Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jewelcard put it in High Gear

In a finish that reminded me of Hemi Henry in one of his dragsters, Jewelcard put the pedal to the metal and blew past the final four to win his second Holdem Affair. Jewelcard is a regular at the final tables but takes some ribbing for his collection of bubble finishes. But tonight he showed us that he too is a force to contend with in this tournament. He went into the final table in first place and was pretty quiet until the final four. Then he shifted gears and it was over before you knew it. He knocked out Innwny, then Idblondee in back to back hands. He went into the heads up match still behind coachstove but won 6 of the last seven hands to blow away the racers.

Thirty-four sat down this week to battle in the Holdem Affair. The play was very good again this week. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the first hour results but I wasn’t able to be there this week and just made it home to see the final table. I’m told that Jewelcard was an early leader and played strong throughout the event this week.

One hand leading up to the final table was significant. When we were down to about 14 players Jewelcard was in the chip lead (8165) and Marti was second (4435) on their table when this hand came up. Jewelcard was on the button and Marti was in the big blind. Three limped in to see the cheap flop come 3h Ad 8h. Marti led out with 300. She was holding 3s 3d and had flopped her set. Jewelcard was holding Ah 8d and had hit two pair so he made raised to 750. Marti chose to just call here to se the turn bring the 5c. Marti was stringing Jewelcard along and just bet 300 again on the turn. Jewelcard was pushing his two pair and raised to 1500 – Marti called again. The river As filled them both up on the river. Marti check-raised Jewelcard all-in and, of course, Jewelcard gladly made the call. Aces full of eights beats threes full of aces every time and Marti was gone. That set the stage for Jewelcard to go into the final table as the clear chip leader.

The final table was seated 2 hours into the affair. Here are your leaders:
  1. Jewelcard = 13950

  2. coachstove = 11665

  3. Idblondee = 7010

  4. Innwny = 3450

  5. Hemi Henry = 3215

  6. spideytwo = 3070

  7. ThreesRWild = 3025

  8. inxsdude = 2365

  9. Miss UB = 2360

  10. DebiMac = 890

The antes were 25 and the blinds 150/300 to start the final table. DebiMac was the first to fall. She was forced to push her Kd Td from the big blind and was called by Idblondee holding Qd Qc and inxsdude holding 9c 9h. The board ended up 4c Ts As Kc 9s and Inxsdude hit his set, knock out DebiMac and double up in the bargain.

The action continued to the 23rd hand. During this time Jewelcard was very passive, not contesting a single hand, and Coachstove had taken over the chip lead. On this hand Idblondee pushed her 2370 chips into the middle holding pocket jacks. Spideytwo called from the small blind and turned over pocket aces. The flop came Jh 7c 2d and since Idblondee had him covered, spideytwo was gone in 9th place.

Just five hands later, ThreesRWild pushed from middle position and Jewelcard woke up in the big blind to make the call. TRW showed Jd 5d and Jewelcard held Ah Kd. The flop missed them both and the turn 5c looked very good to TRW but the river Ad gave Jewelcard the hand. ThreesRWild was out in 8th place.

For the next 15 hands or so Jewelcard was a little more active, taking a couple of hands uncontested but he was letting the others risk their stacks. Hand 45 and we have Inxsdude short stacked with only 870 chips before he posts 75 ante and the 300 big blind. Jewelcard had limped but Inxsdude had to push holding pocket sixes. Jewelcard made the covering call holding Ah 9h. The board ended up 6s Kh Jh 7h Qc and Jewelcard had his flush to better inxsdude with his set. We were down to six now. Coachstove still had a slight chip lead over Jewelcard.

For the next 25 hands Coachstove ruled the table and Jewelcard left everyone alone. Hand 70 and the antes 100 and the blinds 400/800. Hemi Henry was the short stack with 1335 chips. It was time for him to make his stand when he posted the big blind holding Ad 2c. Idblondee made the call holding pocket eights. When the flop brought the 8d for Idblondee, Hemi Henry was gone in 6th place and the money table was set.

Here is your money table:
  1. Coachstove = 20655

  2. Jewelcard = 13930

  3. Idblondee = 8550

  4. Innwny = 5430

  5. Miss UB = 2435

The very first hand of the money table Innwny raised to 1600 and Miss UB pushed all 2435 into the middle. Innwny made the call. Miss UB held pocket nines but Innwny had the rockets. Miss UB had to settle for 5th place money.

They diced for the next 27 hands. Coachstove was the dominant player, Jewelcard played only two or three hands and Innwny and Idblondee were trying to chip away at each other. I was about to go out for a smoke but something said to stick around. I’m glad I did.

We were down to four and on hand 98, I guess Jewelcard decided to put it in high gear. He had been pretty quiet the whole final table, picking his spots very carefully and rather passively. Little did anyone know that the tournament was now over.

Hand 98 and Jewelcard raised to 2300, Innwny called for all his 1865 chips. Kc 3c against Jewelcard holding Ac Qs and Innwny was gone.

The very next hand Jewelcard raised to 3100 taking Idblondee all-in for her last 8050. Idblondee held Kd Js but Jewelcard had pocket sevens. Two eights on the flop, the 7c on the river and Jewelcard had a full house. We were down to heads up. Jewelcard had 24445 chips and Coachstove had 26555. This looked like it would be a war.

Everyone knows that Coachstove is one of the best heads up of the Holdem Affair regulars. But someone forgot to tell Jewelcard. The heads up match lasted only 7 hands. Jewelcard forced the action on every hand allowing Coachstove to take the blinds only once.

The final hand was a classic. Jewelcard played the Brunson (Ts 2c) to see the cheap flop come Td 5d 2s. Bingo. Coachstove held Ah Th. When Jewelcard checked, Coachstove had to think he was going to finally get a pot back. Coach bet 1800 and Jewelcard pushed back 7200 – Coachstove pushed it all with his top pair/top kicker. You can’t blame Coach for the play, it was the right thing to do. But just like Doyle in the WSOP, the ten/deuce gave Jewelcard the win.

From four players to all done in 9 hands. During that rush Jewelcard laid down one hand. Simply amazing. OK Jewelcard, no more ribbing you about your 8th place finishes.


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