Saturday, January 27, 2007

HurQueRock Goes All The Way

It was a quick Holdem Affair tonight.  Thirty-three of our finest sat down tonight and just two and a half hours later it was HurQueRock with all the chips.  Last week’s winner, Spideytwo, was the first to exit our final table.  He went up against Glenso in a battle of the blinds and found out Glenso wasn’t bluffing.

Skippy2 was our second casualty from the final table when flopped a flush and drew skippy2 into the middle.

Slick63 was the next to fall.  Jennifear’s aggressive style set her up to bust slick when he pushed over the top of what had to look like a re-steal.  Slick63 held pocket queens and I would have pushed also.  But this time Jennifear held pocket kings.  Slick63 was dead in 8th place.

Marti bit the dust a couple hands later.  Pocket sevens and all-in against bugman22j showing us big slick.  An ace on the flop and our hostess was relegated to cheering from the rail.

The very next hand our money table was set when Glenso took on rshocker.  Ac 8c looks pretty good when the table is on the bubble. But who would have guessed that another slick would be dealt the very next hand?  Rshocker was the happy soul holding Ad Kh.  An ace on the flop and a king on the river was all it took.  Glenso was bubble boy tonight and our money was set.

Jennifear was our leader with 14275.  HurQueRock was second with 13170, rshocker was right behind with 12095.  bugman22j was fourth with 6670 and sajules was fifth behind just 3290 in chips.

Jennifear nailed bugman22j on hand 38.  Pocket aces have tendency to do that against pocket sevens.

Hand 43 and sajules ran into HurQueRock with pocket sixes.  Sajules saw a free flop from the big blind fall 5d 4d 4c.  She only held 8d 5h but that was top pair on a low board.  Jules pushed but HurQueRock made a good call to put her out.

We were down to three and now HurQueRock dominated.  In fact, I could argue that the tournament was now over.  Just three hands later pushed her pocket tens into the middle but HurQueRock held two jacks.

Before anyone really knew it, we were heads up and HurQueRock was a big leader 34K to 15K in chips.  Rshocker put up a good fight but never really could overcome that difference.  Hand 60 and the flop comes Jh Jc 9d.  Rshocker held 9c 4h and bet into the pot to be met by a very smooth call.  When the turn brought a harmless 2d, rshocker pushed the action.  That was when HurQueRock sprung the trap.  Jd 4c and flopped trips gave HurQueRock the hand and a first Holdem Affair victory.

Congratulations to all.  It was another great night.

With all that is going on in Iran this week, I wish you all  PEACE.

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