Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sengar Posted the Win

Sengar Posted the Win

Sengar won the Holdem Affair this week.  Is that your first HA victory?  It seems to me it should be a repeat but I can’t find reference to another win.  If this is your first then it is about time.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there tonight.  We had one of our very rare home games this evening.  Rbguitar is moving next month so Jewelcard and I made sure he went out with at least one last night of fun to see him down the road.  Of course Jewelcard took all of his money but what are friends for?

Here is your final table for this week:
  1. Sengar

  2. pairforjoyce

  3. Tai_pan

  4. marti

  5. winforlife

  6. saipan slim

  7. Aladins Djinn

  8. msrinny02


  10. navalbronco

I hope you folks had a great time because I know I did.
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