Sunday, January 29, 2006


If anybody tells you women can’t play poker tell them about this night. Tell them the story of the Holdem Affair final table with five women. Tell them about how the women dominated the table, driving off the men. Tell them about the three women owning the money table. Rocknfish represented the men well but a fifth place finish was all he could muster. Red Hot Poker, one of the most feared players in the Holdem Affair, could only make it to fourth. And what ever you do – tell them about the heads up match between two of the finest ladies on UB, Marti and Jennifear. Twenty-six hands of back and forth action. Marti had the advantage when she took out Daggit13, and Jennifear is one of the best heads up. But tonight, Marti was the better player. Jenny set her traps but Marti sniffed them out. An amazing night of poker.

Thirty-five players sat down to contest this Holdem Affair. We still had 25 when the first hour break came around. And Marti was in charge. Here are your first hour leaders:
  1. Marti = 4970

  2. Red Hot Poker = 4020

  3. Papoorboy = 3585

  4. Rocknfish = 3495

  5. Jennifear = 3490

  6. ThreesRWild = 3050

  7. gjones = 2780

  8. Snave = 2340

  9. Glenso = 2320

  10. xxblazer = 2290

As usual the second hour is where the tournament heats up. Marti continued to dominate and the women made their presence known. Also some notables fell by the way side. Jewelcard fell as well as ThreesRWild, Papoorboy, Sengar, and myself.. Maybe I’m not a notable though. One hour and fifty-six minutes into the event we had our final table with five women in the top six. Here you go:
  1. Marti = 9980

  2. Red Hot Poker = 9705

  3. Jennifear = 8425

  4. Daggit13 = 5710

  5. renequeen = 5055

  6. Maronie47 = 3315

  7. Glenso = 3020

  8. Snave = 2800

  9. Rocknfish = 2370

  10. winforlife = 2120

Marti wiped out Glenso in just the third hand. Glen pushed his pocket eights only to run into Marti with Aces to finish tenth.

Hand 27 and it was Snave pushing the action. All-in pre-flop holding Kd Qs and Jennifear made the call with her pocket eights. The eights held up and another man bites the dust.

Ten hands later and winforlife is on the short stack. He pushed with pocket kings but Maronie47 pocket aces. Bummer, Sir Poopyhead was gone in 8th place.

This wasn’t a sexist table though. On hand 48 it was Maronie47 raising big pre-flop and renequeen put her game on the line holding Ad Kc. Maronie47 turned over Kd Ks. No ace on the board and renequeen was eliminated in 7th place.

Hand 74 was huge. By now the antes were 125 and the blinds 600/1200. Maronie47 raised to 4950, Jennifear went all-in for her last 5520, and Marti smooth called them both. Maronie47 completed to see the flop come 4d 7s 3c. All three women were in this hand. Marti checked and Maronie47 pushed her last 1420 into the middle. Marti thought nothing of making the call. The hands were flipped over and we could see why. Marti and Jennifear both showed A Qo and Maronie held A Jo. The board missed them all and Maronie was gone in 6th place.

Your money table looked like this, 2 hours 51 minutes into the Holdem Affair:
  1. Marti = 20145

  2. Daggit13 = 10480

  3. Jennifear = 8955

  4. Red Hot Poker = 8935

  5. Rocknfish = 3985

Do you see this trend? Do you see the name at the top of each and every list I have posted? Yep, our hostess was on her game tonight.

Just four hands later, Jennifear raised to 2555 taking Rocknfish all-in making the call. Jennifear held Jh 4h and Rocknfish had Ac As. Oops, it looks like Jennifear got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. The flop came 6d 9s Kh and it looked good for Rocknfish. The turn paired up Jenny with the Js and the miracle 4c gave her two pair. Can you believe it? Rocknfish had to take the bad beat of the night and settle for 5th place money. Ouch. The women were in charge now and Red was fighting hard to stay alive.

Hand 84 and Red came over the top of Jennifear pre-flop. Red held pocket sevens and Jenny had over cards with Ac Jh. A Jack on the flop and an Ace on the turn was all it took to send Red to the rail in 4th place. That also put Jennifear into the chip lead.

It took ten hands to get to our heads up match. Daggit13 opened all-in for 14580 holding Ks Qh. Marti rose to the challenge holding 5c 5h. The fives held up and Daggit was gone in 3rd place.

We had a heads up match between the hostess and the heads up expert. For those of you who have been to Jennifear’s web site, you know she has been working on her heads up game. She challenged all comers and was victorious far more often than not. Marti had a 30:21 chip lead and was going to need it all to come out the winner.

Nine hands of dicing and Jennifear had taken a slight lead. They sparred for the next four hands swapping the lead and then Jenn took a good pot and the lead. After hand 115 Jennifear had 34800 and Marti had 17700 with the antes 150 and the blinds 800/1600.

Marti won the next three hands to close the gap a bit, then hand 119 all the chips were in the middle pre-flop. Jennifear had pushed the action holding Ac Jd. Marti had been playing low ball and showed 7d 3d. Hmmmm – interesting. Marti hit a 3c on the flop and that held up. Wow, that was a big hand.

Marti now was in charge on hand 120. Jennifear pushed all 11550 into the middle and Marti called. Marti held Jd 5h and Jennifear had pushed with Kc 8c. Looking good for Jennifear. But heads up is a different game. The flop came 6s 8s Jc giving Marti the pair. That was all it took and we had a winner. Marti had done it again. This time wire to wire.

Another great week. I know this is mainly a social event for many of us, but this is also a very good tournament. Holdem Affair regulars are doing very well in the open events on UB and other sites. Jennifear is doing an excellent job of keeping us up to date on that topic. If you want to see what I mean go to her website, and please let her know when you do well in another tournament. Let the Holdem Affair community know that we are taking over.


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