Friday, June 13, 2008

We have hit the crest

We have hit the top. It appears the river has crested and it is starting to recede. Looks like the crest was finally 31.12'. That is way over the historic crest of 20' and even significantly over the 23' - 24' that we were expecting when we left work on Wednesday.

This picture is a section of First St. just two blocks downstream from our store. I can't find a better picture and of course I can't get anywhere near our store to take my own picture. The "silo" shaped building is the Science Station, right on the river. The tall building (upper left) is the Ground Transportation Center and the building to the right is the Library.

It looks like it will be a week or more before we will be able to get into that area and reenter our buildings. We shall see.

As always and today even more so, I wish you all

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