Friday, July 14, 2006

You Folks Are Great

I'm not quite sure how to write this. I have put it off for a couple days now trying to figure it out. I still don't know but, anyway, here goes.

I got an email from Txmom last week asking for my real name and mailing address. She said Winforlife had a "random prize" for me from his anniversary tournament. I, of course, gave her the info and - to be honest - I was hoping for a hat. I think it would be cool to sport the UB colors at the occasional home game that I play. And hey, maybe I could get a little respect and they will quit calling me when I try to steal.

Well, Wednesday I came home from work and there was a box at my front door. Cool, the prize arrived. I opened it up and look what I found. This amazing trophy.

Txmom and Hemi Henry - you two are great. You blew me away. Winforlife told me this was entirely your doing. Thank you.

It is in the living room right now - on the end table. The place of honor in our home. It will eventually find a home on my desk so I can look at it while I am playing poker or writing my stories. But that means I will have to clear a spot for it - not an easy task on my desk.

Folks, I write these stories because I enjoy doing it. But now I realize that you enjoy reading them. That makes it even more fun for me. Thank you all, and . . . . .

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