Sunday, April 15, 2007

DriveULoonie Took Us for a Ride

Thirty-six sat down this week to go after the Holdem Affair crown. Marti pulled out the bazookas to entice the masses this week.

I’m experimenting with a new writing style for these events. I’m writing the final table as it happens. I hope I will be able to catch some more of the feel of the event this way.

As I pick up the action we are down to 13, one hour and 50 minutes into the event. Hazy Cat appears to be dominating the action at his table but he has some tough competition still to face. Kate Starbird, SusieQue, Luckie in Luv, xgames4me and thunder3 are all wanting to take him down a peg or two. And – wow- it just happened. Xgames just busted Hazy Cat when Hazy hit a flush and xgames a full house. Wow, as I was setting up to write Hazy had been rolling over everyone and now he is out. Down to 12 already.

The other table just busted two and we are down to our 10. I’m not even sure what happened. One hour and 56 minutes into the Holdem Affair. Here is your final table:
Thunder3 = 10750
Xgames4me = 7970
DriveULoonie = 6580
Burldog44 = 4965
Kate Starbird = 4940
Gjones = 4475
VictorDave = 4165
Nutty = 3685
SusieQue = 3650
Luckie In Luv = 2820

The antes are 25 and the blinds 150/300. Luckie in Luv is our shortest stack with 2795. Looks like we have room for some action.

Hand 4 and Luckie just pulled down a nice pot to get out of the pressure cooker. Now Victor Dave is short with 2415.

Oh my, xgames just pushed his pocket 8s against thunder with Jto. A jack on the flop and we are down to nine.

By hand 10 Luckie has climbed into third place.
Hand 13 – nutty is all-in with AK of hearts and that darn thunder3 has pocket rockets. We are now dealing to eight. And Thunder3 is running over this table.

Hand 15 and Victor Dave pushes to steal the blinds. He tried it again and Kate called. A Qs vs. Kate with pocket tens. Wow, two hearts on the flop and the ten of hearts came on the river but that also gave Kate the full house. Kate Starbird now has some chips and we are down to seven as we go to the second hour break.

As we come back from the break, Thunder is in great shape with 22705. Kate Starbird is in 2nd with 8455. SusieQue is now our short stack with 2300. The antes are 50 and the blinds 200/400.

The blinds have gone through Susie and she is down to 1350. She will have to move this orbit. Kate opened for 1100 and Susie just pushed her last 1200. AJ for Kate and A8 for Susie. The table showed two eights and SusieQue doubled up.

Hand 30 and Susie just talked Burldog out of a 4650 pot to get very healthy. And the very next hand she doubled up again off Kate when Kate pushed big slick into Susie’s pocket rockets. Susie now has 15400 chips and a solid 2nd place. Kate is down to 940 and all-in. gjones called with 5 2o and hit two deuces on the flop. Kate is done for the night.

Bubble time. We are down to six and paying five. Burldog is all-in with QJ o vs. thunder with K Qo. Burldog is gone and we have our money table.

Thunder is still in the lead but SusieQue is a solid second. We are just swapping chips right now.

Hand 45 and gjones pushes – no callers. The blinds are now 300/600 and antes 75. Hand 48, gjones opened and DriveULoonie pushed over the top. A Jo to KQ clubs for Loonie and the board shows four clubs to double up DriveULoonie and bust gjones.

Hand 59 and Luckie pushes TT to A4 for Loonie. The flop brings an ace and Luckie In Luv is done for the night.

Thunder has 31K in chips, DriveULoonie has 11K and SusieQue has 10K. Hand 67 and Susie pushed AQ and was called by thunder with AT. The queen held up.

Hand 69 - Loonie just pushed A4 into thunder with AK. The four paired on the river and Loonie is in the chip lead. Thunder has gotten very unlucky here the last few hands.

Steals and jockeying the next dozen hands and Susie got the best of it. She is now in the lead. Hand 93 and we finally saw a showdown.

Hand 95 and thunder pushes deuces against Loonie with A8. The eight paired and Thunder is gone.

Heads up and DriveULoonie has the lead.
Hand 110 and we have some action. The flop came Ts 2c Td. Loonie bet 800, Susie raised to 3100 and Loonie re=raised to 5400. Susie thought about it and made the call. The turn was the 4c. Loonie bet 16200 and SusieQue pushed the rest of her 5350 chips to make the call. The river was the 4d. Susie had pushed one card too late with Kc Qs. DriveULoonie held 7c 4s and had spiked a pair and rivered the full house.

DriveULoonie is our new Holdem Affair champion.

Great game Loonie and also SusieQue.

What a pleasure to watch this final table. I will probably miss next week’s game as well. My Cedar Rapids Roughriders, USHL hockey team, will be playing in the post season tournament next Saturday night. We lost tonight and it cost us the regular season cup. We have got to go on to win the Clark Cup. But don’t worry, I’ll be on the rail for the final table and bring you all the story.

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