Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mister SGB Wins His First

The name may not be familiar to many of the Holdem Affair regulars but after tonight we will know Mister SGB – and I think we should call him sir.  He put on a masterful showing tonight to take down his first Holdem Affair. Mister SGB was in sixth place at the first hour break with rshocker leading the way and Guran64 in a close second place.   Mister SGB was close on the heels of Guran64 when we went to the final table.  It was those same two names when Mister SGB put out SusieQue to lead us all into the money table.  Mister SGB held a slight lead at this time over Guran64.

Those two continued their dominant play as we finished out the night.  Guran64 handed Papoorboy fifth place honors when his AQ spiked a queen on the flop to bust Papoorboy holding big slick.

Then our favorite Swede dealt with HolyDuces in a similar manner when his Ah 3d went up against HolyDuces showing Ad Qc.  This time it was the 3s on the river that did the trick.

The very next hand Guran was at it again.  This time it was xtjbird13x that discovered that even pocket kings wasn’t good enough to go up against Guran when he had an ace in his hand.  This time Ac 6s turned into a spade flush and TJ was done for the night in third place.

So heads up we go.  Guran64 had been doing all the work getting the two of them to the finish and his chip stack showed the benefit.  Guran64 – 43575 and Mister SGB – 23925.  But the Swedish magic didn’t work on Mister SGB.  Hand 72 and Mister SGB pushes all 17425 into the middle with Kh Kc.  Guran, didn’t you know that 9h 9c wasn’t your hand?  It didn’t have an ace with a shitty kicker to bust that big hand.  Mister SGB took the lead with that hand, won a small pot on the next hand and ended it the following hand when they were all-in before the flop.  Guran held Kc 9c and Mister SGB pocket nines.  No miracle river this time for my Swedish cousin and Mister SGB was our winner.

See you all next week.  I hope you all have a safe and healthy 2007.  And let’s all pray we find,


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