Sunday, January 08, 2006

Guran64 Was On A Roll

Guran64 dropped in from winning the 8:00 PM $2000 Turbo just in time to add the Holdem Affair tonight.  The Swede showed us how the game was played.  He was the chip leader going into the final table and never gave up that position as he rolled over 35 of the best the Holdem Affair has to offer.  Idblondee and Slotcrazy did their best to give him a game but it was Guran’s night tonight.

The first hour saw only 8 players eliminated.  That’s sounds very familiar doesn’t it?  Here are your first hour leaders:
  1. Idblondee = 4955

  2. Papoorboy = 3790

  3. VegasSno = 3285

  4. hawk39 = 2950

  5. xgames4me = 2930

  6. Jennifear = 2525

  7. slotcrazy45 = 2510

  8. goodtime chas = 2130

  9. guran64 = 2120

  10. Jewelcard = 1965

Guran made his charge in the second hour.  Do you see him there in 9th place at the first break?  He is doing OK at 2120 chips but not getting anyone worried yet.  Some of the big names were falling though.  Jennifear out in 17th place, Papoorboy in 14th, even final table regular, Jewelcard,  just couldn’t get anything going and was gone in 16th.  This was an interesting second hour.  The final table was set 1 hour and 47 minutes into the Holdem Affair and look at Guran now.
  1. Guran64 = 16635

  2. Idblondee = 8865

  3. slotcrazy45 = 8655

  4. Glenso = 5295

  5. Shmakal = 3615

  6. Rocknfish = 2680

  7. spideytwo = 2050

  8. Sunbob = 1965  (yes, I limped in)

  9. goodtime chas = 1660

  10. Fisherfries = 1080

By the 18th hand I had climbed into fifth place and was cruising along pretty well with 3250 chips when I ran into spideytwo.  I had raised preflop to 1000 holding Ah Qd and spidey went all-in for 2525 holding pocket eights.  I made the loose call and we were in a race.  The board ended up 9h 4c Jd Ks 4d and I was left with just 665 chips.  The next hand I am UTG holding Qh 4h.  With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300 I knew I had to push.  I had a face card and they were sooooooted.  Rocknfish called with pocket tens.  Rock flopped a set and I flopped a flush draw.  No miracle card for me this week, though, and I was the first to be sent home from the final table.

The next action came on hand 27.  Slotcrazy and Shmakal saw the cheap flop come Ac Th Kc.  Check, min bet, call and the turn is the 3s.  Shmakal min bet 30 and slotcrazy called. The river was the Qc.  Shmakal bet 300 and slotcrazy min raised to 600 taking Shmakal all-in for his 565.  Shmakal showed Ad 6h for top pair but slotcrazy held Kd  Jd and had rivered her gut shot straight.

Hand 36 and Goodtime Chas had been struggling to stay alive on a short stack.  He started the hand with only 1385 and the antes 50, blinds 200/400.  After posting the big blind he saw a cheap flop along with Idblondee. Chas held 6d 3h and the flop came Qs 8s 6h. Well, when you catch a piece of a flop like that and you are short it’s time to push so that he did.  Unfortunately Idblondee made the gutsy call holding only 8c 4d.  That was all she needed to send Goodtime Chas to the rail.

During all of this time Fisherfries had been milking his short stack for all he could.  By hand 40 he had built his stack up to 1650 and pushed all but his last 20 chips into the middle holding big slick.  Slotcrazy held pocket fives and turned them into a full house.  Fisherfries was down to 20 chips and the ante was 50.  He actually doubled up on the next hand but was forced again to play Hand 43 holding Kh 8s.  Spideytwo had Ah Ks and there were no miracle cards for FF this time.  He was gone in 7th place.

I haven’t mentioned  Guran yet.  He has been picking his spots and taking down uncontested pots, retaining his chip lead.  Until hand 49 that is.  Four people saw the unraised flop come 9h Ac 8h.  Two checks to Rocknfish and he bet 1900.  Guran raised to 3800 taking Rock all-in.  Rocknfish held As 6d and had flopped top pair. Definitely a hand you want to play in this spot even with a mid-range kicker.  But Guran showed Ah 9c and two pair.  The 6s on the turn was just the poker gods poking Rock in the eye and he was gone in 6th place.

We had made it to the money table. On the very next hand Idblondee and spideytwo saw the cheap flop come 5d 7d 2s.  Idblondee minimum bet 400 and spidey pushed all 4370 to the middle.  At this stage and with that low flop catching any part of it could be good and spidey held 5c 9d – middle pair.  How was he to know Idblondee held Kd 7c and had the top pair.  The sevens held and spidey settled for 5th place money.

Hand 57 and Guran dealt another death blow.  Glenso was the victim this time.  Glen had 5910 when he posted the 600 big blind.  Two folds to Guran in the small blind and he raised to 1200.  Glenso made the call holding 8c Td and when the flop (Qc Ts Kd) hit him he pushed all 4635 into the middle.  Guran made the call holding As 8h.  Maybe a little loose, Guran?  But it worked when the Ad came on the turn and Glenso was gone in 4th place.

We were down to three and Guran now had over half of the chips in play.  Power poker was now the rule.  Guran started pushing hard and he stole eight of the next 11 hands.  During this time Idblondee was doing her best to push back but on hand it was slotcrazy with pocket sevens that rose to the challenge.  All-in for 3820 from the big blind and guran made the call holding 8d 9h.  Looked good for slotcrazy but the flop came Jd Jc 9c hitting Guran squarely on the head.  Slotcrazy had to settle for third place.

We were heads up with Guran holding 37810 chips and Idblondee only 14690.  The end came quickly, just four hands later.  Idblondee pushed with pocket tens and Guran called with Kh Jd.  The flop and turn came 8d 7c Qc 5h, and it looked like Idblondee was going to double up.  But those poker cards are mean and this time the Kc rivered to end the night.

What a great night.  Excellent poker and even better friends.  Who could ask for more?


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