Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday and the water is higher

It is Thursday at 1:10 PM and the water is still coming up. It isn't supposed to crest until tomorrow but that prediction was from yesterday and it is raining right now all over Eastern Iowa. Who knows when this will end.

Here are two more photos from this morning. The first is of that bridge that I showed you yesterday. The water was just getting up to the bottom of the deck. Well when the sun rose this morning we could see that the river is now flowing over the bridge.
The second picture is even more telling. This was taken in the middle of the next block from my store. Behind the camera is my store and then the Cedar River. We can't get to the store without a boat now. I took these pictures from the local newspaper's site. I wish I could get a shot of the store where I work. I saw an aerial shot of it on TV and it is now "in the river". We were concerned yesterday that the flooding would get into the basement. Well folks, the water is right now, a good three feet high in the first floor. I'll try to find a picture of that and post it if I can. I guess I am out of business for awhile. Who knows what we will find when the waters recede and we can get back into the store. My office is on the first floor. I imagine my desk is flooded and my computer is under water. The blizzard of papers on my desk is probably now just a soggy mess.
Thank God that no one from our staff has been injured and we are all safe for now.
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