Saturday, August 04, 2007

A 6 pounder and a footlong

It’s Saturday night and time for another Holdem Affair. I missed last week because I was in Chicago seeing my niece get married. If any of you have tried to party and drive in Chicago traffic, you know I would have preferred to be home playing in the Holdem Affair.

We have a good field this week. Looks like we have 40 in the group tonight. Let’s get it on.

I’m starting at a table with Papoorboy, Jennifear, thuggy, annieboom, rinny, PG – OMG this is going to be tough.

99 first hand and Marti raised. What in the world? Bet she has a higher pair. I still call. She had 77 and hit her set.

99 again – second hand. No help again.

Twenty minutes in and all we have lost is nemesis. And the moves at this table would make the Bolshoi proud.

Forty minutes in and we are down to 30 players.

Dang, I just knocked out Jennifear when she pushed her JJ into my KK.

Well, I made it to the first hour break. That went fast. We are down to 26 and Jac5373 is leading the pack. Here are your leaders:
Jac5373 = 5115
Sorry4urloss = 5030
Hazy Cat = 4815
Unionthug = 3905
HurQueRock = 3590
DaleT = 3495
Kryptic = 3315
WhoHasMyLytr = 2935
Thunder3 = 3785
Idblondee = 2380

Second Hour

Rshocker nailed me when I took him all-in with my JJ and he called with AQo. He hit a queen on the turn and an ace on the river. I’m desperate now.

T5, nope. . . 25 – yech. . . 99 – UTG – push – won the blinds. Q6s on the button. It worked. . . KK – yes. Push - Any callers? Lol – yep. Rshocker called with 77 and rivered a seven. He knocked me out on two suck outs. Oh well, that’s poker. I finished in 20th place.

Down to 14 already just 1 hour and 30 minutes in. They are going fast now.

Okay, we have settled in now. No more losses for 15 minutes.

I no more than say that and Hazy Cat is gone in 14th place. Getting to the FT bubble now. (We are paying 5 tonight).

I’ve been watching table 2 but all the chips are on table 3. Thunder3 is leading and HurQueRock is right behind him.

Papoorboy just went down in 13th place and PerfectsGirl in 12th . We are down to 11 and dealing hand by hand.

MrsBeasley, over on table 3 is our short stack. And there we go. Rshocker bit the dust. I didn’t even see the hand because I was typing. Here is your final table:
HurQueRock = 13585
DaleT = 12875
Thunder3 = 11870
Sorry4urloss = 4285
Jac5373 = 3980
Idblondee = 3060
Annieboom = 2880
Big lar8 = 2870
WhoHasMyLytr = 2730
MrsBeasley = 2865

I’ll set the action. Antes are 25 and the blinds 150/300. HurQueRock is our leader and thunder3 is close behind.

Hand 4 and MrsBeasley just doubled up with big slick and is no longer our shortest stack.

Hand 7 and Annieboom is our first casualty. Thunder had pocket nines to beat her A T.

By hand 15 thunder has the lead and DaleT is in second.

Hand 17 and big lar8 went in with AQ but 99 from Idblondee held up. And now we are eight.

We come back from the second hour break and the blinds are now 200/400.

Hand 29 and sorry4urloss is gone when AK met up with 66 from Thunder and couldn’t get any help.

Oh my, Hand 36 and Idblondee pushed AQ into an A J x flop only to have HurQueRock turn over AJ. Now we have 6.

Jac5373 is our shorty now. Oops that didn’t last long. Now it is MrsBeasley.

Hand 45 – Jac pushes and steals the blinds.

Hand 51 and Beasley is down to 960. She folded. #52 UTG she folded again. BB is next hand. Jac raised - they each have 9 2s and Beasley hit her flush to win the hand. Amazing.

Hand 56 and MrsBeasley falls to DaleT.

We have our money table.

WhoHasMyLytr is the shortest stack with only 9 BB and posting. The blinds went through.

Hand 64 – Lytr had QQ but Tunder3 had KK. We are down to four.

Hand 73 and Jac is down to 8 BB on the button. Push is the play – DaleT thinks. . . and folds.

Thunder3 is in charge of this table right now.

Wow, power play time. Hand 88 and Jac pushed from the small blind with K5s only to have HurQueRock show K7s. They both hit on the flop and HurQueRock took it down.

Hand 91 and Jac5373 is gone. We now have 3.

Hand 96 and the tide has turned. HurQueRock pushed 55 and flopped his set. DaleT took the hit.

Blinds are 400/800 now. It’s getting expensive to play.

Thunder has about half the chips in play and the other two are about equal.

Hand 116 and we have a threesome. Thunder took it down.

Hand 127 and DaleT just talked thunder out of a pot and the chip lead.

Hand 132 and we are all even. HurQueRock has the slight lead.

Wow, hand 133 and HurQueRock has AK and DaleT JJ. The king hits and DaleT is all but done. Hand 135 and we are down to heads up. HurQueRock has the most chips.

Hand 143 and HurQueRock pushed on a flush draw and hit it to win. He was pushing hard with his chip lead and it paid off for him tonight. Excellent play HurQueRock. You earned the win.

For the first time in three years the main topic of discussion wasn’t boobies. The hot topic tonight was a 6 pound penis and a 12 incher. Thank you ladies for a wonderful chat. Was there a poker game going on?

Peace to all and goodnight.


BTW, check out the story about Kiva, please.
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