Sunday, July 04, 2010

Peace to This House

It is official - we have arrived.  The Rev had her first service at our new church.  We are now officially off and running.

In all, things went well.  The Rev preached on the lectionary passages from Luke that described Jesus sending out the 70 disciples to share God's peace.  It fit well with her message introducing herself to this new congregation.

We have been working hard these past few weeks getting moved to Des Moines and getting ready for this day and this new chapter in our lives.  We have moved into the parsonage and Rev is in her new office.  It is good.  Now the real work begins.

Luke tells us that Jesus' message from the 70 was "The Kingdom of God has come near you".  May Jesus' message be felt in your lives as well as ours.

Peace to this house.

Freedom Day

I have blatantly stolen this post from one of my favorite blogs - 365 Days of Poetry.  


SUNDAY, JULY 4, 2010

Tending the Seeds

setting the trowel down
dirt still under my nails
I revel in my work
neat lines of green beginnings
new life sprouting up
with a future and purpose

so that it makes me wonder

setting the quill down
ink still under their nails
did they revel in their conviction?
neat lines of traitorous text
new life declared
with a future and purpose
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