Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jennifear Wins the Battle

Hey, hey. It’s another Saturday night and time for the Holdem Affair. Looks like a good field again this week. Over 40 again. - Yep, 43 is the official number. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Only 8 at my table to start. Win is here and Hazy and some new names I don’t really know. This could be interesting.

I just rivered a straight flush. And I couldn’t get Mikes Cocked to pay me off. Oh well.

Well, well. This has gotten to be a serious table. No chat and very good poker. Rshocker and bugman have dropped in and it is poker time.

Thirty minutes in and we are down to 36. Tough tables tonight.

My goodness, 40 minutes in and Xgames is running away with this. 8000 chips in the lead and winforlife is second with only 3060. Glad Xgames isn’t at my table.

We are coming up on the first break and I have a sneaking suspicion that Jennifear has nailed Xgames because he is back in the pack and Jenn is now our leader.

Wow, we made it to the break and our lovely hostess is our chip leader. I’m missing too much of the action on the other tables. Here is your leaderboard:

Marti = 4325
Rexx68 = 4215
Jennifear = 4195
Winforlife = 3160
Banaconyak = 3110
Southrnchick = 2870
Smokin hot 38 = 2830
Rshocker = 2810
Idblondee = 2510
Al Swearingen = 2370

We no more get back from the break and our table is moved. Now I’m with spidey on my left and a bunch of other sharks.

I was down to nothing and I have fought my way back to 2200 with the blinds 100/200. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m back in the game at 2750.

Off we go to a new table. Hello Jenn.

New table time, again.

Blinds 150/300 and I’m card dead. Nothing even worth pushing. We are down to 16 now.

Q4o . . nope. K3 off. . . nope. Q2o . . . yech. BB 83o. fold. Rinny is gone.

94s, 83o, gotta get something soon. A9s – push and get the blinds. Back to 2000.
Spidey is gone in 15th place on the other table.

74o, QJs in BB – pushed and missed – I’m out in 14th place. Bummer.

Txmom is done in 13th place. Marti is gone in 12th place. It’s bubble time.
Bugman bites the dust and we have our final table.

Rexx68 is our leader with 14700 and nutty is shortest with 1525. Antes 50 and blinds 200/400..
Rexx68 = 14700
Agro = 14060
Romanee Conti = 8765
Matt Isaacs = 7450
Smokin hot 38 = 4885
PerfectsGirl = 4345
Winforlife = 3920
Smurfette = 2840
Jennifear = 2010
Nutty = 1525

Just in time for the break.

Jenn pushed UTG – no callers.
Smokin pushed UTG – no callers.

Cautious table right now.

Nutty hit a flush and more than doubled up. Still all ten at the table.

Hand 22 and Smokin is all-in against rexx68. AJ vs. KT and the board pair both A and J. Smokin is still in the game. Agro and Rex own this table but the shorties won’t go away.
Oops there goes nutty – Romanee took it down.
Hand 26 – Jenn pushed again – no calls.
Hand 27 and again she pushed, again she got it for free.
Hand 29 – PG is in and rexx called. AT vs. KK for rexx and PerfectsGirl is done for the night. We only have 8 now and are paying five.

The blinds just went through Smurfette and she has only 1815 left. Blinds 300/600.
Hand 36 and Smurfette doubled up though Jennifear with QQ.

Hand 38 and Jenn pushed. . . winforlife called with AJ but Jenn had AQ. Winforlife is gone in 8th place.
Hand 41 and Romanee pushed AJ into Jennifear holding AK. Jennifear is our new chip leader.
Hand 44 and Romanee is gone.
Hand 46 and smoking is all-in with 3 callers. Smokin is gone and our money table is set.
Hand 51 and Smurfette ran into Jenn. We are down to four. But WTG, Smurfette – you moneyed from a very short stack.

Jenn, agro and rexx have the stacks but Matt Isaacs is staying in the game. The blinds are 400/800 and matt only has 5350.

Hand 69 and matt pushed – no callers.
He pushed again – no calls.
Hand 71 and this time Jenn called and he doubled up. We have a four horse race now folks.
Folks, this is great poker action tonight.
Oh my – rexx went after Jennifear with AQ and Jenn had AK. He is hurting now big time.
Two steals and he is getting back some ground.
Hand 83 and Jenn pushed 33 into Agro with AQ. No help for Agro and he is gone.

Matt is at his first Holdem Affair final table and doing very well for himself.
Hand 89 and Jenn just took out Rexx. We are HEADS UP.
Matt just doubled up with AA.
Hand 97 and we are done. All-in with Jenn holding A7s and matt showing K8 of hearts. The 8 on the turn looked to be a winner but Jennifear rivered an ace for the win.

What a night. This was a great final table.

Jennifear has won more Holdem Affair tournaments than any other player but the action tonight was no cake walk for her. This continues to be a great night of fun but also excellent poker.

Thank you all and see you next week.

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