Saturday, March 10, 2007

MagikCowboy Rides Again

MagikCowboy was our winner tonight but its hard not to think that Agro is the story. It was a masterful battle by Agro to come back from the dead to finish in second place. But that would ignore the masterful play of MagikCowboy. He may not have been as spectacular or as exciting but he very calmly controlled the final table right through to the final hand. MagikCowboy was in the chip lead when we got to the final table and was still healthy when we got down to the money table. Patient, steady play was his strategy and tonight that was the answer.

Thirty-eight sat down this week and it was newcomer Ezekiel who led the pack after the first hour. BunaBoy1 was close behind and our gracious hostess Marti was in third place.

Ezekiel didn’t last through the second hour. This can be a vicious field and it took its toll this week. Marti was our bubble girl this week. The second hour just ate her up as well. MagikCowboy rose to the top as we approached the final table. Here is your leader board.
MagikCowboy = 15070
Big Lar8 = 11675
BunaBoy1 = 8690
BirdsinDirt = 4815
Agro = 4480
nutty = 3665
DaleT = 3570
Tai Pan = 2450
bugman22j = 1320
verbalkint = 1265

Verbalkint fell on the second hand when his ace/six fell to nutty with pocket eights.

Bugman22j fell on the very next hand. Ace Jack suited just isn’t good enough when Big Lar8 holds ace/queen.

BirdsinDirt held big slick but ran into MagikCowboy with King/ten. MagikCowboy caught the straight and our dirty bird was done for the night.

Tai Pan was the next to fall when he got clobbered by Big Lar8 and his big slick.

Agro was the last of our short stacks when we went to the second hour break. He won the first hand when they got back to get a little bit of breathing room. He patiently waited through three orbits and then doubled up through DaleT but he was still short. We were paying 5 tonight so it was bubble time. Being patient was a sound strategy for a short stack. The antes were eating him up when he got ace/king but DaleT turned over a slick of his own. King/ten flopped a straight and now he is a little healthier. The very next hand he won a pot off chip leader, MagikCowboy and now he was up to 7635. Breathing room with the blinds 300/600. Nutty is now the short stack with only 5235 in the big blind. But he caught a pair on the flop and won the pot. Agro has now gone from desperate to second place. Nutty and DaleT are both short.

The fortunes have shifted and now Big Lar8 is on the short stack with only 4980. DaleT is healthy now and in 2nd place with Agro close behind.

OMG, DaleT is gone. Agro saw the flop with him come down AQJ and pushed. DaleT had an Ace but Agro had KT and had flopped the miracle straight. DaleT bubbled this week. And the money table is set. Agro has gone from near death to the chip lead.

BigLar8 is down to 1180 and has to push. MagikCowboy caught his flop and Big Lar8 is gone.

Nutty goes in with AJ against MagikCowboy with pocket tens. He flopped his jack but Magik caught the four card flush.

Agro and Magik double teamed BunaBoy the very next hand and Magik caught the flop. We were now heads up.

Hand 84 is the start and MagikCowboy has the dominant stack. But Agro stole the lead on hand 87. Wow, Magik caught a straight on hand 90 and wrestled back into the lead. MagikCowboy just wore Agro down little by little until by hand 112 Agro had only 3410 when they saw the flop. Magik took the pot and the next hand Agro had to go all-in with 7 5. MagikCowboy turned over pocket kings and it was over. MagikCowboy had never really been in trouble during the whole final table but, boy, you can’t say that for Agro. This was an exciting final table. Great game to all of you.

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