Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Pictures

These are the windows along First Street. This is down stream so this is where most of the water left the store.
This is a shot of the Third Ave side facing into the main flow of the river. These were all traditional display windows full of furniture and appliances. As you can see, it is all gone. This is where the river came into the store. It has scrubbed this area clean. It even took off the wallpaper.
This is a shot of the main, first floor showroom. This room displayed furniture, televisions and appliances. You can see in the back, the elevator door and the door to the stairs to go up to the other floors. There used to be a reception desk in this area where we greeted customers. That desk is now in the carpet department. In the very back, off to the upper left corner of the screen, is my office. You can just see a corner of the door. That door is swollen shut. I can't yet get into my office. What is interesting, though, is that the display of china, right outside my door is undisturbed and the china is still on the shelves.
I mentioned earlier that some of our stuff was seen floating away during the flood. This shot was taken in front of the library about three blocks away. It looks like a couple of our rugs took out a street sign.
This is further down, in front of the main library entrance. That is a sleeper that got caught by something. Carol wanted to know how I could be sure this came from our store. That actually is pretty easy to confirm, our SKU is written on the bottom.

Now the clean up begins in Cedar Rapids but let's not forget that the crisis is just moving down stream. This water didn't go away, it just moved on. Eventually this water goes into the Iowa River and then the Mississippi River. There will be flooding all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Let's not forget about those people. Our crisis is over. Now it is just a lot of work. Keep those other towns full of people in your prayers as this destruction moves on.

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