Sunday, July 08, 2007

Papoorboy gets Number Five

It was a small group this week for the Holdem Affair. Only 18 players sat down to contest the oldest running private tournament on UB. This is the kind of field that the real strong thrive in and this week wasn’t an exception. Papoorboy bested the field and I see some names on the final table list that have proven their worth.

Papoorboy finished first with bugman22j his heads up victim. Slim Shady24 was third to complete the money table. Fatscotsman was fourth and our favorite south sea islander, Tai Pan was our fifth place finisher.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be here tonight but I was playing in a home game. These guys keep asking me to come back even though I have finished in the money 5 out of the last six times I have played. Tonight was no exception as I finished second to a very good newcomer who out kicked me heads up when we both flopped top pair.

Jewelcard was there and says I have to share with you one hand where I got very lucky. I was in EP2 with As Qh and I limped. Tighty was MP2 and he hit me with a 3X BB raise. I knew if he was in the pot he had a hand. Two other calling stations were along for the ride. This was fairly early in the night so when it got back to me I just pushed with about 1200 chips of the 1400 starting stack. When tighty called I figured him for KK. My goal was to get heads up with one of them with the AQ and I was right. The two limpers bailed as they should. Tighty and I both showed AQo with Tighty showing Ah Qs. The flop came with the 8h and the 9h. tighty was calling for two more hearts for the flush. The Th came on the turn and everyone was standing and watching the river. The river was another heart giving Tighty the flush and what he thought was the win. But I interrupted and pointed out it was the Jh that had fallen on the river and I had the straight flush. That doubled me up and put me into position for the rest of the night. It also was good for the high hand side pot so I was assured of getting my buy in back for the night. That made it easy to play a little looser and more aggressively the rest of the night. As it ended up I was able to get down to the final two and just got unlucky in the heads up. I like this home game. They keep giving me their money and inviting me back.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. I watched the fireworks from the roof of our store – right down on the river where they shoot off the fireworks. There are very few perks in my business but that is one of the best.

See you all next week.

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