Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm Feeling Old Today

I'm feeling old today. Last week I wrenched my left hip and was walking with a limp for a few days. Nothing bad, no major problems requiring medical treatment – just a “hitch in my giddy-up” as my grandfather used to say.

Then, yesterday we had a snow storm and my driveway was snowed in. The young man next door was out with his snow-blower taking care of his drive and the “old lady” next to him. I went out and asked if he was for hire. Chad was great and was happy to do my drive as well. That reminded me of earlier years in this house when I was the young man with the snow-blower doing all of the drives.

This just led up to me feeling very old as I went to bed last night. And it got me thinking. . . .

I guess you just might be getting old if:

  • You know how to run a mimeograph machine. (Or even know what they were.)

  • You know how to use a Dictaphone. (The cylinder or big belt kind – not those new fangled ones with the cassette tape.)

  • You know how to use a slide rule.

  • You don't think of The Beatles as Paul McCartney's first band.

  • You know what a “party line telephone” is.

    • Heck, you remember when a “long distance call” was a special event.

    • You remember dial telephones (your really old if you remember crank telephones)

  • As a kid, you called your buddy Gaylord -“Gay”- and nobody thought anything of it.

  • As a kid, you went out to play and all your mom said was “Be home when the street lights come on”.

  • Remember the noon whistle from the fire station?

  • Have you ever used a crystal set?

    • Remember when transistor radios first came out?

  • You remember when the hockey goalie didn't wear a mask. (Heck – you played in the goal without a mask).

  • You remember listening to a World Series game in school and it was the teacher that brought the radio.

Enough of this. Yes, I'm getting old. And you what? I like it.

Stay warm, and may you find


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