Sunday, August 26, 2007

Papoorboy Pressures to Win

At the top of this article is a picture of the bracelet from the first Holdem Affair birthday bash from 2005. Marti will again be awarding bracelets to the winners of this year’s third anniversary bash. We are the oldest and original private tournament on UB and it is time to celebrate three years of good poker and even better friendship. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

Come join the rest of the Holdem Affair family Saturday night, September 15. Marti has prizes and some other fun planned. We may also be having some special guests. KrazyKanuck has joined us in the past and has accepted our invitation for another year. We may see some other names as well. You won’t know until you sit down – so be there for the action.

Now – on to this week's game.

* * * * *
Hey, it’s Holdem Affair time. I’m sliding in just a few minutes before start time. Let’s see what we have here.

Well, 3 minutes to go and we have 44 players ready to go. The fields have been getting bigger each week. Jewelcard just said hello. Good to see him back. Marti is at my table and so is Tai pan. I’m ready for a pleasant evening of poker. It’s been a wild week. OK, it’s tournament time and the official head count will be 45.

Here we go.

30 minutes in and Jewelcard is our leader. My table is breaking up. And just guess what table I’m on – yep. Hello Jewelcard.

It’s the first hour break and I’m in fifth place. We are down to 31. That’s a little strange, I haven’t been doing well for the past few weeks. Here are your leaders:
Agro = 6575
Big lar8 = 4125
Rshocker = 3935
Idblondee = 3075
Sunbob = 3020
ThePokerWolf = 2950
Doorie = 2925
Papoorboy = 2900
Jewelcard = 2605
SusieQue = 2385

SusieQue just busted Jewelcard with her AK against his AQ. That has to hurt.

OMG, DriveULoonie just clobbered SusieQue when her pocket queens spiked a set against pocket aces.

1 hour and 30 minutes into the Holdem Affair and we are down to 20. Two full tables now and I’m in 16th place – yech.

Dang – blinds are 100/200 and I have 1670. I have to chip up here soon.

DriveULoonie just called deadmanshand all-in with pocket fives and hit his set. Loonie is in first place now and Deadman is done for the night. His AK just wasn’t good enough.

I have to do something again. T9o – nope. . . . 69s – nope. . . I have 1670 that’s enough to get some respect but the blinds are coming around. T3o – ugly.
BB next – 65o. SusieQue pushed – no way will I call.
K7 and a raise in front of me. . . KQo – time to go? SusieQue raise and I pushed into her AK. Dumb. Oh well, 16th place it is.

Getting close to the second hour break and we are down to 13. Will we seat our final table before the break? Any side bets folks?

Rexx68 finished in 13th place. It’s bubble time. Idblondee is gone in 12th. Dealing hand by hand now. Papoorboy is pressuring table 2. Table 4 it’s Rshocker. The two big stacks are putting on the pressure.

Wow, SusieQue just talked ThePokerWolf out of a pot. Wolf is all-in now and stole the blinds.

- Three handed on table 3 and Jillymae took a nice pot.
- Oh my, ThePokerWolf just got all-in with his jacks against annieboom with 99 and she caught a nine on the river. We have our final table – and before the break. Well, actually we are breaking as we seat the table.

Here is your leaderboard:
Papoorboy = 13455
Rshocker = 11875
SusieQue = 7445
Doorie = 6655
Agro = 5555
Jillymae = 5430
Annieboom = 5415
Sajules = 4600
BlakAdder = 3620
WhoHasMyLytr = 3450

When we come back the blinds will be 200/400 with 50 antes.

Here we go.
Hand 10 and sajules is our short stack with 1200. SusieQue raise and BlakAdder pushed with AQo. SusieQue called with pocket eights and the 88 held up. Our birthday boy was the first to fall from the final table.

Hand 14 and sajules is down to 900 and folds that as well as 15.l. Here comes the blind in the next hand. 150 after posting the 600 blind. Wow, Papoorboy called and caught a straight to knock her out.

LOL – hand 20 and Papoorboy is all-in against WhoHasMyLytr. Both turned over pocket kings and split the pot.

Blinds are now 400/800.
Jillymae is about ready to blind out. All-in with her last 805 with 99. Rshocker called and paired his queen to bust her out in 8th place.

The blinds are so high now that Papoorboy, SusieQue and rshocker are the only ones that are not short stacked. It’s survival mode for the other four.

Hand 31 and agro doubled up off SusieQue – we have a fourth horse in the race now.

Hand 33 and SusieQue is all-in against Papoorboy and he laid it down.
Hand 39 and annieboom pushed big slick into SusieQue with pocket threes. It looked like the threes would hold but Annie rivered a king to stay alive.

Blinds are 600/1200 now. Poker is getting to be very expensive just to sit at the table.
Papoorboy is starting to get some distance from SusieQue in second place.
Hand 53 – Doorie pushed AJo and SusieQue called with Q4o. Susie caught a straight to her four and knocked Doorie into the cheap seats. We are down to 6.

Hand 56 and SusieQue just knocked out WhoHasMyLytr and annieboom in the same hand with two pair queens over deuces. SusieQue is now our chip leader and we are paying the field.

Hand 67 and Papoorboy turned over pocket nines to K9 for rshocker. No king came to play and rshocker had to settle for 4th place money.

SusieQue has about 60% of the chips and agro is just trying to pick his spot to double up. Papoorboy is pushing hard every chance he gets to gain back some of the chips that SusieQue has cached away and he is making some progress.

Hand 77 and they are at it again. Papoorboy talked her out of this one also.
Hand 79 and there goes agro. 33 VS. Q9o. The threes held up and agro doubled up.
Hand 82 and agro pushed K2s into SusieQue with 88. agro rivered a king to double through again. We have a three horse race now.

Folks, this is amazing poker. I wish I could type fast enough to give you all of the action. Papoorboy and agro have gone after SusieQue and have reeled her back to the pack. In fact, right now, Papoorboy has a slight chip lead at hand 91. but not when the hand was over. SusieQue has wrestled it back from Papoorboy as we go to the third hour break.

We are back with the blinds 1000/2000. It can’t last long now.
Hand 96 and agro is in the BB. SusieQue raised and agro folded showing 53o.
Hand 99 and agro had KhQh and SusieQue had JTo. The board hit trip jacks and agro was done. We are heads up between Papoorboy and SusieQue. SusieQue has a slight lead.
They are sparing the first few hands. Neither wanting to expose too much.

Hand 111 and pa is pressuring a little. He has stolen the lead and is gaining traction.
Hand 116 and pa stole that pot.
Hand 121 and both are all-in with AJo. Split pot.
Hand 123 and we have a winner. Papoorboy pushed and SusieQue called with J4s. Papoorboy turned over pocket sevens. The flop paired a four but the turn revealed a seven. That was it. Papoorboy has won in a very exciting final table. The action was particularly fun to watch when we got to the money table. The last four are all masterful players and the level of the game went up a notch or two. This may be a friendly game but the action can get to be very gifted.

Thank you all for a wonderful night.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thunder3 Claims his Second

I’m sitting down and getting ready to play again this week. Carol is out in the living room watching an Elvis tribute show. We were reminded that Elvis really was more than just a celeb – he was an excellent musician. “Return to Sender” was the very first record that I ever bought. I was in 6th grade and just had to have that song. I know some of you are old enough to remember 45s. I don’t even remember what was on the B side of that disc. I think I have a topic for discussion tonight. What is your favorite Elvis song?

We have 34 playing tonight. Time to play some poker.

Thirty minutes in and Holland13 is our chip leader though no one really has jumped ahead in a big way.

Well, I’m out early tonight in 27th place. Just couldn’t win a race even when I had the best hand going in. Oh well, that’s poker. Just missed making it to the first hour break.

Here is your leaderboard:
Marti = 5605
Jayzion = 4130
WhoHasMyLytr = 3495
Papoorboy = 2960
Mr. Que = 2690
Chip Leigh = 2670
HolyDuces = 2665
Bacall9 = 2305
Burldog44 = 2315
Big Lar8 = 2305

Wow, is that Marti I see at the top of the leaderboard? WTG, Marti. I’m going to have to focus on that table for awhile. We are down to 24 as we go into the second hour.

We are down to 20 now just 19 minutes into the second hour. Burldog44 is our leader. Marti has fallen into second place.

One hour 30 minutes and we are down to 15. Marti is back in the lead. This is her night tonight.

We are down to 13 and the top off the leaderboard is getting heavy. Chip Leigh has 6120 and Sorry4urloss is right behind with 5765. With the blinds 150/300 we have a horse race to the final table.

We just balanced the table with 12 and bugman22j is our short stack with 1315. Let’s sit in on his table and see how he fares.

Two folds and he is waiting for his spot. Oops Hazy Cat just busted out and we now are dealing - - - and as I was typing we lost another. Who was it? It was Holland13. We have our final table.
Sorry4urloss = 10485
Papoorboy = 6615
WhoHasMyLytr = 5745
Chip Leigh = 5170
Thunder3 = 5155
Burldog44 = 5070
Jillymae = 4790
Marti = 4265
HolyDuces = 2390
Bugman22j = 1315

Hand 5 and Chip Leigh falls to sorry when AQ went up against AK. No help on the board and Chip is done for the night.

The antes have now kicked in with the blinds still 150/300.


Hand 14 – HolyDuces was all-in with AQ against thunder13 with pocket eights. The queen on the turn doubled holy up.

Hand 15 and Bugman clobbered Lytr with pocket aces. Lytr is on life support.
Hand 17 and Lytr is gone.

We are down to 8 and paying five again tonight as usual.
Hand 20 – Jillymae pushed A Jo and sorry called with 22. Jillymae doubled up.
Hand 22 – thunder just doubled up off jilly when A Jo beat TT.
We are racing hard tonight.
Hand 24 – what is this? a pot played post flop? Marti caught the straight and took it down. Nice pot Marti.

Break time. We will come back to the blinds being 200/400 and antes 50.

Hand 30 and Marti called thunder’s all-in with top pair only to have thunder, who had second pair, spike trips. Ouch.

Well, I just went off to check out the news story that Danni was in and came back to find that burldog44 was gone in 8th place and Jillymae was forced to settle for 7th place.

Its bubble time. Marti is our short stack with 3720. What will she do?
BB for marti – HolyDuces just pushed UTG and took the blinds.
SB for Marti and all fold to her. She folded as well and bugman showed pocket jacks.
Button – all fold to her – push. And she takes the blinds.

Hand 46 and thunder pushes to take the blinds showing QQ.

Hand 48 and Marti pushed UTG and called by thunder. Both show AJ and split the pot.
Wow – hand 49 and Papoorboy is gone. He tried to trap with KK only to have the board show all spades. Sorry had the Ks.

Hand 51 and HolyDuces is gone. Duces had TT, Sorry had JJ and Marti had QQ. Big hand for Marti and HolyDuces is done.

Hand 65 – Marti pushed from the BB only to have Sorry look her up. High card won it for Sorry and our hostess is done for the night with 4th place money.

We are down to three and bugman22j is shortest. The blinds are 400/800.
They are dancing right now. Nothing too daring.

Hand 85 and we have some serious action. Buggy with AQ vs. sorry4urloss with 77. Bugman flopped an ace and turn another for trips. The river was a seven giving sorry the full house and bugman was shown to the lounge. Wow – what a way to go.

Heads up action and the stacks started pretty even.
Thunder has taken a good lead and has the momentum now.

Hand 112 and we have our winner. They pushed on the king high flop and both showed kings. Thunder had the better kicker but also paired his Jack for good measure. Thunder3 is our winner tonight.

Looks like “Blue Suede Shoes” is the most common favorite for Elvis in this group. Not a bad choice but “Return to Sender” is still my choice.

Don’t forget the Birthday Bash OFFICIAL date is September 15th. Marti is shooting for a 9:30 UB time start.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jennifear Wins the Battle

Hey, hey. It’s another Saturday night and time for the Holdem Affair. Looks like a good field again this week. Over 40 again. - Yep, 43 is the official number. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Only 8 at my table to start. Win is here and Hazy and some new names I don’t really know. This could be interesting.

I just rivered a straight flush. And I couldn’t get Mikes Cocked to pay me off. Oh well.

Well, well. This has gotten to be a serious table. No chat and very good poker. Rshocker and bugman have dropped in and it is poker time.

Thirty minutes in and we are down to 36. Tough tables tonight.

My goodness, 40 minutes in and Xgames is running away with this. 8000 chips in the lead and winforlife is second with only 3060. Glad Xgames isn’t at my table.

We are coming up on the first break and I have a sneaking suspicion that Jennifear has nailed Xgames because he is back in the pack and Jenn is now our leader.

Wow, we made it to the break and our lovely hostess is our chip leader. I’m missing too much of the action on the other tables. Here is your leaderboard:

Marti = 4325
Rexx68 = 4215
Jennifear = 4195
Winforlife = 3160
Banaconyak = 3110
Southrnchick = 2870
Smokin hot 38 = 2830
Rshocker = 2810
Idblondee = 2510
Al Swearingen = 2370

We no more get back from the break and our table is moved. Now I’m with spidey on my left and a bunch of other sharks.

I was down to nothing and I have fought my way back to 2200 with the blinds 100/200. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m back in the game at 2750.

Off we go to a new table. Hello Jenn.

New table time, again.

Blinds 150/300 and I’m card dead. Nothing even worth pushing. We are down to 16 now.

Q4o . . nope. K3 off. . . nope. Q2o . . . yech. BB 83o. fold. Rinny is gone.

94s, 83o, gotta get something soon. A9s – push and get the blinds. Back to 2000.
Spidey is gone in 15th place on the other table.

74o, QJs in BB – pushed and missed – I’m out in 14th place. Bummer.

Txmom is done in 13th place. Marti is gone in 12th place. It’s bubble time.
Bugman bites the dust and we have our final table.

Rexx68 is our leader with 14700 and nutty is shortest with 1525. Antes 50 and blinds 200/400..
Rexx68 = 14700
Agro = 14060
Romanee Conti = 8765
Matt Isaacs = 7450
Smokin hot 38 = 4885
PerfectsGirl = 4345
Winforlife = 3920
Smurfette = 2840
Jennifear = 2010
Nutty = 1525

Just in time for the break.

Jenn pushed UTG – no callers.
Smokin pushed UTG – no callers.

Cautious table right now.

Nutty hit a flush and more than doubled up. Still all ten at the table.

Hand 22 and Smokin is all-in against rexx68. AJ vs. KT and the board pair both A and J. Smokin is still in the game. Agro and Rex own this table but the shorties won’t go away.
Oops there goes nutty – Romanee took it down.
Hand 26 – Jenn pushed again – no calls.
Hand 27 and again she pushed, again she got it for free.
Hand 29 – PG is in and rexx called. AT vs. KK for rexx and PerfectsGirl is done for the night. We only have 8 now and are paying five.

The blinds just went through Smurfette and she has only 1815 left. Blinds 300/600.
Hand 36 and Smurfette doubled up though Jennifear with QQ.

Hand 38 and Jenn pushed. . . winforlife called with AJ but Jenn had AQ. Winforlife is gone in 8th place.
Hand 41 and Romanee pushed AJ into Jennifear holding AK. Jennifear is our new chip leader.
Hand 44 and Romanee is gone.
Hand 46 and smoking is all-in with 3 callers. Smokin is gone and our money table is set.
Hand 51 and Smurfette ran into Jenn. We are down to four. But WTG, Smurfette – you moneyed from a very short stack.

Jenn, agro and rexx have the stacks but Matt Isaacs is staying in the game. The blinds are 400/800 and matt only has 5350.

Hand 69 and matt pushed – no callers.
He pushed again – no calls.
Hand 71 and this time Jenn called and he doubled up. We have a four horse race now folks.
Folks, this is great poker action tonight.
Oh my – rexx went after Jennifear with AQ and Jenn had AK. He is hurting now big time.
Two steals and he is getting back some ground.
Hand 83 and Jenn pushed 33 into Agro with AQ. No help for Agro and he is gone.

Matt is at his first Holdem Affair final table and doing very well for himself.
Hand 89 and Jenn just took out Rexx. We are HEADS UP.
Matt just doubled up with AA.
Hand 97 and we are done. All-in with Jenn holding A7s and matt showing K8 of hearts. The 8 on the turn looked to be a winner but Jennifear rivered an ace for the win.

What a night. This was a great final table.

Jennifear has won more Holdem Affair tournaments than any other player but the action tonight was no cake walk for her. This continues to be a great night of fun but also excellent poker.

Thank you all and see you next week.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

A 6 pounder and a footlong

It’s Saturday night and time for another Holdem Affair. I missed last week because I was in Chicago seeing my niece get married. If any of you have tried to party and drive in Chicago traffic, you know I would have preferred to be home playing in the Holdem Affair.

We have a good field this week. Looks like we have 40 in the group tonight. Let’s get it on.

I’m starting at a table with Papoorboy, Jennifear, thuggy, annieboom, rinny, PG – OMG this is going to be tough.

99 first hand and Marti raised. What in the world? Bet she has a higher pair. I still call. She had 77 and hit her set.

99 again – second hand. No help again.

Twenty minutes in and all we have lost is nemesis. And the moves at this table would make the Bolshoi proud.

Forty minutes in and we are down to 30 players.

Dang, I just knocked out Jennifear when she pushed her JJ into my KK.

Well, I made it to the first hour break. That went fast. We are down to 26 and Jac5373 is leading the pack. Here are your leaders:
Jac5373 = 5115
Sorry4urloss = 5030
Hazy Cat = 4815
Unionthug = 3905
HurQueRock = 3590
DaleT = 3495
Kryptic = 3315
WhoHasMyLytr = 2935
Thunder3 = 3785
Idblondee = 2380

Second Hour

Rshocker nailed me when I took him all-in with my JJ and he called with AQo. He hit a queen on the turn and an ace on the river. I’m desperate now.

T5, nope. . . 25 – yech. . . 99 – UTG – push – won the blinds. Q6s on the button. It worked. . . KK – yes. Push - Any callers? Lol – yep. Rshocker called with 77 and rivered a seven. He knocked me out on two suck outs. Oh well, that’s poker. I finished in 20th place.

Down to 14 already just 1 hour and 30 minutes in. They are going fast now.

Okay, we have settled in now. No more losses for 15 minutes.

I no more than say that and Hazy Cat is gone in 14th place. Getting to the FT bubble now. (We are paying 5 tonight).

I’ve been watching table 2 but all the chips are on table 3. Thunder3 is leading and HurQueRock is right behind him.

Papoorboy just went down in 13th place and PerfectsGirl in 12th . We are down to 11 and dealing hand by hand.

MrsBeasley, over on table 3 is our short stack. And there we go. Rshocker bit the dust. I didn’t even see the hand because I was typing. Here is your final table:
HurQueRock = 13585
DaleT = 12875
Thunder3 = 11870
Sorry4urloss = 4285
Jac5373 = 3980
Idblondee = 3060
Annieboom = 2880
Big lar8 = 2870
WhoHasMyLytr = 2730
MrsBeasley = 2865

I’ll set the action. Antes are 25 and the blinds 150/300. HurQueRock is our leader and thunder3 is close behind.

Hand 4 and MrsBeasley just doubled up with big slick and is no longer our shortest stack.

Hand 7 and Annieboom is our first casualty. Thunder had pocket nines to beat her A T.

By hand 15 thunder has the lead and DaleT is in second.

Hand 17 and big lar8 went in with AQ but 99 from Idblondee held up. And now we are eight.

We come back from the second hour break and the blinds are now 200/400.

Hand 29 and sorry4urloss is gone when AK met up with 66 from Thunder and couldn’t get any help.

Oh my, Hand 36 and Idblondee pushed AQ into an A J x flop only to have HurQueRock turn over AJ. Now we have 6.

Jac5373 is our shorty now. Oops that didn’t last long. Now it is MrsBeasley.

Hand 45 – Jac pushes and steals the blinds.

Hand 51 and Beasley is down to 960. She folded. #52 UTG she folded again. BB is next hand. Jac raised - they each have 9 2s and Beasley hit her flush to win the hand. Amazing.

Hand 56 and MrsBeasley falls to DaleT.

We have our money table.

WhoHasMyLytr is the shortest stack with only 9 BB and posting. The blinds went through.

Hand 64 – Lytr had QQ but Tunder3 had KK. We are down to four.

Hand 73 and Jac is down to 8 BB on the button. Push is the play – DaleT thinks. . . and folds.

Thunder3 is in charge of this table right now.

Wow, power play time. Hand 88 and Jac pushed from the small blind with K5s only to have HurQueRock show K7s. They both hit on the flop and HurQueRock took it down.

Hand 91 and Jac5373 is gone. We now have 3.

Hand 96 and the tide has turned. HurQueRock pushed 55 and flopped his set. DaleT took the hit.

Blinds are 400/800 now. It’s getting expensive to play.

Thunder has about half the chips in play and the other two are about equal.

Hand 116 and we have a threesome. Thunder took it down.

Hand 127 and DaleT just talked thunder out of a pot and the chip lead.

Hand 132 and we are all even. HurQueRock has the slight lead.

Wow, hand 133 and HurQueRock has AK and DaleT JJ. The king hits and DaleT is all but done. Hand 135 and we are down to heads up. HurQueRock has the most chips.

Hand 143 and HurQueRock pushed on a flush draw and hit it to win. He was pushing hard with his chip lead and it paid off for him tonight. Excellent play HurQueRock. You earned the win.

For the first time in three years the main topic of discussion wasn’t boobies. The hot topic tonight was a 6 pound penis and a 12 incher. Thank you ladies for a wonderful chat. Was there a poker game going on?

Peace to all and goodnight.


BTW, check out the story about Kiva, please.

Friday, August 03, 2007


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