Sunday, July 01, 2007

DriveULoonie for Two

I missed the Holdem Affair this week as I wandered off “Into The Woods” with my wife and daughter. I made it back in time for the final table. We pick up the action on hand 76 and we are down to 7. I see that I have already missed Hazy Cat being eliminated in 10th and my old friend Jewelcard going down in ninth place. Big Lar8 made it to 8th place before he fell.

We started this week with 34. I’m looking at the list of names here that have been eliminated. Xgames in 34th, Jennifear in 31st, Marti in 26th. Why do I think I missed an interesting night at the tables?

Here is the action.

Oh no, hand 81 and Troiano27 is all-in with A Q and DriveULoonie calls with KK. Troiano27 is gone.

DriveULoonie is dominating this table. Heatquest2006 is in second place.

We have our money table now that we are down to five. VictorDave, Mr. Que, and bugman22j are distant followers.

Hand 96 and Heatquest just doubled up off Loonie.

Oops, but on the very next hand Loonie took out Mr Que.

Hand 98 and Victor Dave took out Bugman22j. Bugman pushed his pocket 99 but VictorDave turned an ace to pair up.

Hand 113 and HeatQuest2006 has a huge chip lead (27960) , Loonie has 18K and VictorDave about 4K.

Hand 114 - Dave is down to his last 1915 and has to push with Q7o. Loonie has A8o and VictorDave is gone.

Heads up and it is a dead heat now. DriveULoonie and Heatquest2006.

Loonie takes the early advantage.

By hand 130 he has double the stack of Heat Quest.

Loonie is pushing but Heatquest is staying alive.

On hand 140 Heatquest doubled up and we are back to near even.

Hand 146 and it is over. Heatquest pushed with A 7o but DriveULoonie held KK. The rulers held up and DriveULoonie takes his second Holdem Affair title.

Way to go folks. That was a good table to watch.

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