Saturday, March 17, 2007

LazerRic Cuts Through

Our old friend LazerRic showed up tonight in the disguise of Pecker Head. And he lived up to his new pseudonym by taking down the Holdem Affair field in a wild night of poker.

The roller coaster ride of playing hands on my table made Disney World look like a Des Moines fun park. Early on I was down to 200 chips then I was in 5th place by the first hour break. I eventually busted out in 12th place of this 36 person field. Rankdizzle was on the same ride and jumped off in 16th place after leading at least once.

Skippy2 was our first hour leader and by the time we set the final table Skippy was still leading the pack. I guess that table wasn’t as crazy.

Here is your final table:
Skippy2 = 14620
Pecker Head (LazerRic) = 12670
Papoorboy = 6305
Azale = 5225
Stevob19 = 4025
DebiMac = 2825
Winforlife = 2625
BirdsinDirt = 2400
SuperrSam = 2325
Princess1379 = 980

Princess was the short stack going in and after fighting into a full stack got clobbered by Azale with pocket queens.

BirdsinDirt is the short stack now. All-in with A9o and she flops 99A. Not short anymore. Winforlife had big slick but that was no match. Now winforlife is desperate with only 375 chips. The big blind takes him all-in, Q2 vs. 76s and he splits the pot. Small blind still has him desperate. Now BirdsinDirt is all-in with JJ against Pecker Head with A9 and the flop comes 9A9. What did I tell you about these tables? Birdie is gone.

The very next hand winforlife goes out to Azale when Azale spikes a 9 to pair up. BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, nines were the hot rank tonight.

SuperrSam pushes with pocket queens and is called by Stevob19 with A7o. The flop brings an ace and a seven and Sam is toast. It just didn’t pay to have the best hand on the flop tonight.

We are down to six and now it is DebiMac on life support. 100 chips and they are all in the middle holding J5o. Papoorboy has pocket eights and we are down to 5.

We have our money table and no desperate shorties. Time for poker.

With the blinds 300/600, Pecker Head is our leader with 17495 and Papoorboy is shortest with only 6380. The blinds go through pa and the 75 antes are eating him up. He can still be patient – but not for long. Stevob19 tries a steal from the small blind but Azale holds him off. Steve is in trouble now and is all-in on the next hand with Q8s. Pa called but Steve won the hand. Now Pa is down to 2330 and all-in with A8s vs Azale with big slick. But the table pairs his 8 and he doubles up. Stevob19 caught a flush from the small blind and doubles up to 6000. This is a battle, folks.

Pa is all-in from the button with no callers. Next, a pretty blind steal from the cut off for Steve to stay alive. Now Pa pushes his pocket tens and Steve falls with the call. Steve has to push now and gets two callers. Steve is gone in 5th place.

Pecker Head is still our leader but now Pa is in second. Azale is the short stack with 6600. But a button steal and he is back to 11300. This table is evening out. Azale with 10K to Pecker Head with 16K.

Just passing chips around for now, waiting for a chance. Azale takes a pot from Skippy and we have a new leader in Azale. Pa pushes A3s into Skippy with pocket eights. The eights held up and Papoorboy is gone in 4th place.

Azale and Pecker Head see a flop come K4K. Pecker Head takes the pot and gets back the lead.

There’s more sparring here than a heavyweight boxing camp. And Oliver Twist could learn a thing or two from the thievery. Pecker Head is getting the best of the sparring and has the lead now. Wow, now Skippy has the lead. Oops a fight broke out. Azale went after Pecker Head and failed. We are heads up now.

Skippy almost evened the gap but then PH pulled away again. No power plays here, this is sparring. Ops, spoke too fast. Wow, one knock out blow from Pecker Head and the match is over. Skippy had AKo and Pecker Head had QJs when the flop came QJ9. Skippy took the bait and Pecker Head took him down.

What a beautiful final table. A roller coaster ride of a night for all of us.

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