Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunbob Comes From Behind

Okay folks. This is going to be a strange write up this week. Mainly because I was writing it while I played and I never busted out. In fact, I came from way down early at the final table to bust Hazy Cat to win it all.

We started with 39 tonight and we were down to 29 by the first hour break. Luckie In Luv was our chip leader but it was Hazy Cat that was the dominant force for the first hour.

Hazy Cat took back control of the lead in the second hour. But Luckie was right up there with him. I made a brief run at those two early in the second hour but fell back when a couple of plays went sour.

By the time we got down to 20, Hazy Cat was sitting pretty and Luckie was right behind him. Houn had climbed into third place and Glenso was fourth. I had fallen back to 13th place. We were just one hour and 33 minutes into the Holdem Affair.

The next ten are going pretty quickly. CoachstoveSr sent Papoorboy and Marti packing when his pocket tens went to quads.

Hey, I’ve been struggling with a short stack but at least I made it to the final table. One hour and 59 minutes into the event we found ourselves down to 10. And Hazy Cat is still our leader. Here is your final table.
Hazy Cat = 14675
Glenso = 9495
Dissident11 = 6695
Houn = 6110
Michele1024 = 6050
Coachstove = 5040
Luckie In Luv = 5145
Sunbob = 2500
Mellow Yellow = 2155
Wiiiiii = 1635

Wiiiiii was the first to go. Pocket nines don’t work against AJ when two more jacks show up on the board.

Now I’m the short stack. All-in or nothing will be my play. I just need to find my spot. But its time for the break and a few puffs on my cigar.

Okay, we are back from the second hour break. I have to make a play. The blinds are coming up and I have only 2525 with the antes 50 and the blinds 200/400. K Jo in the big blind. All fold to Coach on the button who raised – here I go. He had A2 and I spiked a jack. Double up time. I’m good for awhile now.

Coach and Mellow Yellow are the shorties now – 2590 and 2580.
I just busted Mellow Yellow when he pushed with A9 and I had A Jo. Lucky for me.

OMG, Luckie just pushed with KK and Dissident busted her when he caught a four card flush.

I just busted Coachstove when he pushed with A8 and I called with big slick. I’m now in second place right behind Hazy Cat.

Its bubble time. We are down to six and paying five. Can I at least cash tonight? We are at 300/600 and Houn has 3135. Let’s see how it goes.

Houn is gone – he just pushed with K9 and got called by Michele who paired her ace. I’m ITM and still in second place. Hazy Cat is pulling away from all of us though.

Hazy Cat just took out Dissident. The sick part is – I folded pocket sixes to the raise and push. The board flopped two more sixes.

Hazy just flopped a flush to knock out Glenso.

I just took Michele all-in with my 99 and she had AK. She caught a king. Now I’m the short stack.

A couple of timely steals and I’m back in the hunt.

I just busted Michele and I am in the lead – HEADS UP time.

Can you believe it – I can’t. I just caught a flush when Hazy Cat flopped two pair to bust him and win it all. Oh my. What a night. This has been the strangest story.

Great game everyone.

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