Saturday, July 29, 2006

Glenso Again

Glenso started the year with a Holdem Affair victory and he ended July with another.  Thirty-six players this week but Glenso was the cream that rose to the top.  Hazy Cat was the heads up foil.  TxBullet1961 posted her first money finish taking down the third place money.  Spideytwo took fourth and Von Ebb was fifth.  Except for TXBullet1961, those are some familiar names and very well known games.  Another excellent Holdem Affair final table.

Thirty-six started tonight and we were down to 24 by the first hour break.  That is a lot more action than usual.  Guess this field is getting more aggressive in the first hour.  Here is your leader board:
  1. lisa1433 = 7870

  2. Papoorboy = 3985

  3. spideytwo = 3810

  4. Hazy Cat = 3570

  5. brendasworld = 3285

  6. Glenso = 3200

  7. fisherfries = 2960

  8. von ebb = 2720

  9. Unionthug = 2350

  10. sajules = 2005

I see a couple of new names on that leader board.  That is great to see.  Welcome.

The final table came along fairly quickly as well.  This tournament was moving right along.  Is the action getting fiercer?  I think the waters must be hot on this summer’s night because the sharks were voracious.  Here is your final table.
  1. nicnac16 = 11110 (wow- you were in 17th less than an hour ago)

  2. Glenso = 9110

  3. TxBullet1961 = 8310

  4. Hazy Cat = 7250

  5. lisa1433 = 6985

  6. bugman22j = 2860

  7. spideytwo = 2725

  8. von ebb = 2010

  9. marti = 1870

  10. fisherfries = 1770

Half that table had to feel short stacked when the first hand was dealt but it was hand 17 before our first victim was sent off.  With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300 – our hostess Marti (was that EvilMarti?) limp/re-raised Hazy Cat holding just Ah 5h. But this steal was doomed when our favorite mouser called with Ad 6s.  Wow – gutsy call.  But the board came up diamonds and Hazy Cat caught the flush.  Marti was gone.

The very next hand spideytwo opened all-in UTG and bugman22j called with Kc Qh.  Spidey had him covered and also turned over pocket sixes.  The flop gave him his set and our resident super hero sent bugman off to the showers.

Okay, the blinds are getting to people now and on hand 23 Fisherfries opened and got one caller in Glenso.  The flop came Tc Jd 7d, fisherfries threw out a minimum bet and Glenso raised.  FF didn’t heed the warning and called.  The turn brought the Qh hitting Fisherfries who was holding Kc Qs.  He went all-in but Glenso was happy to call.  He held 7h 7s and had flopped his set.  He had tried to warn Fisherfries but FF was sent to the fryer in eighth place.

The action continued to be very strong and by hand 32 Lisa1433 open pushed with her pocket sevens.  Hazy Cat made the call with As Qd and flopped the Qc.  That was it for Lisa.  Glenso was now in the chip lead with nicnac right behind him.

Nicnac was hit hard on hand 37 when her pocket tens ran into the pocket jacks of von ebb.  Von Ebb suddenly got healthy and Nicnac now was on the short stack.

Nicnac lasted until hand 46 when she pushed her As Jc on a 9c Kh Ac flop.  But TxBullet1961 turned over Ad Kc and that was the night for Nicnac16.  We were at the money table before we knew it with TxBullet holding a slight lead over Glenso.

Spideytwo was the short stack but took 5 of the next 8 hands to climb into the middle of the field.  He actually made it to second place by hand 66.

Hand 68 and von ebb had only 4715 chips with the antes 75 and the blinds 300/600.  He had to make a move soon and this was the time.  All-in holding Kh Th but TxBullet had Ac Qd and made the call.  The Qs joined the party on the flop and von ebb was gone in 5th place.  The field was pretty tight now spread between TxBullet with 16340 and Spideytwo with 10415.  It was anyone’s game at this point.

Hand 72 and Spideytwo was pushing hard with his Kd Qh but that darn Glenso wouldn’t go away.  And why should he when you can turn over Kc Ks? No miracles for Spidey this time and he settled for 4th place money.  Down to three and Glenso is putting some distance on the field.  

Hazy Cat reeled him in, though, by hand 79 and took a slight lead.  Glenso took it back on the very next hand.  It was going to be that kind of a battle.  Hand 83 and the mouser was back in charge.  During this TxBullet was falling back but trying hard to stay in the running.  

Glenso and Hazy Cat were going after each other on almost every hand, then lightening struck.  Hand 94 and the blinds were 400/800.  Glenso min-raised to 1600 and Hazy Cat re-raised to 5900.  Glenso said let’s get this over with when he pushed all of his chips to the middle and Hazy Cat was happy to oblige – he held pocket Jacks and was ready for a fight.  But Glenso had the goods – pocket Aces.  His rockets held up and basically the game was over on that hand.  Glenso now had 44930 chips, TxBullet 5365 and Hazy Cat 3705.

The mop up took six hands.  Hand 96 TxBullet1961 pushed with Qs 7s and both called.  They checked it down as the board ended up Kh Td 2d 9s Ac.  Hazy Cat held 6d 5d and had just missed his flush and straight draws, the board had danced around TxBullet but was no help to her.  Glenso turned over 7d 2h and chuckled as the pot went to him with the paired up deuces.

Hand 101 was the end and just shows how a heads up match can end.  They were all-in before the flop with Hazy Cat holding Ad Kd and Glenso the Ac 3h.  The 3s on the flop was the deciding card.  Glenso was our winner.

Excellent match to all of you.  I will be back in play next week so look out.


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