Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another shot of the store

This is about the best picture I can find of the store where I work. It is in the lower right quadrant of the picture, right along that stretch of water that used to be a beautiful river. It is the red brick building with two levels. Just to the the left of the white structure with the circular piece over the river. That, btw, is a parking ramp.

This picture was taken yesterday, Friday at the height of the crest. The river finally crested at 31'. The highest it had ever been before was in 1929 when it got to 20'. As you can see, the store is surrounded by water - literally "in the river". The first floor is flooded. This was a traditional, downtown store with windows displays all the way around. We still can't get within 4 blocks of the store today but it appears that many of the windows have been broken and aerial footage showed at least one sofa, a sectional and a refrigerator floating away from the store and downstream.

They say we won't be able to get in until sometime next week to see what we have left. We shall see then what we do next.

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