Sunday, February 04, 2007

RayNCallie is a Winner

RayNCallie (actually) Callie posted her first Holdem Affair victory tonight and it was a battle to the finish. She was in 14th place after the first hour and was in fifth place when the final table was seated. She battled hard in the final table. When we were down to the final four she hit the chip leader, Papoorboy, hard when Pa tried a re-steal with Ah 2h and Callie held big slick. That doubled her up and gave her a commanding chip lead.

By the time we hit the heads up match it was actually Gjones with the lead – 36K to 25K. That was hand 88. The heads up battle lasted an even 90 hands. The truly killing blow actually occurred 27 hands earlier. It was a classic heads up hands. Both called to see the cheap flop come Js 6d Qs. Callie bet 3500 and Gjones raised to 7000. Callie pushed it all to the middle and Gjones made the call. When they turned the cards over we all laughed. Callie showed Qh 6s. Gjones turned over Qd 6h. Both had flopped identical two pairs. We all expected a split pot. Then the turn was the As and the river the Ks. Callie had managed the runner/runner flush. Oh my this is a cruel game at times. That gave Callie 46780 and Gjones was down to 14720. Jones lasted another 26 hands but the die was cast. This night belonged to Callie.

Forty-one sat down tonight in the very first Holdem Affair where we could enter ourselves using the new password registration. WTG UB – it’s about time. Marti will be thanking you for months, I’m sure. When we eventually seated the final table Sengar was our leader. How many times have I said that? It seems like that should be a saved sentence that I just add to every story. Here is your leader board:
Sengar = 14280
Burldog44 = 12525
Gjones = 10025
Papoorboy = 6825
RayNCallie = 6215
mdg2003 = 3540
skippy2 = 3025
Mellow Yellow = 2550
PerfectsGirl = 1615
Idblondee = 900

Folks, that is one mean final table. Idblondee was the first to fall when her Ah Qc ran into Gjones holding pocket jacks. The jacks held and Idblondee was done.

Skippy was next when pocket queens weren’t good enough against Sengar with Ah Qd. The board turned an ace and skippy2 was peanut butter. (Sorry about that – I couldn’t resist).

Hand 36 and PerfectsGirl pushes her Ac Qd only to run into Papoorboy with pocket sevens. The sevens held and PG was done. For the night.

Hand 41 and this time it was Sengar on the short end. Sengar pushed his As Qd into Mellow Yellow holding two. Kings. The mellow one hit a monster flop when it filled his boat with sevens - 7c 7h Kd. Sengar had to settle for seventh place this week.

Hand 49 was when Callie started her charge. Burldog pushed his Ac 6h and Callie looked him up with Ah Qs. That A/Q wasn’t helping others tonight but it was golden this hand. Burldog was our bubble boy.

Money table time and Callie has the lead with 20160. Followed by Papoorboy with 16930, Mellow Yellow = 10550, Gjones with 8100 and mdg2003 with just 5760.

Just three hands into the money table mdg2003 is dealt big slick. Time to double up or die. Unfortunately Gjones had a pair of ladies in his hand and mdg was sent to the rail.

By hand 67 the stacks ranged from Mellow Yellow with 17K to Gjones with 13K. In other words, it was a tight match. Then Gjones hi Mellow Yellow and a couple of hands later Callie clobbered Papoorboy. Our eventual winners had staked their claim to this table.

Hand 71 saw Gjones finish off Papoorboy when his Ah Jh turned into Jacks full of kings.

Mellow Yellow is always a force if he even has a short stack and he battled hard to get back into this match. He was even making some progress in reeling those other two in when his Jd Td ran into Gjones with pocket sevens. The 7h on the flop was all it took. Mellow Yellow was our third place finisher.

That was hand 87 and our heads up match lasted until hand 178. I had some of the gallery asking if this was the longest HEADS UP match. I’m not sure what the official stat is because I don’t archive the hands histories but in reviewing the story archives it looks like Verbalkint holds the record when he beat me heads up in a match that went an even 100 hands. That was in August of 2005. (Doesn’t that sound a little strange – Yes we have been going for over two years.)

Congratulations to Callie for her excellent win. I will see you all next week.

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