Thursday, June 23, 2011

I took on the kale

Here it is Thursday and I still haven't tried the red Russian kale from last week's box, so tonight was the night.  I decided on a simple sauté. 

First I fried four slices of bacon and took that out to drain on paper towels.  I probably didn't need four slices of bacon, but hey - is it possible to have too much bacon?  Really?  Then into the pan went the kale along with some garlic scapes, spring onion and some sliced mushrooms.  The only seasoning was some kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper.  I let that all sauté in the bacon grease until the mushrooms and the onion were done and let that be my guide.  I finished the dish with a sprinkle of red wine vinegar and served it over steamed white rice.

I must say, I was very pleased.  This is a dish I could serve to guests.  I wondered about the kale - what it would be like.  I think it was done - it sure tasted good.  It had a very solid, chewy texture, almost leathery but not tough.  It just didn't have the mushy texture that I was expecting given how it looked in the pan.  I was expecting that mushy texture that you can get with a green like spinach but the kale definitely held up well to the pan.  Of course I sort of cheated here - you really can't go wrong cooking with bacon fat.  I will do this again.

Rumor has it that the CSA box tomorrow will include more snow peas and will also bring young broccoli and maybe even some bok choy and kohlrabi.  Looks like there will be more stir fry on the menu next week.

We are officially in summer on the calendar but someone forgot to get Mother Nature the memo.  Barely into the 60's today and tomorrow won't be much better.  Oh well, we still have July and August to go through.

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