Saturday, August 05, 2006

Divinetiger Growls

Divinetiger joined us for the first time tonight and showed us he could play. He broke fast in the early rounds and led for most of the tournament. When we went to the final table it looked like he was going to run away with the Holdem Affair. But that isn’t an easy thing to do with this field and it wasn’t easy tonight. Kking66 was the heads up victim and it was a good match. VegasSno finished third, Txranger2 had to settle for fourth and Sissy123 completed the money table. The match was really decided on the bubble when Divinetiger put a brutal beat on Spideytwo.

It was a wild and wooly first hour this week. We started with thirty-four and we were down to 19 when the first hour break came around. Divinetiger was in control on the table I shared with him. And he led the field when we went to the break.
Divinetiger = 6245
mdg2003 = 5555
Txranger2 = 5435
Jennifear = 5200
kkings66 = 3980
VegasSno = 3115
Amkaos = 2805
Rankdizzle = 2680
xtjbird13x = 2670
coachstove = 2580

It took 40 minutes to cut this field down to the final table. Divinetiger was still in command. Your final table looked like this:
Divinetiger = 16205
spideytwo = 5770
xtjbird2x = 4385
txranger2 = 4385
VegasSno = 4065
mdg2003 = 3855
king66 = 3800
coachstove = 3415
sissy123 = 2170
winforlife = 2095

From the looks of the title of this story and the leader board above – you might get the idea that Divinetiger ran away with this tournament. Well, wrongo bison breath. Hold on for the final table is about to start.

Divinetiger was the chip leader but coachstove was the story for the first two orbits. Coach managed to win a couple of big pots and was now in second place. It was actually hand 21 before our first victim fell. With the blinds 150/300, mdg2003 was feeling short with only 2355 and pushed with his Ah Td. Kking66 held Ad Qs and pushed all-in himself just to send the message that he had this situation under control. The queen held up and mdg was gone.

Hand 31 and it is winforlife feeling the pressure. All-in with Kd 6d and he was looking pretty good when the only caller was VegasSno with pocket fours. But the fours held up and winforlife was our ninth place finisher.

Hand 33 was a wild one. A good example of how this evening was progressing. We had three people all-in before the flop. Sissy123 turned over 3s 3c and both spideytwo and Divinetiger turned over AKo. Sissy flopped a full-house when the board showed 4c 3d 4d and tripled her up. Spideytwo and Divinetiger were left to split the remaining side pot.

Coachstove was wicked the first two orbits but the second pair of orbits hit him hard. By hand 38 he was down to 2530 with the blinds 200/400. Pocket nines in the big blind and all fold to sissy123 in the small blind. Sissy only had 3220 and she pushed all of them into the middle. Tell me – what would you do? Does she have a hand or is she stealing? My guess would a strong ace, maybe suited. It’s a race situation but coach needed to make a play and this looked like a good spot, so he made the call. Oops, Sissy turned over two black jacks. No miracles for coachstove and he was sent to the locker room in 8th place.

At this point Divinetiger still had the chip lead with 19420. But then spideytwo dinged him on hand 40. Hand 41, txranger2 doubled up through him. Hand 43 and xtjbird13x took a nibble. Hand 48 and tiger wins a bit of it back. Hand 50 and Txranger2 took a good chunk out of both Divinetiger and sissy. Hand 51 and it’s official, Txranger has the chip lead. Hands 55 and 56 and Divinetiger wrestled it back. This is starting to get interesting.

Hand 57 and xtjbird13x pushed for 2815. Kking66 called and Txranger re-raised to 11610 taking kking all-in with the call.
xtjbird13x shows Th Ac.
kking66 shows Ad Qd.
txranger2 shows Jd Jc.
The flop came 9d 2s 8d giving kking66 the nut flush draw. The turn was the Td and kking hit. The river 7c was no help to anyone and we have a new chip leader in kking66 and xtjbird13x is eliminated. We were now down to six.

Except for sissy at 3100 the rest of the field was bunched at 13000 to 6000. It was still anyone’s game. The next 11 hands, Sissy123 laid low, waiting for her chance but the others were pounding on each other at every opportunity. Then lightening struck on hand 69. Spideytwo had been battling hard and was in a solid third place behind Kking66 and Divinetiger. Four saw the cheap flop come 4c 3d As. Txranger and VegasSno checked to Spideytwo who bet 3000. Divinetiger made the power move all-in. Ranger and Sno bailed out but Spideytwo rose to the challenge.
spideytwo shows Ad Js.
Divinetiger shows Ah 2s. Oh man, tiger, what have you done? Both had hit their pair but Spidey was in command with the jack. But the turn was the 2d – Divinetiger was golden. The river 9h was meaningless and Spideytwo was gone on the bubble and this tournament was decided. It is rare for a Holdem Affair to be decided on the bubble but that gave Divinetiger the commanding chip lead and the leverage to close it out. And one thing we learned was that Divinetiger is a closer.

Hand 70 he took out sissy123. Hand 71 and it was Txranger going home.

Hand 79 and it was Kking66 who took out VegasSno when his pocket sixes flushed VegasSno with big slick.

That actually made it a pretty even match going into the heads up. But hand 87 the flop came 8d 4s Td. Divinetiger pushed and kking called holding As Qc. Divinetiger turned over Kh Ts and had flopped top pair. No queen or ace to bail out the king. Divinetiger was our winner.

This was a great match to play and a great final table to watch. Wish I could have been there but I went out in 14th.

See you all next week.

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