Sunday, July 22, 2007

Holland13 in the End

Holland13 showed some marvelous play the whole night and it paid off in the end. He survived a major scare at the final table to post his first Holdem Affair victory.

As has become my custom – here is my tale.
- - - - -
The word was yabbos and I was in the game. The Holdem Affair was on for Saturday night. It didn’t matter that Beckham was making his MLS debut on ESPN. – we were playing the Holdem Affair. But then we were playing and Beckham wasn’t, so let’s play.

GAME ON!!!!!

I want to apologize to all for last week. I wanted to play and was home in plenty of time. But my Internet connection crapped out on me Friday night and they couldn’t get a tech out until Tuesday. In his defense – the tech was great. He didn’t just give me a new modem but rewired my house out to the pole. My download speed doubled.

I’m in the game tonight along with 32 others. That’s a good field for the Holdem Affair, let’s have some fun.

Thirty minutes in and it looks like Papoorboy has taken the early lead but Holland13 and aktim are right behind.

Awww. Hand 49 and I just busted annieboom when she pushed her pocket jacks into my pair of ladies. She was short stacked thanks to Hazy Cat.

- - - - -

In the 78th minute of the LOS Angeles Galaxy game vs. Chelsea – David Beckham just took the field. Will this be the beginning of a new chapter in US soccer history or just a boring footnote? We shall see.

- - - - -

We made it to the first hour break and we still have twenty players at the tables. Jayzion is our leader. Here is your top 10:
Jayzion = 5590
Aktim = 5540
Holland13 = 4475
Hungry Guppy = 4365
DriveULoonie = 3030
Whrlingdrvish = 2835
PerfectsGirl = 2625
WhoHasMyLytr = 2570
Sunbob = 2550
Twocats = 2310

Hand 107 and I just took out Idblondee when my pocket jacks flopped a boat. G G Blondee.

Hand 109 and I have AK to an A T 4 flop. I bet out and aktim, the only stack close to mine at this table, raised me. I got it all in on the turn only to see aktim turn over A T. Oops. I’m short stacked. Hand 114 and I double up with KK. Back to 970 chips with the blinds 75/150.

It’s bubble time. We are down to 11. The panel says I’m in 10th place. Yech
Now it’s official – I’m in 11th place.

73o . . .94o. . . . All-in with pocket tens. WhoHasMyLytr called with Qx and turned a queen. I’m bubble boy this week.

We have our final table and Holland13 is our chip leader. Here is the board.
Holland13 = 15485
Kryptic = 7450
Aktim = 5365
Hungry guppy = 4500
Twocats = 4225
Hemi Henry = 4170
Jakeylove = 3375
WhoHasMyLytr = 2140
PerfectsGirl = 2080
Miss UB = 710

And now back to the action.

First hand and Miss UB is all-in with only 750 chips and AQ. Jakeylove called with A9 and caught a nine.

Hand 5 and Aktim is gone.

Hand 6 and Jakeylove took out Lytr when Lytr pushed into his pocket aces.

The action is so fast here that I’m missing it.
Okay, short stacks are basically gone and we can play some now. Blinds are 100/200.

Hand 28 and Hemi Henry is desperate. All-in with ace deuce but PerfectsGirl has pocket rockets. Henry is gone.

We are down to six and paying five tonight. And it now is a war.
All the way to hand 54 and the blinds are now 150/300. Holland13 is in solid control of the table but with hungry guppy the shortest stack at 4650, this is still anyone’s match.

Hand 61 and Holland13 rivered his flush to knock out Kryptic.

Hand 63 and Guppy doubled up off PerfectsGirl with AA. PG is in deep trouble. She doubled on the next hand and again on hand 65. She’s back in the game – WOW.

We made it to the break with Holland13 in a comfortable lead and now Hungry Guppy is in second place. Twocats is our short stack with 2320 coming back to post the big blind of 400.

Hand 74 and Twocats just doubled up off guppy when the JJ held up.

Hand 81 and PG pushed 88 only to be called by Jakeylove with 99. It was looking bad until the river 8 showed up. This is getting wild now.

Hand 88 and Twocats doubles up again to stay alive – this time KK.

Twocats is doing his Bee Gees revival – “Stayin Alive”.

Hand 104 and Holland13 is no longer in control. Jakeylove just took a big pot off him and we have a new leader.

Hand 115 and we had a classic race. Holland with AK and PerfectsGirl with TT. The K on the turn was the deciding factor. Two hands later and PerfectsGirl is gone.

Wow I stop to write and Hungry Guppy hits a set of eights to double up and we have a new sheriff in town.

Twocats is still alive. With 2 cats do you get 18 lives?

Okay, by hand 128, it looks like a match between Jakeylove and Hungry Guppy. Holland and Twocats are both desperately short now.

Hand 143 and our cat is done for the night. K5s doesn’t work against Ax when two more aces fall. Great game Twocats.

Down to 3 with the blinds 400/800. Hungry Guppy has the rest of the whole table covered.

Holland13 has climbed back into the game, and now is in second place.

Hand 160 and Holland13 just took out Jakeylove when his JT hit trip tens.

Heads up and it is almost even. Hungry Guppy has the advantage but it is small.

Back and forth they dance. No one will take the lead.

Hand 170 and Holland talked guppy out of a nice pot to steal the lead.

Guppy showed some power poker and it is a dead heat now

There’s more lead changes here than a hobby stock dirt track race.

Hand 194 was big. Guppy pushed 66 and Holland called with A9. Holland hit a nine and Guppy was mortally wounded.

Hungry Guppy pushed on the As 6s 8d flop the very next hand. Holland13 made the call and turned over 8s 5s. Hungry Guppy showed Td 6h. Holland had the better pair on the flop. That turned into the flush when the turn brought the 4s. But he wasn’t done. In an excellent Holdem Affair example of the poker equivalent to a walk off homer, Holland13 rivered the 7s for the straight flush and the win.

That was an amazing heads up match. Actually that whole final table was fun to watch.

Great game. Another fun night of poker with my friends.

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