Sunday, August 27, 2006

VegasSno in an Avalanche

VegasSno survived the final table brawl and posted his first Holdem Affair victory. This was one of the best played Holdem Affair final tables I have ever seen. Newcomer Agro was the heads up victim. Papoorboy, playing as Kate Starbird tonight, was third. Itsonlyus6, another relative newcomer, was fourth and Takechances made another money table taking fifth.

Thirty-three players sat down this week and amazingly we were down to only 15 by the first hour break. This is very much out of the ordinary for this event. But I think it does attest to the aggression level being shown lately. Itsonlyus6 was dominant in the first hour and probably the reason so many were on the rail. Here is your first hour leader board.
Itsonlyus6 = 11030
VegasSno = 7490
Agro = 5105
Laeshalady = 4555
Takechances = 4135
the Tiburon = 3245
Maronie47 = 2440
ThreesRWild = 2100
smartin = 1965
Boat Flop = 1730

The second hour saw the battle continue. Itsonlyus6 and VegasSno held serve and continued to dominate their respective tables. There was some shuffling of the positions and only 1 hour and 30 minutes in the Holdem Affair we were sitting down to our final table. This has to be a new record for a field this size.
Itsonlyus6 = 11205
VegasSno = 7190
Takechances = 7060
the Tiburon = 6245
ThreesRWild = 5715
Agro = 5305
Laeshalady = 3305
Kate Starbird = 2310
Maronie47 = 1090
Boat Flop = 75

The newcomer Boat Flop was hopelessly short going into the final table and an early exit was the result. Welcome to the Holdem Affair , Boat Flop. It is always an honor to even make the final table of this event. Very well done.

Maronie was the next to go when she was all-in posting the big blind on hand 27. Laeshalady did the honors when her pocket sixes held up.

With the antes just now kicking in at 25 and the blinds still a modest 150/300, there was a lot of room for this group to play. As a result you almost got the feel that the tournament was just starting. Now the real action has begun. And play they did. Hand 33 and the Tiburon with 9c Qs is all-in against Laeshalady showing Ts Qh. The board missed them both and the Tiburon was down to just 190 chips. All-in, of course, on the very next hand was the only play even when you hold a lowly Jh 8d. Three players called and checked it down to see the final board come out Kd Td Th 8h 2s. That lowly 8h was the deciding card and the Tiburon quadrupled up to stay alive. But the very next hand saw the Tiburon with Qh Jh. You can’t fault the shark with pushing in that situation it would take a very good hand to make the call. Well, folks, VegasSno woke up in the big blind with Ah Kd and rose to the occasion. A Qs on the flop gave the Tiburon some hope but the Ac on the river sent the shark swimming off to the lounge in 8th place.

The battle lines were drawn and the war was now on. And a war it was, for the next 60 hands. Finally on hand 92, nearly 1 hour later, our next victim was identified. In this hour the leads had changed, the pots were stolen and good beats/bad beats given and taken. The antes were now 100 and the blinds 400/800. VegasSno was in the chip lead with 10945 and ThreesRWild in fifth place with 5780. All fold to VegasSno in the small blind and he raised to 3100. It was an easy push for TRW in the big blind but VegasSno held Ks Js and rose to the challenge. The flop hit VegasSno square between the eyes with Qh 8c Kh. That king was all he needed to send ThreesRWild off in 7th place.

The blinds are high enough now that people are getting short. The very next hand Laeshalady opened for 3400 holding Kh Jd. Kate Starbird was next to act and pushed all 8270 into the middle to isolate. Everyone else dove for cover to these pushes and the cards were turned over. Yep, Kate had the goods showing Ac Qs. The board came low with no paint at all and just a pair of sixes to make a hand. The ace kicker for Kate was the card of power and Laeshalady was gone in 6th place. We were finally down to the money table.

Hand 96 and Agro limps then calls the all-in from Takechances. Agro has Ah Tc and Takechances, true to his name, had pushed with Td 8d. The board missed them both and Takechances settled for fifth place money.

We were down to four with the antes 125 and the blinds 600/1200. Hand 103 and Itsonlyus6 entered the hand with 2510 chips when she posted the big blind. Qd 3c will have to be good enough. We shall see. Kate Starbird raised to 3600 UTG to isolate the big blind, and Itsonlyus6 made the call. Kate turned over Qc Js and any hope for live cards was gone for Itsonlyus6. The Jd on the flop sealed the deal and Itsonlyus6 was sent packing in 4th place. Excellent game for the relative newcomer. We are glad to have you in our little family.

We were down to three with Kate Starbird in the chip lead, VegasSno in second and Agro a distant third. That only lasted two hands though. On hand 105 Agro was all-in with pocket sixes and Kate made the call with Ac 4h. The 4d on the flop gave Kate some hope but not enough to keep Agro from doubling up and getting back in the game. We have a race now folks.

Kate Starbird was still in the chip lead and in control. Anyone who has played against Kate Starbird (aka Papoorboy) knows that when he has chips this means trouble. He was dominating the table when disaster struck. Hand 112 and he lost a 9000 chip pot to VegasSno. That actually gave Sno a slim chip lead but Kate took it back on the very next hand. Hand 114, Kate opened for 3975 and VegasSno pushed for 20945. Kate had started the hand with exactly 300 chips more than Vegas and made the call. Oh my, what have we here. Both of these players are good enough to not take on the other big stack without a hand. And hands they were. Kate had opened with Ad Qs and VegasSno was fighting back with Ac Ks. Amazing stuff. The poker gods must have been laughing as they sent the As to the party on the flop. But no miracle queen for Kate Starbird. Kate was down to 300 chips and Vegas Sno had 42265. That hand decided the tournament.

Kate was, of course, forced to push the next hand and 6d 9s went up against Agro with Kh Ts. The king high was good and Kate Starbird, many time winner of the Holdem Affair, was gone in third place this week.

Even with that pot, Agro was a 7960 to 41540 underdog to VegasSno. Agro battled for 14 hands but just couldn’t catch a big break. VegasSno was our Holdem Affair victor tonight. Excellent play Agro. I think this was your first Holdem Affair. I hope you will join us for many more.

And Congratulations to VegasSno. You have seen many final tables and several money tables. It is good to see you finally break through for the win.



Marti has a good time planned with prizes and surprises.



Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hyzer22 Power

Hyzer22 put on a masterful show of power poker tonight to win his first Holdem Affair. He was nowhere to be found at the first hour break. But when we got to the final table he was in third place. He had the chips lead when we hit the money table and then he turned up the heat. He took control of the table and totally dominated the action from then on with his raising and pushing style of play. Slick63 survived to be his heads up victim. Newcomer Retro Kel showed she could play with the best finishing a very solid third place. Papoorboy and Sissy123 completed the money table this week.

Forty players sat down this week and it was a slug fest. We ere already down to 26 when the first hour break came around. Here are your leaders
Slick63 = 5460
Takechances = 5365
burldog44 = 5040
VegasSno = 3835
Retro Kel = 3820
sissy123 = 3560
Papoorboy = 3365
big lar8 = 3035
txranger2 = 2995
Divinetiger = 2115

It didn’t take all that long to get to the final table. Like I said the action was vicious this week. It seems like the early play is loosening up in our little Holdem Affair. One hour and 49 minutes into play I busted out in 11th place to set the final table.
Takechances = 16385
Retro Kel = 8445
Hyzer22 = 7345
slick63 = 4795
Papoorboy = 4540
big lar8 = 4330
sissy123 = 3465
K 2 Off Suit = 2950
txranger2 = 2765
nicnac16 = 2060

The action started fast and it was only the fifth hand of the final table when sissy123 pushed all into the middle holding pocket nines. Ninac16 rose to the challenge and made the call with big slick As Kc. The board missed them both and ended up Qc 7d 2h Js 5h, sending nicnac16 to an early exit.

The next excitement was on hand 19. With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300, Takechances was the chip leader UTG and raised to 600. Retro Kel was the only caller to see the flop come Kc 8d 9h. TC bet 300 and Retro Kel raised to 600, Takechances re-raised to 900 and was called. Hmmmm – just what is this dance all about? The turn Qh saw Takechances bet 3675 and Retro Kel responded by pushing all 3795 into the middle – TC was priced in and called. Takechances turned over As Tc – he had been bluffing the gut shot straight draw. Retro Kel turned over Kh Qs – two pair and a great call. The river 8h was no help and Retro Kel doubled up with an 11265 pot. More significantly, Takechances was still the chip leader but only barely now.

The very next hand we saw Txranger go all in with Ac Qd after the board flopped Ah 6c 8s. Looked like a good play until Hyzer22 made the call holding Ad Kc. Oops, txranger22 was gone in 9th place. Hyzer22 was now in the chip lead.

Hand 29 and Papoorboy made his presence known to this final table. With the antes 50 and the blinds 200/400, Big Lar8 raised to 975 and Papoorboy called to see the flop come low - Ts 2d 6s. Pa checked and big lar8 bet another 975. Papoorboy check raised to 3500 and big lar8 responded by pushing to 4485. Papoorboy made the gutsy call holding Qh 6d – middle pair. Big Lar8 was pushing with As Js – two over cards and the nut flush draw. The turn 5c and the river 2c sealed the fate of the big guy and sent him packing in 8th place. Interesting play Pa. This hand gave Papoorboy the chip lead with Hyzer right behind him and Takechances a very close third.

The three dominated the table with stacks of 13415, 11820 and 10775. But that was soon to change. Takechances won a nice pot on hand 31 and then came the meltdown. Second best hands on the next four played sent Takechances reeling. By hand 36 he was down to 1945 and in desperation mode. He won hands 39 and 40 to at least climb back but with the blinds now at 300/600 his 5015 stack was still pretty light.

Sissy doubled up through Papoorboy on hand 50 when her A7o hit two pair against pa’s pocket fours and that sent him into a spin. Now Pa was fighting for his life. Everyone was jockeying for position and Hyzer was just sitting with the lead staying healthy.

Hand 56 and Papoorboy dealt the life threatening blow to Takechances. TC had been staying alive but this hand saw Takechances go all-in holding Ah 8c. Papoorboy made the call with Ac Qs. The Qd on the flop was all it took for Papoorboy to double up and get healthy and send Takechances to the ER on life support.

TC fought back and won hand 58. On hand 60 we saw K2 Off Suit pushing it all into the middle with Kc Kh. We haven’t heard much from this newcomer but the solid play spoke for itself. K 2 had sucked Hyzer into the pot and looked good when he turned over Ac Qc. But the flop came Jd Qd Qs and just to be sure the poker gods sent the Qh on the turn to send K2 Off Suit to the rail in 7th place. Great game K 2 and what a way to go.

Takechances was the official short stack now that we were on the bubble. Hand 63 with the antes 100, and the blinds 400/800. Hyzer22 opened for 1600 and Takechances pushed in his last 4580 holding Ah 8h. Hyzer22 made the call with his big stack holding just Js 7s. Don’t you just hate big stack poker? The flop came 9d 3c 8d and TC was looking good. The turn was the 7h but still Chances was in the lead. But the river Jc gave Hyzer22 two pair and Takechances had earned the dubious honor of going into the final table with twice as many chips as the number two player and yet he busted out on the bubble. Yech – this game can drive you nuts.

We were now ITM and we all watched as Hyzer22 put it into high gear and pushed out the rest of the table. Hand 65, all-in with 8s Ts against sissy holding pocket eights. Hyzer22 hit the spade flush and sissy was gone.

Hand 71 actually saw Hyzer in the muck as Papoorboy went to war with slick63. We got to the turn looking at 2s Ac Ts Qc on the board. Papoorboy pushed and slick63 called. Papoorboy showed Ad Js – top pair with a good kicker. Slick63 turned over 7s Qs – middle pair and the flush draw. The river card was the decider and it was the 8s. Slick63 hit his flush and Papoorboy hit the rail.

It was now Hyzer and slick with Retro Kel a distant third place. Retro Kel doubled up on hands 75 & 76 and was fighting for her life. Pocket aces and some action on hand 81 and Kel is back in the game. During this time Hyzer is playing his big stack with power. He is raising almost every hand and making it clear you better have cards to come after him. Hand 92 and Kel opened for 4575, slick called and Hyzer pushed all 22580 into the middle. See what I mean? He was putting Kel and slick to the test on almost every hand. But this time Retro Kel figured she had him. She went to the felt with her Ac Qh. This is the hand she had been waiting for. Hyzer turned over 2h 2c and the race was on. The deuces in this situation are a 52/48 favorite. And that was how it ended when the board showed 8c 5d 8s 3h 6s. Retro Kel was gone in third place. Excellent game Kel.

We were now heads up with Hyzer22 a 45:11 leader. It was just two hands of heads up with that kind of disparity. Slick63 had to settle for second place this week as Hyzer was on the big stack and in control all the way.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sengar Is Back

We haven’t seen Sengar in awhile but he came back this week and Marti snuck him in just under the wire. It was great to see him back again but some people may not agree. Sengar added his fourth Holdem Affair victory to his trophy case. At least I know of four. He may have won an afternoon event in the early days. Jennifear put on an excellent battle in the heads up match but it was Sengar all the way. Hyzer22 filled out the money table. Big Lar8 was fourth and Marti (Evil Marti really) was fifth.

Twenty-eight sat down this week to vie for the Holdem Affair title. Jennifear was burning up the tables in the first hour. We saw some new faces as well. Welcome to those of you who have never joined our little group before. This is the oldest invite tournament on UB and we are proud of it.

The first hour break found Jennifear in the captain’s seat. Here is your top ten:
  1. Jennifear = 5100

  2. winforlife = 4035

  3. big lar8 = 3370

  4. hyzer22 = 3115

  5. lisa1433 = 2760

  6. MdnghtSn49 = 2680

  7. My Therapy = 2435 ( good start for a newbie)

  8. VegasSno = 2360

  9. Marti = 2275 (not evil yet)

  10. Sunbob = 2265 (who let him in?)

Jennifear continued her domination in the second hour. Jen has earned her name and all of the regulars know it. When she is on her game there are very few who can challenge her. It was 55 minutes into the second hour when we finally seated the final table. Here are your honored ones (and it is an honor just to make the final table in this event).
  1. Jennifear = 9015

  2. big lar8 = 7905

  3. VegasSno = 5320

  4. hyzer22 = 4800

  5. Sengar = 4425

  6. the Tiburon = 3865 (another newcomer – well done)

  7. winforlife = 2735

  8. Amkaos = 2035

  9. Sunbob = 1375

  10. marti = 525

With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300 I was pretty short with only 1000 left when I posted the big blind on hand 3. All folded to hyzer22 on the button who raised to 775. SB folded and I pushed on what I thought was a re-steal holding Qs 8s. No way did I expect Hyzer to call but he did and turned over Qc Td. Oops – what have I done? But the flop all but gave me a concussion when it fell 8d 8h 2d. That doubled me up and I was back in the game.

Evil Marti showed her face on hand 5 when she pushed all 400 in, a desperation move for all to see. Jennifear and Tiburon called and checked down the board to show 5d Js Qc Kh Tc. Jennifear had called with 3h 8d and had missed. Tiburon (that’s “shark” in Spanish for those of you who were wondering), showed Qs 2d and had a pair of queens. Marti turned over Ah 8s for the straight and tripled up. Evil Marti was in the game now.

Hand 8, Marti limped UTG and all folded to Tiburon who pushed for 2315. Folds to Marti and she calls for her last 1375 holding Ah 3s. That’s Evil Marti again. How else would she know that would be good? Tiburon turned over Jh 5h. The board ended up 4d Qh 8d 9c 3d and Marti hit a pair of threes – good enough to double up again.

I doubled up on hand 10 when my queens went up against big lar8 holding pocket tens. That 6000 pot put me in third place, right behind Sengar.

The small stacks were winning all of the races and staying alive through hand 24. Then on hand 25 Tiburon was all-in holding Ac Kc against Sengar holding 6s 6h. Another small stack/big stack race. But this time Sengar came out on top when he flopped the 6d for his set and Tiburon was gone in 10th place. That hand also put Sengar into the chip lead.

I was cruising along in 4th place on hand 30 but had only 4150 with the blinds 200/400. Two folds to me and I raised to 1000 holding Ad 8d. I was hoping for the steal but Sengar called in the big blind. When the flop came Ah Kh 9s, Sengar checked. Well, I had the flop I wanted – what more could I ask for? So I pushed. I could hear the trap springing shut when Sengar called and I knew I was dead even before he showed Ac Qc. No miracles for your lowly reporter this time and I was gone in 9th place.

The very next hand VegasSno was desperately short with only 55 chips and was all-in with 6h 5h. Jennifear called with pocket sixes and that was it for VegasSno.

Hand 35 and we have some real action. Winforlife was all-in posting the small blind. Marti limped, Sengar limped and Amkaos was in from the big blind to see the flop come 2s 9c Qs. Amkaos pushed her last 145 into the middle on that flop. Marti and Sengar both called. They both checked down the turn Qh and the river Ks.
marti shows Th Ac.
marti has Th Ac Qs Qh Ks: a pair of queens.
Sengar shows 3s 7s.
Sengar has 3s 7s 2s Qs Ks: flush, king high.
winforlife shows 4s 8d.
winforlife has 8d 9c Qs Qh Ks: a pair of queens.
amkaos shows 9s 3h.
amkaos has 9s 9c Qs Qh Ks: two pair, queens and nines.

Sengar won the big pot and both, Amkaos and Winforlife were eliminated. We were down to five now. And Sengar had a commanding chip lead.

Evil Marti was still in the action and had climbed from a very desperate short stack on hand 1 to a respectable stack by hand 46. But on hand 48 the run ended. Marti had been doubling up when she was short but her luck ran out when her As 8d ran into Hyzer22 with Ks Qs. The flop came Qh 5d Kc and the turn added insult with the Qd. Evil Marti had climbed the ladder but was gone in 5th place.

It was bubble time. We were down to four and paying only three this week. Sengar had 14885, Jennifear 13095, Hyzer 8430 and Big Lar8 had 5590. With the antes 100 and the blinds 400/800, it was anyone’s game really. The bubble lasted until hand 63. Big Lar8 was finally blinded down to 990 and was all-in against both Sengar and Jennifear before the flop. Being the tournament savvy veterans that they are – both Sengar and Jennifear checked down the board to end up Ac Kd 3c 7c Jc. Sengar held As 8s and won the pot but more importantly Big Lar8 was gone on the bubble and the three left were in the money.

Hyzer22 was the short stack but fought hard and managed to survive until hand 73 when he was all-in pre-flop showing Ad 6h against Sengar holding Ah 3d. You made the right move Hyzer but the poker gods weren’t with you on this hand. The flop came 2h 3h Ks and that lowly 3h was the deciding card. Hyzer22 had to settle for 3rd place money and we were heads up between two old foes.

The old-timers had seen this match up before. The last time Jennifear was the victor. But that was a year ago and this time Sengar had the upper hand. Jennifear fought hard and pulled out some very tricky moves but she just couldn’t get any traction to gain ground against Sengar. Hand 85 found Jennifear down to 9405 and Sengar with 32595 in chips. They saw the cheap flop come 5c 2h 7c. Jennifear bet 800 and Sengar just called. The turn brought another 7 and Jennifear bet 1400. Sengar called again. The river Ks was good enough for Jennifear to push the rest of her chips into the middle but Sengar was happy to call. For you see, he held pocket fives – the presto. He had flopped a set and turned the boat. Folks, Sengar loves to trap you. Jennifear was dead.

Great game Sengar and a great fight from Jennifear. That was one of the best final tables in weeks.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Divinetiger Growls

Divinetiger joined us for the first time tonight and showed us he could play. He broke fast in the early rounds and led for most of the tournament. When we went to the final table it looked like he was going to run away with the Holdem Affair. But that isn’t an easy thing to do with this field and it wasn’t easy tonight. Kking66 was the heads up victim and it was a good match. VegasSno finished third, Txranger2 had to settle for fourth and Sissy123 completed the money table. The match was really decided on the bubble when Divinetiger put a brutal beat on Spideytwo.

It was a wild and wooly first hour this week. We started with thirty-four and we were down to 19 when the first hour break came around. Divinetiger was in control on the table I shared with him. And he led the field when we went to the break.
Divinetiger = 6245
mdg2003 = 5555
Txranger2 = 5435
Jennifear = 5200
kkings66 = 3980
VegasSno = 3115
Amkaos = 2805
Rankdizzle = 2680
xtjbird13x = 2670
coachstove = 2580

It took 40 minutes to cut this field down to the final table. Divinetiger was still in command. Your final table looked like this:
Divinetiger = 16205
spideytwo = 5770
xtjbird2x = 4385
txranger2 = 4385
VegasSno = 4065
mdg2003 = 3855
king66 = 3800
coachstove = 3415
sissy123 = 2170
winforlife = 2095

From the looks of the title of this story and the leader board above – you might get the idea that Divinetiger ran away with this tournament. Well, wrongo bison breath. Hold on for the final table is about to start.

Divinetiger was the chip leader but coachstove was the story for the first two orbits. Coach managed to win a couple of big pots and was now in second place. It was actually hand 21 before our first victim fell. With the blinds 150/300, mdg2003 was feeling short with only 2355 and pushed with his Ah Td. Kking66 held Ad Qs and pushed all-in himself just to send the message that he had this situation under control. The queen held up and mdg was gone.

Hand 31 and it is winforlife feeling the pressure. All-in with Kd 6d and he was looking pretty good when the only caller was VegasSno with pocket fours. But the fours held up and winforlife was our ninth place finisher.

Hand 33 was a wild one. A good example of how this evening was progressing. We had three people all-in before the flop. Sissy123 turned over 3s 3c and both spideytwo and Divinetiger turned over AKo. Sissy flopped a full-house when the board showed 4c 3d 4d and tripled her up. Spideytwo and Divinetiger were left to split the remaining side pot.

Coachstove was wicked the first two orbits but the second pair of orbits hit him hard. By hand 38 he was down to 2530 with the blinds 200/400. Pocket nines in the big blind and all fold to sissy123 in the small blind. Sissy only had 3220 and she pushed all of them into the middle. Tell me – what would you do? Does she have a hand or is she stealing? My guess would a strong ace, maybe suited. It’s a race situation but coach needed to make a play and this looked like a good spot, so he made the call. Oops, Sissy turned over two black jacks. No miracles for coachstove and he was sent to the locker room in 8th place.

At this point Divinetiger still had the chip lead with 19420. But then spideytwo dinged him on hand 40. Hand 41, txranger2 doubled up through him. Hand 43 and xtjbird13x took a nibble. Hand 48 and tiger wins a bit of it back. Hand 50 and Txranger2 took a good chunk out of both Divinetiger and sissy. Hand 51 and it’s official, Txranger has the chip lead. Hands 55 and 56 and Divinetiger wrestled it back. This is starting to get interesting.

Hand 57 and xtjbird13x pushed for 2815. Kking66 called and Txranger re-raised to 11610 taking kking all-in with the call.
xtjbird13x shows Th Ac.
kking66 shows Ad Qd.
txranger2 shows Jd Jc.
The flop came 9d 2s 8d giving kking66 the nut flush draw. The turn was the Td and kking hit. The river 7c was no help to anyone and we have a new chip leader in kking66 and xtjbird13x is eliminated. We were now down to six.

Except for sissy at 3100 the rest of the field was bunched at 13000 to 6000. It was still anyone’s game. The next 11 hands, Sissy123 laid low, waiting for her chance but the others were pounding on each other at every opportunity. Then lightening struck on hand 69. Spideytwo had been battling hard and was in a solid third place behind Kking66 and Divinetiger. Four saw the cheap flop come 4c 3d As. Txranger and VegasSno checked to Spideytwo who bet 3000. Divinetiger made the power move all-in. Ranger and Sno bailed out but Spideytwo rose to the challenge.
spideytwo shows Ad Js.
Divinetiger shows Ah 2s. Oh man, tiger, what have you done? Both had hit their pair but Spidey was in command with the jack. But the turn was the 2d – Divinetiger was golden. The river 9h was meaningless and Spideytwo was gone on the bubble and this tournament was decided. It is rare for a Holdem Affair to be decided on the bubble but that gave Divinetiger the commanding chip lead and the leverage to close it out. And one thing we learned was that Divinetiger is a closer.

Hand 70 he took out sissy123. Hand 71 and it was Txranger going home.

Hand 79 and it was Kking66 who took out VegasSno when his pocket sixes flushed VegasSno with big slick.

That actually made it a pretty even match going into the heads up. But hand 87 the flop came 8d 4s Td. Divinetiger pushed and kking called holding As Qc. Divinetiger turned over Kh Ts and had flopped top pair. No queen or ace to bail out the king. Divinetiger was our winner.

This was a great match to play and a great final table to watch. Wish I could have been there but I went out in 14th.

See you all next week.