Monday, October 10, 2005

What has happened to my Clones?

What in the world has happened to my Cyclones?  They start the year 3 – 0 with a fantastic win over Iowa and now they can’t even beat Baylor at home.  Baylor had not won a Big 12 road game in the ten years they have been in the conference and they come into Ames and we hand them the game. I’m starting to feel like a Cubs fan.  We start the year off with a big win and then fold.

This Saturday we go to Missouri to play the Tigers and I see we are 6 point dogs in this game.  We should be contending for the North Division title and we are struggling now to break even.  Oh well, anyone who is a Cyclone fan is used to this – at least in football.  Maybe someday we will have a team that gets some respect but for now we just keep fumbling along.  Cheer for them anyway on Saturday.  They should be able to handle the Tigers but don’t put your money on it.

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