Sunday, February 05, 2006

Burldog44 Came Out on Top

It’s fun to see new people coming into the Holdem Affair and tonight was the night for the new faces.  Burldog44 joined the fray tonight and showed that he had what it took to play in this event.  It was an excellent heads up match against ImaRdNkWoman.  Voilentjugga filled out the money table with Woody13 coming in fourth and Rocknfish, two more familiar names, completing the top five.  

Thirty people sat down tonight in a new, early time and we attracted some new faces this week.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this week.  The time just didn’t work for me.  I was able to get home for the final table though and it was a good one.  Again it was just before the second hour break when we sat down for the final table.  Here are your leaders:
  1. Violentjugga = 12115

  2. burldog44 = 8970

  3. Hemi Henry = 5720

  4. Rocknfish = 4310 (you are becoming a regular)

  5. ImaRdNkWoman = 3720

  6. keltic12 = 2765

  7. Mellow Yellow = 2540

  8. Marti = 2130

  9. woody13 = 1755

  10. bugman22j = 975

Bugman was the short stack and the first to fall.  The very first hand.  I’m sorry bugman but I didn’t catch your demise.

Marti, our beautiful hostess, only made it to the fourth hand.  She had been hit hard in the third hand and was all in with the ante on the fourth holding just  9s 5s.  The flop gave her a gut shot straight draw but it didn’t materialize and she was gone in ninth place.

It was hand 18 when Mellow Yellow pushed holding 7d 5c and the flop showing 7c 2d 8h.  But burldog held 8c 7s and had flopped two pair.  That was the night for Mellow Yellow.

Early on Keltic12 had doubled up on Hemi Henry but Henry doesn’t take well to such behavior and on hand 23 answered back when Keltic pushed it all to the middle from UTG.  Keltic held Qd T, a decent hand to push with but Henry turned over Kc Qc and had him dominated.  A Kh on the flop just sealed the deal for our dragster and Keltic was sent to the lounge to contemplate entering next week.

Three hands later Henry went up against Violentjugga with tragic results.  Hand twenty-seven found him with only 420 chips and the antes 50 and blinds 200/400.  He was dealt Jd Th and decided that was good enough to make his stand.  Unfortunately Woody decided that was a good time to bring his pocket ladies to the dance and Hemi Henry had to settle for sixth place this week.

Hand 41 and Rocknfish raised to 2050 from second position.  ImaRdNkWoman was the only caller.  The flop came 6s 9h Tc.  ImaRdNkWoman pushed in her last 1950 taking Rocknfish all-in.  Rocknfish showed 4s 4c but Ima held Ac 6c and had flopped a higher pair.  The sixes held up and Rocknfish was out of the pond.

We were down to four.  Has anybody noticed that Woody is still in the action?  When we seated the final table he was in ninth place and very short stacked with barely more than his initial allocation.  By hand 52 he was in fourth place but solidly in the running.  By picking his spots and controlling his aggression, he had climbed to the bubble.  This hand he looked down and saw Jh Jc, time to climb the ladder again. When burldog raised to 2100 he was happy to push all 7300 chips to the middle.  Just taking it down there would have put him in second place.  But somehow burldog made the call holding just Qs 9d.  The flop hit the dog hard showing Ad 9c 9s.  That was all it took to send Woody home and leap frog burldog into second place at the money table.

For the next 25 hands they battled hard, and the fortunes turned.  Burldog took the lead and ImaRdNkWoman was close behind.  Violentjugga was losing ground.  Hand 82 and Ima took over the lead.  By hand 98 Ima was dominating and Violentjugga was down to only 6625 with 100 antes and blinds of 400/800.  Burldog raised to 1600 and jugga called to see the flop come 9s 8d 3d.  Burldog laid out his continuation bet of 3500 and Violentjugga said “I like that flop” and pushed all 4925 into the middle.  Jugga was holding Td 9c and had flopped top pair.  But Burldog held pocket Queens.  That was it for Violentjugga.  

We were heads up between Burldog44 and ImaRdNkWoman and they held almost equal stacks.  For three hands they just swapped the blinds.  Then on hand 103 ImaRdNkWoman raised to 2800.  Burldog re-raised to 8600 and Ima pushed it all to the middle.  ImaRdNkWoman showed Jh Tc and Burldog turned over Ad 6d.  The final board spread 4d 3c 3h 6s 2h giving ImaRdNkWoman a pair of threes and Burldog two pair, sixes and threes.  Burldog had survived his first Holdem Affair and had come out in the end with top prize.  Way to go Burldog44.

See you all next week. We will be having a later start this time so I will be able to compete.  Don’t be too concerned though, my tournament game really sucks at the moment.  Who knows, maybe next Saturday night it will turn around.


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