Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coachstove Rolled

Forty-one sharks sat down tonight to contest the Holdem Affair. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to defend my title tonight but I got back in time to catch the final table. Coachstove was the story of the final table tonight. It was good to see my old friend, Jewelcard, back in action. Good showing to you Jewelcard for making the final table. And a newcomer in Blue eye-s? I don’t remember seeing you at the tables before. Excellent showing finishing seventh.

Since the latest upgrade to UB no longer works with my hand grabber I am left to write this as it happens. It’s a little bit choppy but maybe a better piece for the change.

Von ebb was our leader going into the final table. Corn grinder and slick63 right behind. Here is your leaderboard.
Von ebb = 12480
Corn Grinder = 8295
Slick63 = 8230
Rshocker = 7800
Coachstove = 7115
Blue eye-s = 6300
Glenso = 3910
HooterHanna = 3430
Big Lar8 = 2175
Jewelcard = 1765

With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300, Jewelcard and big lar8 were the short stacks. Big Lar8 went out on the tenth hand when he pushed AJs and was called by slick with A8. An eight on the flop spelled doom for Lar8.

Jewelcard was now the only short stack. Jewelcard pushed from the button on a 4KK flop and won a 2175 pot to get some breathing room, just before the second hour break.

The blinds are now 200/400. Glenso is all in and gets called by Corn Grinder with JJ. Oops, Glenso has played his pocket rockets very well and doubled up.

But the very next hand he hits a set of tens only to be beaten by Coachstove hitting a straight. Glenso is now in big trouble with only 1530 in chips. All-in on the next hand and Glenso takes the pot.

Coachstove has taken the lead from von ebb. Hanna and Jewelcard are the shorties now. That’s four blind steals now for Glenso and he is in good shape now with 6330 chips. Hooter pushed pocket deuces against Coachstove with AQ. Coach hit his queen on the flop and we are down to eight.

Jewelcard is all-in with A4s vs. Slick with pocket nines – The nines held up and Jewelcard is gone in 8th place.

Corn Grinder is the only short stack now. Coachstove is dominant with 19910 and slick63 is second with 10045. Oh my Blue Eye-s just ran into Glenso holding a pair of kings and is gone. Blue eye-s caught a full house, jacks full of sixes but those kings turned into a full house, kings full of jacks. What a way to go down.

We are down to six and it is bubble time. The blinds have gone through grinder and he has to make a move soon with only 1260. Corn grinder pushed pocket nines and was called by slick62 with A2. The board showed KQJT and slick had the better straight. Bummer Corn Grinder.

Von ebb is all-in and lost to coachstove who paired his jack. Down to four. Coach has 24215 and slick is on the other end with 9655. Is coach going to run away with this table? Let’s find out.

Slick just busted to coachstove. Pocket queens looked good against big slick until the ace fell on the river.

Coachstove now has twice as many chips as the other two combined. Rshocker is short now but so is Glenso. Both are trying to find their spot to double up. Rshocker pushed A6o and got called by coach with A J. Heads up action now.

53K to 10K – good luck Glen.

That’s it – Coachstove called an all-in with second pair to Glenso with top pair. But he paired his top card for the win.

Excellent game folks. This was a fun one to watch.

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