Saturday, December 01, 2007

DriveULoonie Again

This is actually a picture of Sorry4urloss. He didn't win tonight but I have a new picture of him and I couldn't pass up the chance to post it.

Here is the story of a great win by DriveULoonie.

There are 33 players tonight and I see that my old friend Guran has joined us. This will be a fine night of action.

Thirty minutes in and Verdoy is our leader. I’m in second place.

We made it to the first hour break. Sorry4urloss is our leader. I’ve fallen to 6th place – no cards. Here is the leader board:
Sorry4urloss = 7450
Slick63 = 4320
Skippy2 = 3110
DriveULoonie = 2845
Bugman22j = 2670
Sunbob = 2625
Verdoy = 2525
Marti = 2475
Sengar = 2280
Hemi Henry = 1875

Dang, I just knocked out Marti and Hazy Cat in the same hand. Both were short stacked and I called with JT. Flopped a Jack and that was it. We are down to 11 now.

MrQue finally blinded out and we have our final table. Here you go:
Sorry4urloss = 10485
BlakAdder = 10380
Sunbob = 7730
DriveULoonie = 6285
Verdoy = 4745
Sengar = 2840
ThreesRWild = 2450
Bugman22j = 2080
Slick63 = 1715
Hemi Henry = 790

Hand 3 – Slick63 is our first casualty. He pushed ATs but ran into Verdoy with Ad Kd. The board paired queens but no help for slick.

Hand 6 and Sengar bites the dust. Sengar pushed Ad Td and DriveULoonie turned over Ac Qs. The board paired eights.

Hand 9 – I knocked out bugman22j in a battle of the blinds. I min-raisec to open from the small blind with Qh 7s and bugman22j called. The flop came 4c 8h Qd pairing my queen and I bet 600. Bugman22j came over the top for all his chips and I made the call. Buggy turned over Ah 7c and failed to hit his ace.

Hand 10 and Hemi Henry had 66 but ran into DriveULoonie with AA. Thee sevens on the board turned that into a full house and Henry was done for the night.

Down to 6 and paying 5 – it’s bubble time.

Hand 23 and I busted out in 6th place playing A9s. I hate that hand. I can’t tell you how many times I have busted out being dominated with that hand. It’s my own fault. Bummer. BlakAdder held AJ and I got too frisky with the ace high flop.

Down to five – all in the money.

We made it to the second hour break. Busting me put BlakAdder into the lead.
BlakAdder = 16490
Sorry4urloss = 15360
DriveULoonie = 11200
Verdoy = 3475
ThreesRWild = 2975

When we return the blinds will be 300/600. Let’s see what happens.

First hand back and TRW went all in and was busted by DriveULoonie. ThreesRWild pushed 6d 5d on a steal attempt and Driveuloonie called with Ad Jc. The flop came 5c 4d 3d and made TRW look like a pro but the turn brought the Jd and the river another Jack. Three of a kind is hard to beat.

Hand 43 – Verdoy pushed his 88 against DriveULoonie with AT. The ten on the flop sent him to the rail.

DriveULoonie is now in the lead.

Hand 52 – sorry4urloss is done. DriveULoonie caught his flush on the river and sent him home. I have to play out this hand for you because it just shows how cruel this game can be. Sorry4urloss bet 1350 from the small blind and DriveULoonie smooth called to see the flop come Th Jc 2c. Sorry bet 2850 and Loonie called. The turn was the 3s. Looked like no help for either but sorry fired out 8550. . . and Loonie called again. The river was the Qc. Sorry checked and Loonie pushed all-in on what really looked like a steal. He couldn’t have been chasing his flush – could he? Sorry4urloss held Kh Jd and had been playing his top pair/2nd kicker really hard. A call now put him all-in and covered. He almost timed out but made the call. DriveULoonie turned over 9c 3c and yes – he had been chasing that flush. That was a tough one for sorry4urloss.

We are heads up with DriveULoonie in a commanding chip lead.

Hand 58 and that is it. DriveULoonie strikes again.

With a little bit of luck and some very smart play, DriveULoonie showed why he is becoming a force to contend with in the Holdem Affair.

I won’t see you next Saturday night. It is hockey season now and I have organized a night out with my daughters.