Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gjones Showed Us How

Gjones may be a newcomer to the Holdem Affair but he showed that he could play with the best of them tonight.  He had an exciting heads-up match with that final table regular Sengar but this was Gjones’ night to shine.  Glenso made a good run at repeating his win from two weeks ago but came up a little short to finish third.  The Mellow one made a great showing in fourth and the hostess with the mostess, Marti, was ITM this week in fifth place.

Thirty-four entrants this week in a very competitive Holdem Affair.  The cards were falling pretty wild on my table in the first and second hours.  It definitely wasn’t a night to be holding pocket queens.  Two hands came up on my table that were just plain strange.

1st hand.
DebiMac raises to 300 holding Qc Qh.  MdnghtSn49 pushes his short stack of 540 all-in with Kh 7h.  All fold back around to Deb who calls.

Flop comes Td Jc Ts.  Looking good for Deb.

The turn is Tc. Wow, Deb has a boat.  Looking bad for Mdnght, only three outs to hit that king.

Oops, there is another out. The Th came on the river to give them both quad tens but the king kicker raked the pot.  What a way to have your pocket Queens counterfeited.

2nd Hand involved me, just three hands later, only this time I held the queens.

I’m in CO with Qc Qh.  Swanky126 min raised to 300.  I read it as a strong Ace or hopefully a middle pair.  I only had 1415 left so my standard raise of 3x would have been 900 and more than half my stack so I just pushed, expecting to get heads up.  Jewelcard on the button damn near beat me into the pot, all-in, if that is possible online.  And  Swanky called us both. Wouldn’t you know it?  They BOTH turned over pocket kings.  I wish I could say I hit my queen but it didn’t happen.  It was an early night for me this week.

Your first hour leaders were:
  1. Gjones = 5570

  2. bugman22j = 5235

  3. Marti = 5155

  4. Mellow Yellow = 3555

  5. ullr69 = 3070

  6. winforlife = 2955

  7. msrinny02 = 2595

  8. Jewelcard = 2505

  9. Hazy Cat = 2255

  10. unionthug = 2095

It took us a full hour and 5 minutes into the third hour before we got to the final table.  During that second hour Sengar had come from nowhere to take the lead.
  1. Sengar = 10750

  2. Gjones = 8905

  3. bugman22j = 7315

  4. Marti = 6530

  5. Glenso =  5090

  6. Mellow Yellow = 4970

  7. ullr69 = 3380

  8. Jewelcard = 1735

  9. Idblondee = 1685

  10. winforlife = 640

With the antes 50 and the blinds 200/400 the pressure was on the shorter stacks to act quickly.  The blinds caught up to Jewelcard by hand five and he was all-in preflop holding Kc Qc.  Bugman22j had applied the pressure and his Jc Jh looked good.  The Jd on the flop sealed the deal and Jewelcard was the first to exit the final table.

The very next hand winforlife was in the same position in the big blind but he was looking at the pocket rockets As Ah.  When Gjones raised he pushed it all into the middle and went to war.  Gjones showed Qh Td.  A little tin to be making that call.  But the flop hit him big falling Th Js Ts. Winforlife was our 9th place finisher.

Hand 7 and Idblondee is posting the big blind holding Ad Ts.  Ullr69 raised to 2000 on what may have looked like a steal attempt.  It didn’t mater because Idblondee held Ad Ts and was going to make the call anyway.  Ullr69 wasn’t on a steal, though, and showed Qs Qh.  No ace came this time for blondee and she was out in 8th place.  Seven hands into the final table and the short stacks were gone.  Everyone else had 10 BB or more and it was time to go to war.

Over the next fifteen hands Glenso started to apply some pressure and Gjones regained the chip lead.  Bugman22j had been holding his own and had a solid stack as well.  Then hand 24 came down big.  Antes 75 and blinds 300/600 by now.  Bugman limped and Sengar raised to 1200, all folded around to bugman who called to se the flop.  Qc 2h 5s.  Bugman liked that flop and bet 3825.  Sengar said he liked it more and pushed all 7650 of his chips to the middle.  Bugman made the call holding Qh Js.  He had flopped top pair with a good kicker.  But Sengar had been trying to say he had a good hand and the pocket Aces he turned over showed that he was not bluffing.  The aces held up, bugman was gone and Sengar was our new chip leader.  Folks, Sengar is dangerous when he has chips.

Hand 26 and ullr69 joined Gjones in seeing a cheap flop come 9h 5c 2d.  Gjones had 5h 3h in the big blind and had flopped middle pair and a backdoor flush draw.  Ullr69 held Kd 9d for top pair and his own flush draw.  This time the Qh Jh decided the hand for Gjones and ullr69 was sent to the rail on the runner/runner beat.  Bummer.

We were down to the money table with Sengar in the lead with 19K in chips and Gjones close behind with 15K.  Glenso 8K, Mellow Yellow 6K and Marti 1380 rounded out the field.  Marti had cashed but needed to make a move quickly if she was gong to move up the ladder.  Hand 28 and Ac 2h looked good enough to push.  Glenso called from the big blind with Kh 8c.  It was looking good for Marti but the flop hit Glen with the Kc and that was the night for Marti.

Hand 40 and the antes 100 – blinds 400/800.  Sengar raised to 3200 UTG and Mellow Yellow pushed all 4820 from the small blind.  It looked like a failed steal when Sengar turned over Kc 9d and Mellow Yellow countered with pocket nines.  But Sengar hit his three outer when the Kd sat down on the flop.  Mellow Yellow had pushed with my favorite hand but it wasn’t good enough this time.

We were down to three and the stacks were solid.  Hand 49  was a big one.  Gjones raised to 2400 and Glenso pushed all 10795.  He was holding Ks Js and it looked like a good play.  But Gjones held Ah Qd. The board ended up 2d Td Ts 9s Th.  Just enough to tease Glenso but not enough to keep him in the game.  And we were down to two.

That hand had given Gjones the chip lead 29K to 21K.  The heads up match lasted 21 hands.  No big hands or big swings.  Gjones was slowly taking command when the final hand came up.  When the flop came 5d 2d 9c, Sengar was holding 9d Js.  He pushed that top pair – the right play heads up.  Only Gjones hand also flopped top pair and had the Kh to go with his nine. It wasn’t necessary but the Ks came on the turn just to make things clear.  Gjones was our winner.

This was another good tournament and another fun night.

Good luck to everyone in your battles this week.

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