Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sorry4urloss is so sorry - but we all lost.

I’ve seen this before so many times but then we called him Verbalkint. Sorry4urloss is a winner again. He just schooled me tonight, always having just enough better to put me in my place. And I wasn’t the only one. Mike showed us why he has always been one of the most feared Holdem Affair regulars. Great Game, sir. And what a treat to be able to post this picture again.

- - - - -

So, it’s Holdem Affair time again. I’m listening to my Cyclone get their butts kicked so this will be a good diversion. I see we have 38 tonight. That is a good field. Let’s have some fun.

Thirty minutes in and Jennifear is our early leader. She isn’t at my table though so I can’t tell you much about it. Mellow Yellow is the big dog on my table and he is sitting to my left. You know, I just don’t like that.

Here come the troops. Thirty-five minutes in and we have lost our first table. I just had AKo and raised pre-flop from middle position and everyone folded. I wonder if they will do that when I’m bluffing? . . . . Well, it’s worked twice now, Just have to pick my spots.

Verdoy just doubled up off NikDomi in a classic JJ vs. AK race. The ace showed on the flop.

We made it to the first break and sorry4urloss is our leader. Here is your leaderboard:
Sorry4urloss = 6395
Luckie in lov = 4540
Daggit13 = 3705
Jennifear = 3685
Pointdume = 3330
Gjones = 2970
Bugman22j = 2835
Mellow Yellow = 2820
BlakAdder = 2740
Verdoy = 2550

We are down to 25 now and the blinds are 50/100. Time for the real tournament play to begin. I’m in 15th place with 1810. Not a terrible place to be.

Well, it’s official. My ISU Cyclones (cyclowns?) just got beat by Northern Iowa, a D IAA team. We are so bad again this year.

We are down to 20 now and the table is full again. One hour 18 minutes into the Holdem Affair.

WhoHasMyLytr just went down when AK went up against AQ and the flop came AQx. That’s just brutal.

I’m now in 16th place out of 16. 1260 and the blinds are 100/200. Hmmmm.
T9s in the BB. What shall I do? FOLD to the raise and call.
Pocket fours – and I stole the blind.
KTo from the button and BB called with AK. I got lucky and flopped a ten. 2620 at least gives me some breathing room for awhile.

I’ll settle down now for a little bit and see if I get some cards.
AQo just won a called pot. Feeling a little better yet.

I just got moved to the other table.

I just made a dumb play and went up against a short stack with a nothing hand. Now I’m in trouble.
53o – nope. 56s push. And I hit the straight to double up. That is so sick when that hand beats a strong ace like this but I find it to be decent play when you are desperate.

BTW, antes have kicked in at the 150/300 level.

OMG, I just took out Jennifear. I raised with KQ and she pushed 77. I caught a king on the flop to win it.

Down to 11 and playing hand by hand now. I’m in 3rd place.

Second hour break, we are down to 11 and I’m in second place. How the heck did I get here?

I’ll give you the leaderboard when we get to the final table – just a few hands to go now.

Blinds are 200/400 now.
I just took out Mellow Yellow when he pushed AJ and I held the rockets. We have our final table. And look who’s in first place.

Sunbob = 11745
Hungry Guppy = 8795
Sorry4urloss = 8145
Victor Dave = 7670
DriveULoonie = 6070
BlakAdder = 3920
Pointdume = 3380
Bugman22j = 2965
Smurfette = 2480
Daggit13 = 1830

The blinds are 300/600 now. That means half the table is short stacked. I think I will tighten up a bit and let the stacks sort themselves out.

Well, that wasn’t hard. Went the whole first orbit without even getting a tempting hand.
Hand 13 and BlakAdder is our first casualty. I’ve dropped to third place.
Hand 18 and we have a fight – 88 vs. AK and the flop brought an 8. Daggit is hurting now.
Hand 19 – I had JJ on the button and it got busted by Smurfette but we sent Daggit home.
Now I have to play. That hurt me.

Blinds 400/800 and I have 6080 in 6th place. Being card dead hurts.
This stinks. I am not even getting any suited connectors or anything to play.
Q3o. . .K6o. . .Pointdume pushed and is gone.
K6o and guppy raised – nope.
J5s UTG – nope. Here come the blinds again
Hand 34 - KK in the BB – Guppy pushed in the small blind with AK and flopped an ace but I hit the four card flush. OMG.
Hand 36 and Smurfette is done. – down to 6 now.
Hand 39 – that hurt. I raised with 44 and sorry4urloss pushed. I was priced in so I called. He had 88.
Hand 41 and I dodged a bullet. Pushed A9 from the SB only to have sorry4urloss call with AJ. Two pairs on the board and we split the pot.

Blinds 600/1200 now.
I need a rush or a double up badly.
Hand 51 and KK – just the blinds but that helps.
Hand 55 and I have AK but bugman22j had JJ. Ouch.
Hand 63 and DriveULoonie is gone. I backed into the money tonight.
Hand 66 and I have 33 – have to push and that darn sorry4urloss had 55. I’m done in 5th place.
Hand 77 – bugman22j had AJ but sorry4urloss had AK. Buggy is our 4th place finisher.
Hungry Guppy went down the very next hand. And I didn’t even see it because I was writing.
We are heads up and sorry4urloss is our dominant stack.
Hand 91 and we have our winner. Sorry4urloss was pressuring and pulling away when VictorDave pushed with the flush draw into Sorry4urloss with the set. The flush didn’t come for Dave and Sorry4urloss is our winner.

Another great week at the Holdem Affair tables. But folks – NEXT WEEK is the big event.



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