Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT the promised land

"Sometimes it's just New Jersey."

I didn't get a chance to watch the Rally To Restore Sanity today.  I had to work.  But I found this clip from the rally.

John Stewart's Great Speech

It took a comedian to give a great presidential speech.


and Peace.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grandpa Sunbob

It was 2:30 on Friday morning when the phone rang.
"You have a grandson."   My daughter was proudly stating four of the most exciting words that a father can hear.  I have a grandson, a new and healthy baby boy.
"I'm so glad you are awake."
Of course I was awake.  I couldn't sleep knowing that my daughter was having her baby.

She had called about 4:30 the previous afternoon to tell me her water had broken and Nick was taking her to the hospital.  I was at work.  When my boss heard the news he pointed to the door and simply said "GO".  I started to explain that I didn't want to leave the store short-handed but he would none of it.
"You will be no good to us here and your daughter will need her father.  Go."

So off I went.  The Rev was already on the road as she had a meeting in Iowa City that evening.  As it turned out, I was only 20 minutes behind her on the highway.  When I got to Cedar Rapids, my daughter and I agreed that it wasn't necessary for me to go to the hospital. She was in good hands and I would just make her nervous and get in the way.  She would call when she needed me.  So there I was, unsuccessfully trying to get some rest.  Waiting for news, when the great phone call came.

The Rev and I agreed to let them all get some rest so we actually waited until about 8 that morning before we went in to see our new little member of the Sunbob clan.

Maxwell David is his name.  Seven pounds three ounces of beautiful little boy.  He appears to healthy and my daughter came through without any complications as well.  All is good.

So now I have a grandson.  After raising daughters, I will get to do some boy things now.  I hope he enjoys fishing because I'm already making plans.

Wow, now I get to learn to be a grandfather.  I hope the Lord will guide me to be a good one.

And wouldn't it be great if, some time in his life, Max will be able to find .  .  .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean mine rescue - Amazing

I'm sitting here watching the rescue of the miners in Chile.  What a great scene.  An amazing story.  Seventy days trapped underground and they are now coming out alive and well.

You have to give Chile credit for how they have handled this tragedy.  I don't think many people had a dry eye when that first miner hugged his son.  And then we had Super Mario come up on the second trip and I think he hugged everyone in sight.

Now we are waiting for the third miner to pop out of that hole.  Here he comes - his wife is waiting.  There is the "Fenix 2".  Easy Carmen - let him get out of the capsule.  And look at that smile.  .  .  .  . Now she can hug him.

This is such a great story on so many levels.  A story tremendous faith and determination.  It was the determination of this Chilean president that these miners would be rescued.  He is succeeding.  And for me the real story is the faith of these miners.  It was 17 days before anyone outside of that mine knew they were alive.  Repeatedly, the families and the miners have spoken of their faith in God.  They are all saying that it has been their faith that has kept them going.

Let's all pray for the continued success of this rescue.  As of right now, they have 30 more to go.  This will take most of 2 days to finish.  A lot can happen in 2 days.

In a world where everyone seems to be at war - it is good to have an example of