Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir

The mezzo-soprano had just finished her rendition of "Stand By Me" and in that brief period between the end of the song and the applause from the audience one usually hears rustling and coughing but this time you heard nothing. Total silence - almost as if everyone in the audience needed to catch their breath. Then the silence was broken by a stage whispered - "WOW".

Welcome to the Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir. Fifty-four voices of amazing talent. This group came from Lincoln, Nebraska on a cold and snowy night to share their music with us at St. Paul's. I'm sorry to say that the choir out numbered the audience but that didn't deter them. They still put on an amazing performance.

The Rev and I have sat through many performances of groups coming through - some good, some not so good. This was one of the finest. This was a very entertaining mix of classical music, spirituals, and even more diverse music from other lands.

We joined the group afterwards for coffee and cookies before they went off to spend the night in homes from members of the church. Tomorrow they are off to Marshalltown as they work their back home to Nebraska. I wonder if anyone in Marshalltown knows what they are in for.

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