-in for 1655 and Bushes made the call. Bushes held As 8d and Papoorboy showed Ac Kc. Looking good for Papoorboy but the flop came 9s 7d Th. Wow, Bushes flopped an opened ended straight draw. The turn card closed the deal with the 6c and poor Papoorboy was gone in 7th place.

At the second hour break we saw 6 players still battling for the title. Krimpp had a huge chip lead, almost half the chips in play.
  1. Krimpp = 15705

  2. DebiMac = 6725

  3. Bushes = 5955

  4. marti = 2890

  5. fisherfries = 2515

  6. robnotdave = 2210

Over the next twenty hands we saw the battle fortunes go back and forth. Then hand 46 came up and robnotdave held Ah Jc. With the antes 75 and the blinds 300/600, robnotdave opened for 1200. Krimpp reraised to 1800 and robnotdave responded with all of his 3470 chips. Krimpp was quick to make the call holding Ac Kh – big slick is worth the all call. The flop came 8h 7s 5c and it was looking bad for robnotdave. But the turn brought the Jh and that was all it took to lay the bad beat on Krimpp for a 7690 pot. Robnotdave had now climbed out of the bottom and was in second place. Krimpp was still in first place but no longer had the overwhelming chip lead he had enjoyed earlier.

Hand 49 Bushes , Krimpp, DebiMac and fisherfries all see a cheap flop come Td Jh Kd. Hmmmm, this could get ugly. Two checks to Krimpp brings a bet of 600 and fisherfries and Bushes come along for the ride. The turn adds the 3d to the board. Bushes checks, Krimpp checks, and fisherfries bets 600 – Bushes calls and Krimpp mucked his cards. The river is the 9s putting four to straight on the table along with the three diamonds. Bushes went all-in for his last 2690 and showed Qc Tc. He had hit his straight. Fisherfries called and turned over Ad 5d. He had hit his flush on the turn and had trapped Bushes when the straight hit. Bushes was out in 6th place. Fisherfries was now the chip leader.

It was twenty hands later before the next action. The antes were 100 and the blinds 400/800 – Krimpp opens all-in for 3710 and robnotdave made the call. Krimpp showed Ac Qc (not a bad play) and robnotdave held pocket deuces. A classic coin flip with the gutsy call from robnotdave. The flop came 9d 2d Jh and it was over for Krimpp in 5th place.

Hand 77, and DebiMac is all-in posting the big blind, holding 6s 7c. Fisherfries called with Kd 8h. The flop came 8d Qh 5s giving Fisherfries the pair but Deb had a straight draw. Even Fisherfries was cheering for Deb to hit. But the turn was a Tc and the river a 5d and DebiMac was gone in 4th place.

We are ITM and robnotdave held the chip lead. We battled for 18 more hands to get to hand 96. Antes 125 and blinds 600/1200. Marti opens all-in for her last 2435 – fisherfries made the call. Marti held Qc Tc but fisherfries held As Jd. The board came low 9s 7h 2h 6s 4d and Marti had to settle for third place money.

We are heads up and robnotdave held 24385 chips to fisherfries with 11615. The next three hands were traded back and forth then we got to hand 100. Fisherfries raised to 3200 and robnotdave smooth called to see the flop come Kd Ad Js. A minimum bet with a call and we see the turn – 8h. another cheap card brings the river 2c. That woke up fisherfries who went all-in to steal the 13100 pot. Fisherfries had taken the chip lead.

The very next hand completed form the small blind and robnotdave raised to 5100. Fisherfries reraised to 15600 and robnotdave pushed all 17435 into the middle. He held Qh Qs and was feeling good until fisherfries turned over his pocket aces. WOW. It looked grim for robnotdave but the flop was a miracle Jh Qc Ts. Can you believe it? Robnotdave flopped his set. Amazing. But we have two more cards to go. And here come the turn – Kd. It took me a moment to see what had happened. I was looking for an ace but fisherfries had just hit his gut shot straight. What a hand, and what a great way to end another week of Holdem Affair play.

Great game to all of you and another wonderful week of fun. See you at the final table next week.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hello to all of my Holdem Affair friends. Over the last year we have enjoyed many Saturday evening poker tournaments together and I have enjoyed writing about them. Unfortunately that has filled my website. As I have been wondering what to do it occurred to me that this might be a great time to change formats and get into the 21st Century.

So here goes. I'm off into the world of blogging.