Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kate Starbird Wins the Trophy

Kate Starbird (aka papoorboy) announced at the opening table that he was after that trophy and he made good on that claim. Eighty-six others tried to take it away from him but he could not be stopped. But all claimed that the Win's Warriors anniversary tournament was a HUGE success.

It took three hours but we were down to five when the bell rang. Here is your leaderboard.
1. Kate Starbird = 46530
2. Sengar = 36695
3. MagikCowboy = 36520
4. Unionthug = 8140
5. Red Warrior = 2615

It was hand 59 of the final table with the antes 200 and the blinds 1000/2000. Red Warrior was down to his last 2415 when he posted his ante. Ad 3s - you have to push now or never, Red. Sengar and MagikCowboy both called to see the flop come 9d 7h 8s. In true tournament fashion, Sengar and Magik checked it down and the table ended up 9d 7h 8s 2s Ts. It had missed both Sengar and Red but MagikCowboy caught a piece of it holding 5s 2d. He had hoped for two live cards, I guess and he was right. The pair of deuces was good enough to send Red Warrior to the rail in fifth place.

Unionthug was next to go on hand 64. He was down to 10540 and went for the steal holding Js 5s with a raise to 7800. Sengar came over the top taking him all-in with the call. Sengar had a hand this time - As Qh. The flop came Qs 4c Ks giving Sengar second pair/top kicker but Thug had a flush draw. A club on the turn and a heart on the river spelled the ended for our favorite Canadian. We were down to three and it was a dead heat with three equal chip stacks.

But that didn't last long. Hand 71 and Kate Starbird raised to 8600. Sengar responded with a re-raise to 26400. Not a bad play since Kate is known to play any two cards if the thinks the situation is right. And this time Kate fired right back going all-in for his chip leading 50930. Sengar had been put to the test. He was holding Ad 4h. What would you do in that situation. Kate has been stealing and re-stealing all night. Does he have the goods now or just a big sack under that skirt? Sengar almost timed out but made the call. You can't blame him given his hand and the situation but this time Kate had the goods - Ah Kd. This is when the LAG style of play pays off. Sengar was caught. Actually the table missed them both but the King kicker was all Kate needed to take the hand and the huge chip lead.

Going into the heads up match Kate Starbird had 110,000 and MagikCowboy has about 20,000. Magik is one heck of a heads up player but so is Kate and with that chip differential it was only a matter of time. At least twice Magik had the goods but just couldn't get Kate to fall into a trap. The final hand came on hand 92 when Magik limped and Kate pushed back for 7600. Magik pushed it all into the middle in what could have been a steal or maybe a trap. Actually Magik held Th 9h so it was more of a semi-bluff. But that didn't matter to Kate because he was staring at Ad Ah. It was fitting that a tournament of this caliber, one that so many people had enjoyed so much ended on a hand like that.

It was a great match. Everyone had a great time and was grateful to Winforlife for all of the hard work put into the evening.

Way to go Warriors.
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