Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jennifear On the Turn

We started with 36 this week. And by the time I was able to join the railbirds we were down to 21. That was just one hour and fifteen minutes into the Holdem Affair.

Jennifear was holding court on table 4 with Rankdizzle and phipsi04 in close pursuit.

We are down to 2 tables now. Jenn is still presiding over table 4 and lets see who is at table 1. Looks like Annieboom has a slight lead over big lar8 and some others. This table is pretty evenly matched.

HappyHeadedMo is playing on table1. I like that name. If that isn’t a parody of the Imus debacle, it should be. BTW, Mo is leading at that table right now.

Thunder knocked out Burldog on table 4 and now we have a new Holdem Affair leader at the 1 hour 30 minute mark. We are down to 16.

We are now down to 12 and Rankdizzle is in the lead. Time to set the final table. It’s bubble time.

Annieboom is getting short here – she has to do something this orbit. Here come the blinds and she didn’t move. Horrible cards – she says. 935 and posting a 300 big blind. She caught the free ride. All-in from the small blind with A9 but msrinny had pocket jacks. Msrinny rivered her set and Annie is gone.

Now it is Michele1024 with just 155. She has to do something in the next 3 hands. Here she goes. 2 callers in the blinds. QTo isn’t good enough and we have our final table.

Here is your leader board:
Jennifear = 14680
Rankdizzle = 9595
HappyHeadedMo = 5965
Thunder3 = 5925
Big lar8 = 4765
Msrinny02 = 4195
Phipsi04 = 3970
BareAce = 2690
PerfectsGirl = 1450
Marti = 765

Jennifear is our leader. That always makes for a scary table when you occupy another seat. But it’s fun when you are on the rail, looking on, as I am right now.

Marti picked up a nice pot in the first orbit and it looks like PerfectsGirl and BareAce are the shorties now. The blinds are 150/300 and they have about 1500. The blinds have gone through them both and now they have about 1100 – they have to move soon. Who is going to go first? There goes BareAce with AJs and he is called by Jennifear with a weaker ace. The Jack takes the pot and BareAce has a bit of breathing room.

Ouch, Thunder just pushed a packet pair into phipsi who paired his ace. Thunder now has just 280. The antes have kicked in and the orbits are no longer free.

Thunder is UTG +1 and all-in with 99 but PG flopped a flush and knocked him out. Not enough chips for PG to really get healthy though.

Marti just knocked out PerfectsGirl when her AT hit the straight and busted PG’s big slick. Evil Marti is at the table tonight.

Marti just took a 3750 pot from Rankdizzle as an encore.

Its break time and we are down to eight. Jennifear is still in command but phipsi is a close second. BareAce now has only 1005 and will come back to be in the cut off. When we come back the antes will be 50 and the blinds 200/400.

BareAce is all-in and Marti called with AKo. A9 for BareAce wasn’t good enough and we are down to seven.

HappyHeadedMo is our shorty now with only 2850, OTB. Whoa, a blind steal and then a push and Mo knocks out Big Lar8 to take us down to six. Paying five tonight and we have the money table bubble.

Msrinny is shortest now but has 4390. Not desperate quite yet.
Jennifear just pushed her 44 too hard and ran into Rankdizzle with pocket rockets. Oops.

Phipsi raised and Marti re-raised. All-in preflop. QQ vs. JJ and the jack hit the set. Marti is gone. Wow. Phipsi04 is now our leader.

Jennifear just took out Mo when she turned two pair. We are down to four and Jennifear has a stack.

Msrinny just pushed into Jennifear and Jenn turned two pair again. And then there were three.

Phipsi has re-raised Jenn off a couple of pots now. This could get interesting.

Several hands of steals now. Just swapping the blinds for awhile.

We saw a flop and Rankdizzle missed his flush draw against Jennifear and the turned pair of aces. Its heads up time. Jenn with 38000 chips and phipsi with 15000.

A dozen hands and no gains made either way. This could be a battle.

Phipsi is gaining ground. Well, not for long. Jenn is taking it back.

This is a war. Oooooooooo. Phipsi just took a nice pot and the lead.

Phipsi has turned the tables. OMG, Phipsi called Jenn’s all-in with a set of Jacks and Jenn rivered a straight. The tide has turned again.

Jennifear is our winner. Phipsi had to push and Jenn hit her deuce for the pair.

Great game to all. I hope I will be able to play next week.

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