Monday, October 17, 2005

Jennifear Rolled over HA

Jennifear rolled over the field in Saturday night’s Holdem Affair.  She went into the final table in first place just ahead of alotafagina after leading in much of the early going.  It came down to her and onelunatik in the heads up.  Jennifear  sealed the deal in ten hands.

The final table was seated one hour and 51 minutes into this evening’s Affair.  Thirty-five players sat down to contest this weekly event and the action was solid as always.  Your final table looked like this:
  1. Jennifear = 9815

  2. alotafagina = 9055

  3. onelunatik = 7710

  4. slotcrazy45 = 5420

  5. Glenso = 5125

  6. Jewelcard = 4075

  7. mdg2003 = 3640

  8. Sengar = 3415

  9. saipan slim = 2295

  10. Hemi Henry = 1950

Alotafagina took over the chip lead in the first nine hands with strong play and some good cards.  It was the tenth hand that set the tone for the night.  With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300, Sengar opened for 1300.  Jewelcard pushed all-in for 4325 and Jennifear reraised to 6415.  Sengar called off his 2815 and we had a fight breaking out.
Jennifear showed Kc Ks.
Sengar showed Jc Qs.
Jewelcard showed Ah Ad.
Wow, what hands.  The flop came Th 3s Qc and Sengar had new life.  But the turn brought the Kh .  Jewelcard was drawing dead and Sengar now had only 8 outs.  The river was the 5d and both Jewelcard and Sengar were sent packing.  Jennifear won 11700 chips and was in a commanding lead.

It was hand 40 before the next player was eliminated.  I told you this was a war.  Dang, you get to the final table of this event and there just aren’t any bad players left.  There is a lot of tournament experience in this field anymore.  Each week this event gets tougher.  This hand had Saipan down to the green and trying to see a cheap flop holding pocket sixes.  Alotafagina completed from the small blind and Hemi Henry came along for the ride in the big blind holding Qs Th.  The flop brought Ah 8d Ad.  That flop missed everyone and all checked to get the free turn – Qd.  Both checked to saipan slim who pushed in his last 315, hoping no one had paired up yet.  Alotafagina went away but Hemi Henry called the challenge.  Henry had the pair of queens and they held up when the river floated the 7d.  Slim was out in 8th place.

The very next hand saw onelunatik open for 1750 and slotcrazy45 smooth called holding Ac 3s.  The flop showed  2s 2d 9s and slotcrazy45 pushed in her last 1870 hoping her aces was best.  But lunatik held pocket ladies and that was all it took to send slotcrazy45 to the lounge.

By hand 57 alotafagina was leading but swapping the chip lead with Hemi Henry.  The antes were 75 and the blinds 300/600 when Glenso looked down at his stack and saw 2285 in chips and his hand showed him Ad 9c.  Time to make a stand and ace nine is a good hand to do it with.  All-in was the play but Hemi Henry made the call.  He was holding big slick and was ready to gamble.  The board came low, missing them both and Glenso was sent to chat room purgatory in 6th place.

Hemi Henry was in the lead at this point and Jennifear was in fourth place.  But that was soon to change.  Hand 62 and mdg2003 is the short stack.  All-in holding king deuce of spades and Jennifear made the gutsy call holding  Kc 9d.  The flop brought a nine and that was all Jennifear needed to send mdg to the rail.  We were down to four and the chips stacks were almost even.  Only 2270 separated first from fourth.

A couple more small pots and by hand 66, Jennifear was in the lead.  Hand 68 Henry stole back the lead but a big pot on hand 70 and Jenn is back on top.  Then hand 71 saw Jennifear go after alotafagina.  The antes were 100 and blinds 400/800 – Jennifear opened for 1600 and alotafagina called.  The flop came 9d Jh 8s.  alotafagina held Kc Th bet 800 on the draw.  Jennifear held Ad 3c and pushed 17765 in on what had to be a buy attempt sensing weakness.  Alotafagina must have been on that wave length because he made the call for the rest of his chips.  Unfortunately the board paired the nine and missed them both making Jennifear’s ace high.

Down to three and we have some players here folks.  Onelunatik has earned everyone’s respect and we know JenniFEAR has earned her name.  And everyone knows that Henry  has been schooled by the pros so no one wants to mess with him.  This was quite the table.

For 78 hands these three battled.  Onelunatik went on a rush and took over second place, then Hemi Henry battled back from the dead to get back into contention.  For nearly 30 minutes these three fought it out.  Finally on hand 149 the antes were 150 and the blinds 800/1600.  Folks, that big blind is bigger than the buy in.  They each had to throw in your whole stack just for the right to see the flop miss them.  Well on this hand Henry and Jennifear each called hoping for a cheap flop but onelunatik would have nothing of it.  He raised to 6850 forcing Henry all-in when he made the call holding pocket tens.  Jennifear got out of the way and watched as onelunatik displayed his ace and queen of diamonds.  Henry was looking good.  The flop brought no diamonds but a big beautiful (to lunatik) Queen of spades showed her face and that was all it took to send Hemi Henry home to Marsha with 3rd place money.  Awesome game Henry.

Onelunatik was actually a slight leader when they went heads up and he won the first hand.  But that was the last hand he won.  Jennifear took down the last eight hands and the tournament.

Great play by all and what a night.  I wish I could have been in the field but I missed the opening bell and had to enjoy the show from the chat room.


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